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It Was A Good Day

Birmingham City remain the most successful team in the West Midlands this Millennium after Arsenal won the FA Cup Final 4-0 yesterday. A thoroughly one-sided final ensures that Arsenal now have a record 12 FA Cup wins under their belt with manager Arsene Wenger equalling the record set for most FA Cup wins by one boss with six.

Yesterday was a funny day. I had swore blind that I wasn’t going to watch the match; that I would watch the cricket and do some household chores and not pay attention to what the mob from the other side of the expressway were doing. It’s not that I couldn’t watch them play in the FA Cup Final – it’s more that I didn’t want them to think I cared about the result.

Obviously, I broke that promise to myself – although I didn’t switch over until just after Alexis Sanchez made it 2-0 with a screamer of a goal. The remaining minutes of the game were a procession; Arsenal using the match as an end-of-season exhibition game as they flicked and passed the ball around their bewildered opponents. Even the ref got in on the act, denying not one but two probable penalties just to ensure the humiliation was complete.

Of course, like most Blues fans on social media I harked back to our own final against Arsenal – which of course we won. I can remember the pride I felt that Blues had not just won, but actually turned over Arsenal. McLeish had set Blues up with a tactical plan that nullified the Arsenal threat and although the winner was somewhat lucky it was nothing more than we had deserved.

However, my thoughts hadn’t been on the match itself, but on the Faustian pact I know I made in the stands and that was no doubt replicated in the minds of fans around me – “Dear God let us win this, I don’t care if we don’t get another point and we get relegated, just let us win this.”

Our brethren from the wrong side of the expressway had already secured their future in the Premier League before the final, however I can’t help but wonder how many of those in pink and baby blue would have willingly traded safety for a pot and a European tour. Watching yesterday re-affirmed to me that Blues got the right side of that choice – for all the pain relegation gave us, we have actually won a trophy this millennium. Who remembers finishing 17th in the top flight?

Arsenal must have been aware that the match was a foregone conclusion – my friends at Hollywood Monster were at the Emirates Stadium during the match preparing to dress it to welcome back the FA Cup winners today – I’m curious as to if they even waited for the final whistle to get started.

On a day when they were exhorted by everyone from the local press to famous fans to “fight like lions” it turns out they rolled over and played dead like a possum. It’s going to be interesting to see how they pick themselves up from such a disappointing game – while us on the Blue half of the city can walk around with a knowing smile on our face. As Ice Cube famously rapped – “It was a good day”.

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71 Responses to “It Was A Good Day”

  • rhees says:

    Vile only team to not have shot on target in cup final says it all.villa fans emptied there half before there team picked up there loosers medals was disgraceful they got them there at least

  • Dave Mann says:

    It was great day yesterday and today on reflection will also be great…To watch your rivals get bullied and embarrassed and surrender like weak useless soldiers was very satisfying and I certainly enjoyed every second of the game and if it weren’t for given it would have been even more humiliating … Hope there fans were very proud of there team because watching that made me very proud that ime a Bluenose and I can’t thank god more enough , I pray to you for making me blue!! Kro

  • Tomo says:

    Never mind the game what a tw*t he his that villa fan with villa as winners of the cup ,
    Benteke will gone and others looking at new contracts,who will want to stay looking at another relegation battle ,
    Its one of the days I can’t wait to get to get to work.
    Ain’t life great

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    I know Daz from Hollywood Monster. I wonder if he enjoyed preparing the celebrations yesterday?

  • Richard Granfield says:

    The only blight on a good day was Blue Nose Frankie Gavin losing to Kell Brook at the O2 despite wearing the Blues badge on his shorts with pride.

  • steve says:

    Oh what a fantastic day yesterday watching that team get so humiliated im so glad i was arsenal fan for one day oh and u villa fans putting up message on social network site about blues can have city while u are at wembley dont worry about that we still have our dignity

  • steve says:

    As bad as we were yesterday we lost to a good team,not 0-8 at home to Bournemoth

  • andy says:

    Total humiliation for Villa and how fortunate they were too in avoiding relegation. Yes the game is about winning trophies and though Blues are not blessed with too much of that, I too would never have swapped that League Cup win for Premiership survival. Birmingham will one day be back!

    • StaffsBlue says:

      If Hull hadn’t lost at home to Burnley or villa hadn’t got an extremely unlikely win at Spurs, they would have been dead and buried. The reverse of either of those results would have sent them down. I wonder that lot realise it was that close?

