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End of the Road for Robbo?

In the aftermath of Birmingham City’s 4-2 defeat to Bournemouth yesterday, club skipper Paul Robinson felt the wrath of Blues fans on social media with many extremely critical of his selection and performance which culminated in a red card.

I wasn’t at the game so I can’t comment on his performance in it – but I think it’s wrong to base my opinions on a player based on just one game anyway. I did see a lot of vitriol however from people who were there – and to rank a four in the post-match report from Brian Dick in the Birmingham Mail does indicate a player who did not have the best of games.

It’s not Robbo’s fault he was picked. I can kinda understand Rowett’s thinking – Kiernan was poor on Friday, and it gave his skipper a chance for “revenge” after the 0-8 back in October. Maybe Rowett thought it would fire him up and produce the kind of performance that won Robinson the player of the season award last year? I guess we’ll never know – but it does seem like it was the wrong call now.

I think a lot of the vitriol was reserved for the fact that of all the players who are out of contract Blues are closest to renewing Robinson’s deal – a deal many people think he shouldn’t get. I ran polls on Twitter and Facebook on Monday evening and both came out firmly against – although many did qualify it by saying that Robbo could be useful as a coach.

If I’m honest, my personal opinion is that I don’t want Robbo’s contract renewed either as a player or as a coach. As a player I think he’s finished – he’s not quick enough or smart enough to maintain the level of performance required at Championship level – and I would rather we started looking at younger players for the position. I know we have Robinson in our team because of our financial constraints – and it’s because of those financial constraints I think the club have to be smarter in which players they retain – every single player in the squad should be good enough for a first team place and not just a “body” for cover.

Keeping him as club captain falls down as well as I think in recent weeks Paul Caddis has shown the leadership qualities to be captain. If Caddis is injured, then I think Michael Morrison or David Davis could both do the job equally as well.

I don’t think Robinson would necessarily make a good coach either. Remember, this is the bloke who lambasted some of the loan players in a press conference for letting the team down. While I accept that there were fairly solid rumours about one particular loan player coming in hungover and having wrecked his house, I don’t like it when clubs air their dirty linen in that manner. As skipper, Robbo is supposed to be the leader of the players – and a good leader doesn’t admonish his men in public.

I’m not going to deny that Robbo is a decent bloke because having met him I know he is – but then again Lee Clark was always nice to me and I don’t ever want to see him within a mile of Blues manager-wise again. As one follower on twitter put it succinctly – you don’t pay someone £150,000 a year cos they’re a nice bloke and good in the changing room.

With the red card Robbo now misses the Wolves game on Saturday. I’m hoping that Rowett will go back to sticking with Morrison and Kiernan – and notwithstanding injury or suspension Robinson completes the season warming a seat on the bench. I’d rather he finished his Blues career remembered for the good stuff he did and not as a victim of a hate campaign because he’s being picked for a position he can’t play any more.

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95 Responses to “End of the Road for Robbo?”

  • JohnnyZulu says:

    Very bad piece. I have lost respect for you now Dan jumping on the populist bandwagon. I take it you did not actually go to the game? To consign Robinson to the bin and pick up on every little fault since he has been Blues is very poor and lazy ‘journalism’

    • Istanblue says:

      I think you’re going a bit overboard. Often Partisan isn’t journalism; it’s essentially an online opinion column regardless of how useful and popular it is. It might not be the nicest topic in the world to cover, but there is a debate to be had about Robbo (and to be honest, I think it’s been up for debate all season – he still puts in some good performances but his consistency has gone in my opinion), and I think the piece frames it in a sensible and fair way. So why not actually engage with it rather than have a stupid rant?

      My tuppence worth is that it’s time to say thanks and goodbye, and let things end on a positive note while they still can. As for his coaching responsibilities, I trust Rowett to make the right call as I think he knows exactly what sort of backroom team he needs around him.

    • almajir says:

      I take it you didn’t actually read the piece? The bit in the second paragraph where I said I didn’t go to the game and wouldn’t make a comment on his performance because I didn’t?

      Or the bit where I acknowledged why Rowett might have selected Robbo – because he played so well last season and the “revenge” aspect might have fired him up?

