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Carson Appeal Verdict Tomorrow

It’s been confirmed in the last few hours that the judgement in Carson’s appeal against his criminal conviction will be heard tomorrow at 10am.

The panel of three judges will confirm if Carson’s appeal against his five convictions for money laundering will be upheld or dismissed following two days of appeal hearings in March.

Just five minutes of court time have been reserved for the hearing which assures us that rather than the whole judgement being read out as it was for his conviction it will just be handed down.

Carson was convicted in March 2014 of five counts of money laundering and was sentenced to six years imprisonment.

The hearing is at 10am HKT (3am BST).


44 Responses to “Carson Appeal Verdict Tomorrow”

  • Graham says:

    hope he gets off

  • Shinnie's coiffed barnet says:

    Gut feeling Dan?

    A 5 minute slot to deliver a Not Guilty verdict seems nonsensical to me..

    • almajir says:

      5 minutes is standard apparently. All it means is they’re not reading it out (unlike his conviction) and we’ll get an answer tomorrow.

  • tongs says:

    A simple yes or no doesn’t take all day does it

    • almajir says:

      It’s not a simple yes or no though is it?

      Most judgements go for a fair few pages cos they have to give reasons for their judgement. Thankfully they don’t read them out at this level.

  • Mitchell says:

    Let’s not get excited about this. We all know that if events don’t go CY way, then he will appeal and appeal ad infinitum… It will go on into 2016 and beyond.

  • just pipe down carson says:


    after carsons latest waste of court time is there any other way this man can appeal/squirm or is this really the final straw for him?

    Just pipe dowm and do your time carson, we will be an estabished premier side by the time you come out, it aint that bad son

  • E17blue says:

    Maybe if he gets off we can organise a welcome home party?

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I am, and probably not the only one, confused as to which decision would be best for the short, medium and long term prospects for the sale of BCFC plc.

  • Deano says:

    If he does get off and walk away does he then have the power to remove e and y

  • The Francis Fake says:

    Dan, If he gets off do you think there is a possibility of him being re-arrested on revised charges?

  • Blue Tsunami says:

    Waiting with baited breath. I guess it will be best for the club if his appeal is turned down. That way E&Y can continue their good work and hopefully progress a sale even if he does appeal. If he is released then that has the potential to throw an almighty spanner in the works.

  • Tony says:

    Was about to say at least something will be settled tomorrow but it wont, if it goes againt Carson he will appeal yet again omg, will there ever be an end to this saga?.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Dan,you’ve always said that he’s got a far better chance of getting out at the court of final appeal even if he didn’t win this one,but if he were to walk free tommorow,does that mean his conviction is effectively quashed and what powers would he have then that he doesn’t have now? In what way could it hurt the process of what E&Y are trying to do the most?

    • almajir says:

      The whole point of an appeal is to overturn a conviction. Thus if his appeal is successful, yes, he is no longer a convicted felon and no longer bound by the owners and directors test here.

      What changes would it make? Don’t know in the short term but I’m guessing it would make life interesting for EY.

      • Adam True Blue says:

        If HK law is similar to ours then EY hold the keys and CY will be shown the door if he turns up and the only way that will change is if the courts release EY from their commitment to Bihl, CY will have to again appeal to the courts to have EY removed, he just might stand a better chance of achieving this if he is no longer in sing sing and can show he has funds which will benefit Bihl. Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    If CYgets conviction quashed then everything has changed. If he doesn’t then nothing has changed. If he walks free, then everybody on this planet can literally get away with anything and I would suggest that even you Daniel would be prepared to walk away into the sunset and take up a new hobby. How about the law of hideous Escapology. We all await tomorrow.

    • almajir says:


      I sat through his trial and I would suggest if the appeal is successful, it’s not because “anyone can get away with anything”, but more because the prosecution were pretty damn poor.

      Of course, I defer to the fact you may have reasoning I don’t know of that shows he was guilty beyond doubt.

  • rhees says:

    Of his appeal is successful does all his confiscated funds get returned would that release a lot more funds to the club.
    Just looking at it from another angle hope his conviction stands

  • beegeeblueboy says:

    I think ‘getting off’ suggests he is guilty but gets away with it. If the verdict is quashed it means the guilty verdict was wrong.

    FTAOD I hope the verdict was correct and is upheld as it would uphold all that has gone before and keep a fly out of the ointment of BIH / BCFC recovery.

    I hope the five minute slot is not indicative of the verdict. Its only time to give the verdict: does the judge have to give reasons either way? If so it means there’ll be another hearing for the ruling to be given out. If the reasons just don’t have to be given for an acquittal then the verdict could well be acquittal

  • Adam True Blue says:

    From a different point of view, I don’t actually think CY has done us any wrongdoing apart from not being there for us, he didn’t intend on being put away and having his assets frozen, PP on the other hand! Just hope that one exists without the other. We could see CY honouring his original promise and have outside investment, and Villa relegated in the last game of the season :-)

  • Tony E says:

    Adam who appointed PP1 and awarded him his exhorbitant contract, if that isn’t CY doing the club harm, I do not know what is!

  • ian ambrose says:

    1, When court of final ?????
    2, What happing next 31st july???
    3, Why E&Y and BIHL funds deadline by 8th june what next????
    4, Who actually 7 bids takeover at bcfc????.. Where proof ???
    5, Soon possible start football tranning in june where funds and bring new players???…..

    Carson is COLD BLOOD and BAD GUILTY !!!

    • almajir says:


      1) 12-18 months IF Carson requires it
      2) Next Summons hearing – please read previous articles
      3) Crystal ball isn’t working, going to have to wait and see
      4) It was announced to the HKSE (see previous articles) – EY aren’t going to lie to the stock exchange about that
      5) Not sure what you mean, but if it helps Panos said in his last programme notes it wasn’t a problem.

      You’re doing better, I could actually understand that post. However… if you have questions, go back through. I have covered things as thoroughly as I can.

  • Paulo says:

    Al, whats your gut feeling, and if not guilty can he waltz back into St Andrews?

  • Harry H says:

    Will be interesting hearing the verdict tomorrow , and i can hopefully be assured my mind is made up ! But i have often thought if found not guilty would he leave after all the negatives fired at him (and surrounding cronies) or push on with the club ?

  • paulieboy says:

    Ok 5 minute hearing, if I were a betting man I would say CY will win his appeal, get off and then work with his best mate Pannu and return in glory!
    As for our beloved club..Bang! were finished – We al know what has gone on over the past 7 years,so do we really think he and his crew are going to change/ Not a chance and we will just go down and down.
    Please join me in a last minute prayer and hope he continues his sentence and we can sell and move on…PLEASE!

  • BigmanSteve0 says:

    Well Dan, I don’t know if to laugh or cry it’s starting to really get me down now!!
    I do have a couple of questions though:
    Does Carson have any money if so how much ?

    • almajir says:


      No idea my friend. At all. I’d suggest he has much less now than he did have when he took us over… but apparently there are people willing to back him. Whether you’d want them associated with the club… I dunno.

  • blue says:

    we’re blues fans,it’s bound to go to final appeal.

  • evilcherry says:

    Appeal to Conviction quashed.


    (Please use google translate)

    Decision to his appeal to sentence will be made on Friday

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