  • ChrisG says:

    I know us bluenoses can be hard to please but after arsenal went 3-0 up they seemed to take their foot off the gas & were happy to just knock the ball around & there was me ranting at the tv to score more goals ( & could easily have) & cause total humiliation!!! But I have to say, not just a good day but a GREAT day KRO

    • DaveP says:

      I wish Giroud had taken his foot off the gas, would’ve netted me an extra 100 quid for 3-0 and a Sanchez goal!!! Never mind though, seeing the empty seats before the end of the game, seeing the points total next season without Bent-Eek-Eh?… priceless

  • I was indifferent too until I read the sign on St ans gate , which brought the old rivalry back , and after I had stopped grinning with thoughts of wish we were there, it occurred to me how deserted the ground looked with the gates closed , and wondered where everybody had gone , had the villa supporter left the sign in vain , because there was nobody in to read it as they had already gone away without telling anybody , which is why we have not heard from them ourselves , are they all lying on a corfu beach and grinning at the vile sign on their tablet after the match and thinking 1-1 , or are they all in some Hong Kong bar wishing we were there , let’s hope they drop us a line soon … kRO

  • johnnyzulu says:



    get it trending people!!

  • Mitchell says:

    Even the delightful, delectable scoreline yesterday..it still hurts that Hull lost their last home game to Burnley. Just imagine what a double it would have been yesterday! As the seasons go on the memory of being at Wembley in 2011 to see us win the cup gets better and better. Oh yes the team we beat was Arsenal on their manor..ever heard of them Villa fans!.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Oh they’ve heard of them now Mitchell, there be having nightmares for years to come after yesterday and we still have all those fond memories from our visit to wembley to keep us cozy for a fair while yet…..one young vile fan on telly after the game said ” at least we didn’t get relegated”… I thought Wow you must be really happy then!… Ps, great support at the end of the game vile losers to your club , you deserve each other for pathetic performances from both team and supporters . Kro

  • Blue Lizard says:

    i haven’t laughed so much for a long time….those pre match smug faces stained with snot and tears..hillarious!!! KRO

  • Dave Mann says:

    The Mann household last night was a joyful place … Tears of laughter ran down my face and thoughts of taking the piss out of many vile fans next week as possible fills me with utter joy and excitement … My sons gone golf with a couple of old school mates who went to wembley yesterday .. Needless to say he’s having a wonderfully piss taking time! Kro

  • Fritz says:

    What a dilemma – Arsenal vs Villa – which team to hate most? Why must one of them win? Maybe Mr Septic Bladder – now that he’s greased his way to Don of Cosa Fifa again – might be able to change the rules so that both teams lose if they’re equally loathsome. When Walcott club-footed the first and I saw Herr Venga’s face (like a horse sucking lemons) I had an epiphany – IT’S ARSENAL! Yep, I hate the Cockney turd-polishers more than Aston’s swamp children – after all, some of their supporters are Brummies, misguided maybe but Brummies none the less. So, smirking sympathy for the simple Vile-ones and healthy on-going hatred for the arrogant A-holes.

  • Norrisblue says:

    Not a single shot on target. Not even a corner. They were a shambles and a disgrace. Loving every minute . K R O.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Most of there fans are tourists I think or glory hunters and ime not bothered if they never win another trophy again but yesterday was an exception . …. Two sets of fans who have to be in the top three along with Man U has the most hated in England ! Kro

  • Tony says:

    AllHatred aside I cant remember one shot on Arsenals goal, It has to be the worst performance in a wembley final ever. What happened to the fans? the ground was almpost empty of the pink and baby blue at the final whistle. Would be interested to see Sherwoods record since he took over, doesnt seem to me he improved the league position much. Best manager they had was Mcleish.
    All in all delighted they are certs for relegation next season.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    It was oh so enjoyable watching the game yesterday. There is just no positive spin any Villa fan could put on their performance.

    Since the CCFC2011 my dislike of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have gone, so I had no pangs of conscience cheering them on yesterday.

    • Dave Mann says:

      Ime finding myself having a little soft spot for the team and manager over the last 4years and the last 24 hours but the fans are boring , quiet and foreign , enough said! Kro

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    It was interesting that across fans I know from other clubs the Vilers seem to have irritated everyone from Man City to Walsall. As one of them said a month ago I would have supported the Vile but their fans have been so obnoxious since they reached the final that it was impossible to hope for anything other than an Arsenal win just to shut them up.