      Rather than accuse me of “lazy journalism”, why not actually read what is written rather than what you think is written – or are you a “lazy reader”? ;)

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Good Shot! Right between the eyes. :))

        • Bluepengin76 says:

          Personally I cant believe Dan is making a comment on one of the players,as oppressed to the internal strife the club is currently experiencing !!….talking about the football side of things on a blog dictated to a football team! Unheard of.

          Anyway jokes aside,its pretty clear Robinson’s legs have gone. He’s just at that age,i’m not blaming him for yesterdays defeat,just sounds pretty evident that’s the case.I think a coaching role for Robbo and a new left back/centre back required.

      • Eudyptula says:

        Ouch…Sock it to ‘im Dan!

      • Des says:

        I was appalled at robbos comments bout last years loanees, after all Emyr Huws looked to be our best player in some games, as a player I think he is shot and you cant pay a newbie coach the type of salary Robbo will be on as a player so a hearty handshake and slap on the back is ONLY OPTION!


    • John Hall says:

      In all fairness JZ, Robbo has cost us goals and games this season.Sadly time has caught up with him.Time to move on.

  • Michael Ware says:

    I think people are forgetting that we were playing against the team with the most potent attack in the division . The funny thing about football is that by going two nil up against such a team we were always going to get a battering at some time. Does this prove that it was wrong to play Robbo in my opinion no it doesn’t that is hindsight and we don’t know if things would have been different if Kiernan had played we will never know. I am happy for the manager to make the decision on whether he gets a new contract. If he gets one I am sure it will be because of his influence in the dressing room and because Gary believes he can add something on the coaching side not as a regular in the first team

  • Alan Watton says:

    We did not concede a goal after Robbo went off. Fortunately perhaps. When Robbo has been in the side the 4 have been conceded regularly (Twice in one game) Spector and Keirnan have kept him out the side so he is 5th or sixth choice. putting him in yesterday was a chance that backfired Bournmouth once they realised their was a hole in our back four fed their lively forwards and Robbo must have been giddy by the time he was sent off. No room for sentiment in this game. His assault on Johnno reminds us of what kind of ‘good’ bloke he is. I know that he has done some good things for us but enough is enough. Good managers leave players out BEFORE they turn in performances like that. Sad way to end I agree but we all knew that side would probably need to score 5 to get a point!

    • Des says:

      Alan, wouldn’t use that challenge V Johnno to prove anything, they both wanted to hurt each other in that challenge it was just DJ came off worse!

  • Len says:

    Very bad response Zulu. In the wake of much knee jerk criticism Dan, as we have come to expect, presents a constructive and balanced review of the Robbo position together with some personal thoughts. Hardly reason to ‘lose respect’ of someone whose investigative journalism, insight and communications have done significantly more than every journalist combined in keeping us supporters informed.

  • Cleggy says:

    JohnnyZulu. Very bad comment. You can’t have read the piece properly, mate. Either that or you’re sore that we lost 4;2 and want to lash out…

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Well at least it sorts out the selection issue for central defence against Wolves! I tend to agree that Robbo may have/should have played his last game for Blues. It sounded unfortunate giving away the penalty so soon after the re-start and then getting sent off. Having said that we shouldn’t forget Robbo’s contribution over the past few seasons and NO ONE can deny his enthusiasm and commitment to the club. KRO

  • naime787 says:

    I think blues should make the extra effort to make Kiernan a permanent signing. I can see his partnership with Morrison make us a stronger team next season. Time for blues to release Spector / Robbo and use the money wisely.

    • almajir says:

      I’d sign Kiernan.

      Rowett has decisions to make; we have six centre-halves currently – Morrison, Robbo, Kiernan, Gunning, Edgar and Packwood – plus two who can play there – Spector and Grounds. Of those eight players, only three are contracted to Blues next season (Morrison, Edgar and Grounds) and of those only one is certain to play in that position – Edgar I think will be gone.

      With the ownership thing in the air we can’t bank on anything, so I’d like to see us tie down one or two players – Kiernan and Packwood/Gunning would be my choices and then look at who is available to bring in.

