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Who is… Isaac Sadiq?

With all the changes that have gone on recently within Birmingham International Holdings and new players as it were coming to the fore I thought it would be a good time to resurrect this series. The subject of today’s post is one of Carson’s closest “legal advisors” and a regular visitor of him in prison. His name is Isaac Sadiq.

If you have watched the Youtube video I made on Friday you will have heard me refer to Sadiq as Carson’s “legal advisor” along with some fairly unpleasant facts about him. I’m given to understand that Sadiq is one of the main instigators behind Carson calling his “EGM” and thus, if Carson got his way, could become one of the people to shape how Birmingham International Holdings from behind the scenes. Who is he?

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Like Peter Pannu, Isaac Rahmat Sadiq was in the legal profession in Hong Kong. However, unlike Pannu, Sadiq didn’t leave of his own free will.

In 2006, Isaac Sadiq was jailed for 15 months for stealing HK$250,000 from a client account. The money had come from a client named Chan Wai-ming whose assets had been frozen following an arrest for operating a pyramid scheme. Chan had been granted an order to allow him to pay his mortgage, which Sadiq was due to pay for him using the HK$250,000 deposited in his account.  However, Sadiq didn’t make one payment claiming the money was to pay for legal fees but this was thrown out in court and he was convicted.

Isaac had a character witness in that trial – Graham Harris SC, who was later to be Carson’s lead counsel during his trial. This is interesting in itself as I actually saw Sadiq in court every day of Carson’s trial I attended – and although he sat in the public gallery he also attended the meetings between Carson and his legal team in the ante-room for that purpose; yet when I asked Harris who Sadiq was he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell me.

Naturally, as a convicted felon it’s difficult for Isaac to practice as a solicitor and he now runs a consultancy called Genesis Consultants which according to documents online operates in “consulting and advising in international trade in energy and halal food”. Clearly either Carson has developed a taste for doner kebabs or similar as Isaac visits him alongside Carson’s solicitor Mickey Bough on a very frequent basis – or bearing in mind Carson’s distaste for getting involved in energy Sadiq has another string to his bow I’m not aware of.

Sadiq is also a discharged bankrupt, who was fined and censured on more than one occasion by Hong Kong Law Society tribunals for bouncing cheques and failing to pay fees – which led to his suspension from practice in 2003.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can find online to support why Sadiq has such a big role in Carson’s life at the moment and why his advice is so keenly sought. However, I am aware that Sadiq may well be reading this website as well other forums, and I’d like to invite him to make contact with me (almajir@oftenpartisan.co.uk) to answer a few questions and to put forward his (and Carson’s) side of the story.

As always, I’m willing to post a statement in full, uneditoralised, unabridged and without comment as a right of reply.


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27 Responses to “Who is… Isaac Sadiq?”

  • DoctorD says:

    Why would anyone take on a convicted felon as a legal advisor? Either that person’s a genius whom you want to give a second chance to or that person’s a sign of the kind of company you keep.

  • Robin says:

    Seems a nice character when Carson comes back he’ll fit in well with Pannu

  • Mickey07 says:

    “Carson,pannu,Isaac sadiq” what a dream team..keep breathing down there necks dan.

  • Terry-fied says:

    Just “Googled” the name Isaac Sadiq, and found him to be a very unsavoury individual. Please he does not become involved with the Blues

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Why does almost everyone associated with BIHL seem to have a shady past? It’s not a great advert for the club is it? Shame we can’t fire them all for bringing the club into disrepute!

  • Stevie W says:

    This is real gangster underworld stuff. how you can be legally advised by such a character is beyond me. how the law allows for these types of people to act in any professional legal capacity is crazy.

    Are you beginning to find a path of intrigue????? It would be interesting to see where Sadiq’s links go.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I would fire them all and let them all burn to cinders … There as embarrassing as it comes and our club is suffering due to there pathetic antics.. Why do we and the football league put up with it?? .. Because we can’t do naff all and it’s does my fringing head in!!! Kro

  • TiltonBren says:

    This could well turn out to be helpful information in the long run and proof of excellent journalism that us Blues fans should be grateful for. It is quite likely that the extent of these trails of intrigue will not be fully realised until after Carson is exorcised from us because I am hoping that we can expell this poisonous aspect of our club sooner rather than later.

  • Jaffa says:

    Dan,is there a ŕeal chance that Carson will get his way at the EGM?

    • almajir says:

      You’re asking the wrong question Jaffa. The EGM is a foregone conclusion – what Carson wants he would get. However – the EGM has no legitimacy so it doesn’t matter, nothing will happen – bar maybe a legal fight over it.

  • Ian Ambrose says:

    No more share with company in china and member team so many trouble bad name !!… Best fresh who takeover at blues and bring blues fans bring here!!!

  • John says:

    Isaac Sadiq is too scared to reply to you. He will completely bottle a q&a.

  • steve says:

    Dan,is this the bloke that was being threatening on freeforums yesterday ?

  • Blue Lizard says:

    just another Turd in Carsons nest of Turds

    • Mickey07 says:

      And you know what they say “you can’t polish a turd” can you,gangsters the lot of them pannu hasn’t the bottle to come back over here to face the music and now we have this other “turd” sadiq what a bunch of tinpot mugs these are.im just hoping the law catches up with them very soon.

  • Tony E says:

    Seems to me that CY has surrounded himself with unsavoury characters and that’s only the ones we know about. Heavon only knows what those in the shadows are like.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    His MO follows a similar pattern to CY and PP1. Quicker we are rid of these characters the better.

  • Gerard says:

    I hope the fact that referee yesterday was the same as the one who took charge of the famous survival match against Bolton last May-same score- same injury time equaliser-goal by Caddis etc,etc, weird and ironic next time he referees away put your money on an equaliser in extra time for sure

  • John says:

    The expression ” thick as thieves ” comes to mind !!!

  • Raymondo says:

    Ernst & Young deliver us from evil and set us free! Carson Yeung will be deposed and his evil gang! Just a matter of time! Wouldn’t be at all surprised that they find something in the books that nails CY and his gang to bee guikty beyond all doubt of money laundering and they will give it to the court! Unbelievable point at Derby. They are reeling fom it!

  • AussieBlue says:

    Not the sort of fellow who any right-minded person would want as a character witness! BTW, ‘International trade in ‘Halal food’ usually means demanding payment from the food supplier for the privilege of having ‘Halal Certified’ on the label. This is causing controversy in Oz because links with the money ending up to support terrorism have been established. With China emerging as a cheap (if not high quality) food supplier, particularly with frozen produce, it’s easy to see where a Halal food advisor would fit in.

  • Blue Lizard says:

    Looks like he used his face to put a fire out…ugly git

  • I roth says:

    Never heard of this guy before. The top people owning this club all seem to be felons. What a bunch we get involved with. Carson should hire me as a person who is a Blues fan and does not owe any money to anyone.

  • Eric says:

    KRO Dan and thanks for keeping Blues fans informed…

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