    As usual with our inbred mates the usual we are the biggest club in the Midlands: we are a Premiership club: you are Small Heath: you are are obsessed with us are coming out. It seems to be a natural defect with their fans that they have to be superior to everyone else. Most other clubs proper fans I know don’t give a toss what you think of their club. I suppose Vile fans suffer from being glory hunters who have not realised that time has moved on.

    Still at least Vile Park does a purpose as a magnet to attract the majority of idiots in the area: how many of their fans that you know would you welcome becoming a fan of ours?

  • Paul Hawkins says:

    Do you know any vile fans humiliated by their teams performance in the cup final? Do they need somebody to talk too. Call the Samaritans 4040404040. We are here to help

  • DoctorD says:

    I was exactly like Dan…swore I wouldn’t watch the game and specifically organized something else in the afternoon. Partly at having not even bothered to check what time the match was due to start, I got home, turned the telly on and found the match had only just begun because it was a 5.30 kick off. I have to say I have never been more pleased to see the Arse win — and how easy it was for them. I hope the media love-in with Sherwood will end too; this match showed he had little to offer.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I’ve always called him the Cockney Clark but I think that is very disrespectful to Lee Clark who’s players he signed did the job for us this season ..Tim Sherwood without Benteke is on thin ice like all of the rest of his pathetic squad. Kro

  • chris says:

    with new owners on the verge of a takeover though they should move ahead and finish half way at least next season, while i doubt we will have any new owners to give the club some impetus, that will probably have to come from more miracles by GR management team

  • Mineheadblue says:

    I gather that Villa were playing some sort of cup game at Wembley yesterday? Did anyone tell the Villa players, because it seems they didn’t turn up!!!!!!!!!

  • Bluesbot says:

    FOURgettaable meaning –
    easily forgotten, especially through being uninteresting or mediocre


  • Mineheadblue says:


  • oldburyblue says:

    It WAS a good day. I gave up my seat at Wembley so that I could go to Twickenham for the Rugby Final. Had to put up with 2 hours of sharing the train to London with Vile fans bragging about what they were going to do…just a pity the match was still only half-way through when we went through Wembley on our way back so didn’t have the pleasure of seeing their faces on the return journey. Made sure I didn’t know the result until MOTD, so very enjoyable! Nice that instead of having to avoid Vile fans I can now actively seek them out for the next few weeks or so.

  • Leigh says:

    Sorry to say, but, tome it was a Birmingham side versus a London side ably abetted by a man in black. I take no great pleasure in the result.
    I will say only one thing I deplore a team that wins the FA cup that has a starting line up with only one English born player, backed up with one welsh man.
    Many years ago I had the pleasure, with my mate Dave of being at Highbury to see Geoff Vowden score, before Arsenal were knocked out of the cup in the subsequent replay. It was so satisfying in that, in those days we were not segregated and the home supporters had taken great pleasure in ensuring that we were aware of their little sweep on who would score the first goal of the match for the home side, and who the winner, obviously that day their were no winners in red and white.

    • ChrisG says:

      Sorry to say Leigh it’s a sign of the times, I think you’ll also find that not only are the players foreign but the majority of owners & directors too.

    • Blue Lizard says:

      Abetted by a man in black? I take it you mean the ref and not will smith? The vile got 5 bookings and we’re lucky it stopped there … They were so outplayed they resorted to petulant kicking and fouling ….sorry but there is only 1 team in Birmingham the other is a suburb and I am chuffed they got stuffed

    • almajir says:

      Can’t agree Leigh on two counts.

      Firstly, while I thought Moss was poor in places in the bit of the match I watched Arsenal were about three classes above the pink and baby blue mob – Arsenal won because they were the better team.

      Secondly, I don’t buy into this Birmingham team v London team thing. I support the only team that is proud to carry Birmingham’s name (side note, no one in my office here in Katowice even knew the V*lla were from Birmingham) and as such I will only ever support the team which carries it’s name.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Leigh, it’s not like that anymore and if you are a Birmingham boy born and bred then you don’t want those vile twats winning anything .. I don’t give a shit about London V Birmingham because obviously me old china that does not apply here .. You obviously don’t go to many games do you ?) kro

  • P Hawkins says:

    Oxo have come out with a new gravy stock cube to commerate Villas appearence at Wembley,its called the laughing stock.