    • Gordon Cooper says:

      Gary Rowett should definitely make Kiernan his number one signing, and also, any player that is still holding out, from signing for the club, (including Randolph) – waiting to see if they gets a better offer, somewhere else, Get rid of them – we only want players, who are committed to Blues. I would only ask a player ONCE, and that would be it, They know NOW, what they want to do.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Don’t think GR has many options, we are afterall punching above our weight in the Championship with next to zero resources. So we have to utilize either old or less experienced players. With that comes inconsistency and mistakes.

    Looking forward to the Dingle match.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I don’t have any vitriol towards Robinson, I just think that he clearly doesn’t have it in him anymore. It’s painfully obvious. You also can’t blame the guy for wanting to stretch an extra season out of his career.

    But it’s down to Rowett to have the balls to call time on it now. If he can’t see what everyone else can see, then you have to question his judgement. Do the right thing and retire him with a bit of dignity. Whether he stays as a coach is up to the club. I’m not for or against it.

    As for next season, I think it will be Morrison as captain, with Caddis as vice-captain.

  • BluesBlues says:

    Don’t write Robo off just yet his been a great servant to the club in very difficult times. Monday’s games was always going to be hard against a team that scores goals for fun. I’m looking forward to Gary taking us to the next level which might even be a tilt at the play offs. For now we just need to complete the season with a couple of more wins and edge closing to the 60 point mark. Next up the the Dingles at home get down and support the team let’s keep the down with us.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    My centre backs for next season would be; Morrison, Gunning, Kiernan, Grounds, with someone like Packwood as back up. If neither Hancox nor Bell are going to get a look in, then a couple of decent left backs will be needed too. If we have to keep Spector and Robbo, keep them as last resorts.

  • DoctorD says:

    Dan, you mentioned Robbo lambasting players wasn’t the greatest action for a leader. Fair point, but it looks like Rowett is lining up Robbo as a coach not a leader. A coach doesn’t have to be a leader, just put our dear leader (Rowett’s) ideas into action. Perhaps on that front Robbo is a good fit for the rest of Rowett’s backroom team – remember he has the other pair he brought in from Burton.. Anyway, it would be a shame to judge Robbo’s leadership credentials just on that one outburt. Agree though that Robbo is crocked as a player.

    • almajir says:

      Like I said, a personal opinion. I’m not convinced we need another coach if I’m honest – we do well with what we have.

    • mark says:

      agreed DoctorD, Robbo gives you steeel,he is a frighter, a club captain, he is a leader, worth every penny of sweat unlike other players I sadly wont mention… a Fantastic career..always willing to put his life on the line for our course…tremendous Athletic..won the fans over….the roll call goes on and on……….kro I bet some of those fans who are sunday footballers would love career like Robbo’s.. keep the faith..kro

  • steve says:

    I did go to the game, and although it hurts to say it about a player who has been an excellent servant for the club and has always played his heart out, his selection on Saturday was a mistake. There was a good reason he was being rested and the game against Bournemouth was not the one to make your comeback. If you analyse the first 3 goals they scored, then Robbo played a part in all 3, and you could say all 4, because their 4th goal was probably because we were down to 10 men. What was the management thinking when they pitted him against Wilson, one of the fastest and most agile players across all 4 leagues, not just the championship. Young Kiernan had been playing really well up until Saturday, it must have been a bit of a slap in the face being dropped for this game. Blues played brilliantly after the first 5 mins right up until their first goal, could have easily been 5 nil up. After their first goal it felt exactly like the home game against Bournemouth, I had fears it was going to be another 8. It is frightening how they sometimes capitulate in games. Robbo, just gracefully retire and take up the coaching role.

  • Tony says:

    Surely everyone must agree Robbo is finished, there is no shame in tha,t he has had a good run , he has no pace, never had much positioning sense and was always liable to make a rash challenge.
    What he did have was a big heart he hated getting beat pity other team mates didnt think like wise, in spite of what he did to Damian Johnson I will look back fondly on him , he was a fighter.

  • Tracykro says:

    I don’t think Robbo should get all the blame yesterday, the whole defence switch off and gk, He should retire and take up a coaching role if offered, Robbo or Spector at the back frightens me, I give Gavin ago before the season finishes see how he plays.
    Lets give the Wolves a hard fought game no easy goals

  • Shinnie's coiffed barnet says:

    Hi Dan

    An honest article and a view I wholeheartedly agree with, Robbo’s a likeable guy who clearly cares about BCFC but he isn’t up to it anymore unfortunately and shouldn’t be anywhere near the starting XI.

    Anyway I wanted to focus on the line about the loan player allegedly turning up to training hungover etc. Can you give us (who aren’t privy to such info) any indication as to who that player was?

  • mark says:

    my reasons why i said nothing because i knew we would get hammered, maybe the bournemouth manager a better manage, simply got his tactics spot on….when you hammered someone before, i said before bournemouth were too good. Funny how quick fans want to jump into a players grave……lol
    i give warm congratulations to Bournemouth double figures against a team in a season wow, not even the GR factor could stop the flow of goals……….wonder what gray must be thinking????

  • Captain Blues says:

    I think Robbo has been finished for a while and I remember remarking to a mate ages ago that he still adds value for his onfield infleunce as a leader but not as a player and in all honesty unless you’ve got an exceptional team you cant really enjoy the luxury of picking a player on that basis.

    As for yesterday well I was at the match and yes he was poor but I can understand the reasons which you’ve outlined as to why he was picked and ultimately we blew a 2 goal lead due to kamikaze defending, to which he was not the only one guilty of.

    • mark says:

      funny that was a potentially stronger team by blues than the one that got hammered at home earlier in the season…..me personally really think the whole team needs to look at itself they are all professionals….but remember whether you like it or not GR IS EQUALLY still trying to find his feet.
      Next season for GR will give us a better understanding of him, once he done his transfers, pre-season, and then a full season then we can decide whether he can cut the mustard.
      What we need now is the season the end quickly, and see the approach GR adopt’s in the summer regarding players………

      • Tony says:

        At it again Mark veiled criticism of GR, Just look at another happening yesterday namely the charlatan Clark got Blackpool relegated.
        Never doubt fpr a moment that we would be in the same position if he were still here we would be dead and buried.
        There is never a day goes by that I don’t thank the lord that he has gone, what price on another relegation for him next season

  • mark says:

    absolutely agree it would be in Robbo best interest to decide more towards fulfilling his coaching side of things this may be his defining season to hang up the boots. I would be trilled for him if we can offer a route though our club….

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Anyone ever see the play by Kaufman-Hart, called
    “The Man Who Came To Dinner” ?

    Was a film or two as well.Neither very brill.
    Short time visitor gets injured, stays over in hosts’ home, takes over and dominates everyone. Never leaves.

    When I read about Robbo’s new contract, for some reason that play kept bugging me.
    Funny how the mind works, I hadn’t thought about it in donkey’s years, but you could re-set it in St Andrews dressing room now. [ I think :-) ]

  • Bluesgirl says:

    Almajir, out of interest, who was the Loanee who supposedly turned up hungover and wrecked his house?

  • Dave says:

    Play who you want next Saturday anyway cause the Wolves will put 5 past us

  • cbrccc says:

    I have to say this is very disrespectful to a guy who has done more tha most for the club.Unlike other end of career players on a meal ticket ( and I include dyer inthis) he has put in a shift and saved us in the previous two seasons. with his efforts and leadership . .
    Dan, almajir, op , whwtever they call you i look forward to the day when we are rid of Cy and Pp
    as that will also signal the end of you as your 5 minutes of fame will be over .

    • almajir says:

      Thanks for your kind words cbrccc

    • Tony says:

      Its been rather longer than 5 mins and i expect the influence to continue for many years yet.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Another one who can’t be ars*d reading comments properly. No one is being disrespectful to the guy. We all appreciate the effort he’s put in since he’s been at the club, he’s had some cracking games.. but the truth is, those kind of performances are mostly beyond him now. I think it would be more disrespectful to let him carry on with performances that won’t do him or us any favours.

    • AussieBlue says:

      This guy obviously hasn’t heard about the vacancy on Top Gear now Jezza’s gone. You can’t keep a good curmudgeon down, cbrccc!

    • richardm says:

      Cbbrc (or whatever your name is) – why is this article disrespectful to Robbo? It’s an opinion, a balanced one, and one shared by many other Blues fans.