  • Roy Smith says:

    Biggest winning margin in a cup final since 1993, so Vile do have some sort of claim to fame I suppose. Biggest losers this century.

  • kford bluenose says:

    First time comment but have enjoyed OP for a long time, just wanted to say that I feel slightly guilty that I enjoyed every gooner goal yesterday almost as much as our winner in 2011. Enjoy the coming week bluenoses.

  • kirkus says:

    One of the best days ever,put them in their place once and for all

  • richardm says:

    Joking aside, I do think Villa have got serious problems. I’m not at all convinced by Tim Sherwood, I think he got lucky when he first came to Villa Park, and the honeymoon period ended with that 6-1 reverse at Southampton.

    If they lose any of Benteke, Cleverley or Delph this summer, they are down for sure.

  • Tony says:

    Not felt so happy since Clark was sacked,

  • Tony says:

    It would have been nice if Arsenals side were full of Englishmen but to me it doesnt matter, the fact is we do not have any englishmen to compete with class such as that. Their side was full of wonderful footballers surely thats what matters
    Say what you like about Wenger but he does produce very attractive sides.

  • Jazzzy786 says:

    If the villa fans wanted to go to London to watch a load of lifeless dummies then they should’ve just gone to Madame Tussauds. The most pathetic performance ever. No shots on target. Congratulations Arsenal.

  • Raymondo says:

    The bit of news I enjoyed the most today was about this Vile fane who hada “Villa – Cup winners 2015” tattood on his arm before the match. Hilarious!

  • leigh says:

    Steve, perhaps your view on team makeup is one of the reasons why the national team wins nothing.
    When I was young, back in the Fifties, my Dad, thought it right for only Brummies to play for Blues, we’ve come a long way since then, but be honest how far will you have to go to find a true club man, today they are all mercenaries, so perhaps limits need to be set.
    Think about it on your way back to Mars!

    • Raymondo says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In order to benefit the England team there’s got to be a limit on forein mercenaries in the Premier League and the Football Leahue in order to get young English players experience at the top level. The Prfemier League and Sky Sports are to blame for this not happening. Money talks. Ask Sep Blatter.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Leigh. The worlds’s move on. The genie’s out of the bottle

  • Dave Mann says:

    Imagine if vile could only pick players born in Aston !! … They would have won naff all in there history … Sounds wonderful but it’s a free for all for all players from all parts of the world and they can play wherever they wish if that club wants them .. You’ve got players playing for countries they weren’t even born in!! .. That’s the way it is and right or wrong it ain’t changing but England are one of a few who will only pick English born or English origin players and that’s commendable in my opinion . Kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    Paul Clement gone to Derby so I can rest assured that Gary Rowett will be our manager next season so now it’s the signings times for us as we have to get this squad back up to scratch and get quality in if that’s possible with our limited funds but we trust in our manager so it’s off we go . Kro

  • Captain Blues says:

    I didnt watch the match but obviously delighted with the way it went (thankfully too all the increased number of vile shirts in the past few weeks will now soon disappear just as swiftly) and great news to hear Clement is going to Derby (as genuinely worried about GR going there) so a good few days all in all.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Just read the BM report about Vilers fighting EACH OTHER both in the stands at Wembley and at the Undergroound station. Crazy.

  • Dave Mann says:

    We fought each other at Cardiff Agent Mcleish so there not alone there .. Anyway the Gooners haven’t got a crew to fight have they so do it yourself.. Seriously though it’s disgraceful and embarrassing and that’s how I felt at Cardiff especially when I got involved but that was with a Cardiff fan and I was defending myself but yes rediculous.!! Kro

  • Mitchell says:

    We had a great weekend but now let’s move on. New signings will now arrive and looking at players being released by Champ.and Prem. clubs is staggering. What I have noticed is that defenders especially centre backs are now ten a penny. GR is obviously aware of this and I would imagine it will be the penetrive areas he is looking at, together with bottle and a bit of craft. A savage, coupled with a Ferguson would do me. It is just a matter of finding them.

    • Raymondo says:

      Iwould imagine GR has his irons in the fire already and know who he wants. It’s whether he can get them on the money BCFC hs to offer at present. Perhaps Benteke would like to play for the better team in Brum? twould save hime moving house!

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