      Your perfectly entitled to your opinion, but I find your comments very disrespctful to a guy who (of his own volition and own expense) has tried to get to the bottom of the mess at our beloved club, and, with some success, highlighted to the larger world just what is going on in HK.

      What have you done, or are your efforts confined to anonymous, sneering comments on a blog?

  • oldburyblue says:

    Why is it a surprise that we get beaten by teams that have better players than ours? Historically when we have bought better players we have beaten teams with less money and have either got promoted or got into the play-offs as a result. Generally money talks and at the moment we haven’t got any.

    • AussieBlue says:

      Well nailed Oldbury! I read GR’s post match comments from down here: “I used to think Derby were the best team in the Championship, now I’m sure it’s Bournemouth.” They’ve done so well for a bunch of Cherries. We’ll be like that again one day.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Just got back from Bournemouth and enjoyed my lite break except for 60 mins yesterday , they are a good side and will get one of the automatic spots IMO .. As for Robinson I’ve never been a fan of his to be honest since the day he took Damien Johnson out but he played for us and I supported him but is time is up and he’s a liability now so retirement is the answer and coaching is next venture ! Kro

  • Shirley Blue says:

    He formed a good partnership with Curtis Davis but Davis was probably the best centre back in the division at the time. Defensively we were a joke last season – god knows how many games we were dead and buried by half time. We are not in the financial position to be sentimental to anyone. There is no way Robbo should get a new contract as a player – the only players still effectively playng at this level at his age are goalkeepers.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Absolutely agree with having no sentiment in our position. With Rowett intending to have a more streamlined squad next season, we can’t afford to carry any passengers. As OP said, “every single player in the squad should be good enough for a first team place and not just a “body” for cover.”

      I’m afraid needs must.

  • micko says:

    To change subject slightly. After all the hype, why was Fabrini not even on the bench? Was he injured or something?

  • Bluenose1 says:

    Why is everyone blaming Robinson he didn’t ask to be picked the blame has to go with Gary Rowett for picking him and for the rest of the team they played like a bunch of wimps after going two up you can’t just blame one player.

  • andy says:

    Rowett is clearly at fault for selecting Robbo against a team with pace and who score goals for fun. I was astonished to see he had been selected and I agree with Dan that as a player, especially at this level, he is finished. Birmingham are in a desperate state if they want to retain his services and I question Rowett on this one. Yes he has done a wonderful job since succeeding Lee Clark but his thinking in picking Robbo against such a goalscoring machine as Bournemouth was as bad as Clark’s decisions!

    • chris says:

      only thing in GR’s favour is Spector is injured and maybe Kiernan was suffering from too many games due to him hardly playing this season, maybe GR thought he needed a rest especially with two games in four days

  • Tony says:

    From what I saw the ball was pinging around the area like a slot machine, there were many chances to clear it for the fourth goal, Randolph was flapping for the first.
    We need a goalkeeper and a left back plus a centre back, plus a midfielder.

  • Jimbob says:

    He is 36 now,never been quick and is now being caught out every time he plays,no,you cant blame one player for a defeat,but when one player is too slow to catch the striker who scored the second goal,then gives away the pen for the third goal,then gets sent off because again,too slow to catch the striker,he obviously played a major part.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Have to agree with Dan here. There is no room in football for sentiment. Robbo does not have enough to offer as a player or coach so should be released. Our wage bill needs to be trimmed for next season. Rowett himself has said we need a smaller squad which will free up cash on the wage bill to get in more quality. I am aware this will leave us very vulnerable to suspension and injury with such a small squad but this can be covered using the emergency loan window. This maybe an unpopular view but I would release Robinson, Packwood, Gunning, Spector and attempt to sell Edgar. Leaving Kiernan (who I would buy) and Morrison.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think Gunning should be given the chance to earn a place next season. I saw him in the game he got injured and he seemed very comfortable on the ball until he went off. Apparently, he’s also played well alongside Morrison in a couple of games recently. I would agree with you on the others though.

    • chris says:

      i think Spector is the highest earner at the club & i guess Robbo is probably third or fourth so maybe GR could use those resources on younger / fitter players

  • SuperKRO says:

    Robbo has been a great servant for BCFC and credit to him for being so committed and passionate. However every dog has his day, and now I think his is over. Maybe the Bournemouth game confirmed to Rowett that Robbo would be better behind the scenes. I hope GR learns from this as this management lark isnt learnt over night. Selection issues like this will only make GR a better manager over time, in my opinion. Lets all keep the faith in GR and the boys in royal blue ! KRO

  • warstockzulu says:

    Robbo had been a good servant to our cub, and will not need
    Telling his time is up.for me our keeper Randolph,while a capable
    Goalkeeper, he does not boss his area, and flaps to much for my liking…

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    My TYAG list is:



    • Shirley Blue says:

      I don’t see why Grounds is on this list. He has done well this season and he can cover two positions next season – left sided centre back and left back. You would keep Mitch Hancox though which is interesting. Grounds has been a big improvement on him defensively. I would put Hancox on the list and look for another left back.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I’ve said the same. Grounds doesn’t offer too much as an attacking left back, so I would make him one of the centre backs next season. Either way, we’re going to need at least one left back, because I doubt Hancox or Bell will get a sniff.

  • Dave Mann says:

    That’s gonna take some replacing and if we’re still stuck with the way things are and go into the summer and new season with no money then we’ve got no chance of replacing them and who’s to say we’re gonna get any better or even as good …new owners new investment and then we can have a proper clear out but that won’t happen until that happens so 15 out and maybe 12 in is a massive turn around and I for one will be supprised if its that many whatever the financial situation we find ourselves in!! Kro

  • tommo53 says:

    Don’t you just love guys like Johnnyzulu, who throws in a grenade but hasn’t got the bottle to stick around and see if it explodes!!!!!.
    Where is he now that it has been thrown back at him many times here?
    Dan as usual a very balanced thread, i like you only saw the highlights and it appeared he was run ragged,
    However he doesn’t desrve some of the vile remarks made throughout the social media that has been posted, he didn’t pick himself to play and probably gave his best, but I beleiv like many other that now his best is becoming a distant memory.
    Absolutely grateful for the service he has given us but………………………………..

  • StaffsBlue says:

    These are the players I can’t see having much of a future at the club and I’d be surprised if all, or most, of them are still here next season.

    Colin DOYLE

    Neal EARDLEY
    David EDGAR
    Amari’i BELL

    Mark DUFFY
    Ollie LEE
    Callum REILLY
    Mitchell HANCOX

    Wesley THOMAS
    Lee NOVAK
    Nicola ZIGIC

    I think the jury is still out on Gavin Gunning and Matt Green, but think they deserve the chance to stake a claim.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      I feel that LS and GR have really missed a trick with Hancox and Packwood. I’ll wager that these two end up with better clubs than what we are right now. Sometimes it is the manager’s lack of insight that causes a player to drift out of reckoning and not the players performance. That is what the coaching team are there for and I believe we have let these two players down. I noted on Sky last night that the favourite for players footballer of the year in Scotland is another Blues reject Adam Rooney! What we wouldn’t do for a 30 goal a season player????

      • Bluenosesol says:

        Sorry that’s LC and GR

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I have a feeling that we won’t see many of our academy players coming through like before. I’m not convinced that Rowett sees that as the way to go in the future. It appears, so far, that he prefers to bring in the ready-made type of player. But time will tell I suppose.

        • Bluenosesol says:

          It may be GR’s reaction to LC’s policy that if you recycle a dozen players through the squad in quick succession, then eventually one may make the grade. It may be a lesson that we need to attract more quality players to our academy, so we get more first team potentials and less drop outs as academies don’t come cheap and you need to develop and sell a Nathan Redmond or Demari Grey every year or two just to keep them running.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Academies are all well and good, but there comes a time when the young players have to be tried in the first team, to get some kind of indication as to whether they can hack it. How many academy players have come through this season? Our academy players of the last season or two – Hancox, Reilly, Brown, Arthur, Packwood, etc – seem to have gone backwards.

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      Lee Clark could use that as his Blackpool first XI next season. He’d be chuffed have that quality to bo**ocks up.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Ide agree with all those staffs but if he clears 12 out he will have to bring in maybe 9 atleast as he’s already said that he wants to stream line the squad .. That’s a huge change in one swoop a if we ain’t got the money who’s to say we’re be getting better in than were shipping out ? … That can only be achieved with new investment and owners and no other way and if it there’s no change in ownership then I fear a Blackpool coming up next season but I truly hope ime wrong but only time will tell and nothing else! Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      The point is Dave, how many of those players would we miss? How many of them have played a part in the season? Realistically, only Thomas and Novak have been pushing for a first team place. Why keep players we probably won’t use?

      Getting rid of all those will still leave us with fair sized squad.. and the money we save should allow us to bring in 4 or 5 better quality players. Add the likes of Townsend, Brown, Arthur, Solomon, Adams.. and that will be a nice streamlined squad.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Not necessarily. You can get players like Morrison, Grounds, Cotterill, Davis, Gleeson, Donaldson etc in for next to nothing as we have shown. The key is releasing wages by getting rid of the dross. Get rid of 12-14 off the wage bill and bring in five or six on better wages. Less quantity, more quality. That is the only way we can get better other than new owners and investment coming in. As I have said before the big concern is losing £8m pa in parachute money. Given that can we even sustain what we have got now in terms of players wages.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Unfortunately, it has to be done. If we don’t improve the quality of the squad, all we can look forward to, is another season of treading water.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Exactly what I’ve said staffs, we need to ship out those players but they’ve got to be not only better than then but pushing the first 11 and not the squad otherwise as I’ve said we’re be in blackpools position next season , you can’t guarantee that these players will be better until they play for US .. We can cut the wage bill by reducing the numbers but is doesent mean that the players coming in on better wages are better players .. That ain’t happening without spending serious money and if it stays like this till next season it will be no better .. By just reducing numbers and bringing in what we might think are better quality doesent guarantee anything as the wage bill on a smaller squad ain’t gonna make that much difference IMO. Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Yes I agree to a point. There’s no point bringing players in who are no better than the fringe players we’ve got. If that’s the case, we may as well stick, not twist. But surely the wages saved on a dozen players could be managed better, by bringing in 4/5/6 better players on a slightly higher wage? If not, then I don’t know what the answer is.

      • Dave Mann says:

        Higher wages doesent mean higher quality . That’s my point! .. We could waste good wages on 5 players who don’t push the first team and reduce our chances and choice of selection .. But then that’s that up to rowett and to be fair I would support all players he brought in and be excited by his signings who ever they are but unless things change of the pitch it ain’t changing on it no matter what wages we save by numbers reduced. Kro

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Exactly. If the money was wasted, it would be on Rowett’s head alone. But, I think he’s intelligent enough not to waste money on any duds. Let’s face it, he’s had since November to do due dilligence on players. I would be gobsmacked if he hasn’t had a list of players he wants for a while now.

  • The Flying Pig says:

    Good-bye and thanks for everything Robbo, you’ve done a good job for us, but it’s time to go.

    I’m really not too sure about Kiernan at the moment; his positional sense isn’t great and he worries me when we’re defending in our penalty area as he loses his player too often. He was poor against Brighton and also dodgy against Rotherham. Before I get shot down, two further points:
    1) it’s still early days and so it might be a too early to come to a conclusion; and
    2) I accept we may not be able to afford better.

    I don’t think Packwood is the answer, his lack of pace, aerial ability and strength (especially the last two) means he’s not going to make it as a CH at this level.

    • oldburyblue says:

      We have seen virtually nothing of Gunning because of his injury. He seemed OK alongside Morrison for the U21’s. Think he should be given a chance before decisions made.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    It’s clear now that the SS Robbo has had his day and needs to be permanently dry docked. I agree he isn’t a coach in the making so let’s cut the ties and get shot.

    As for the others, Doyle, Reilly, Hancox, Duffy, Dyer and Ziggy all need to go. Happy to have the others around as I think they can all add value. To me, none of the above do at all and you cannot judge Gunning and Green until they are playing again.

    Let’s see which of the 7 bids gets accepted and what money they will pony up, THEN we can see if we are shopping for champagne, prosecco or flat cava…

  • JohnnyZulu says:

    Cheers. You are beginning to believe your own publicity as the all knowing Hong Kong Google translate expert by the looks of it

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