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Carson Denied Again in Court

Carson and his legal team were back in the Court of Appeal today in a procedural hearing as his appeal against his five convictions for money laundering continues.

As part of the procedure for Carson to have his appeal heard in the Court of Final Appeal, Carson had to apply for a certificate from the Court of Appeal. Essentially, Carson has to show to the judicial system that his case hinges on a point of law that requires defining.

As reported by Oriental Daily, this was denied by the Court of Appeal judges today; however, Carson can now go directly to the Court of Final Appeal and take up his case there even without the assent of the lower Court.

In truth, from a lay perspective today appears to be another waste of time and money for Carson – there is no way he will not now go to the Court of Final Appeal – and this judgement further brings into focus the viewpoint held on this blog after the last hearing that the Judges in the Court of Appeal have “passed the case upstairs” to avoid having to make a decision.

I understand Carson’s counsel Clare Montgomery QC wasn’t present today for the hearing but has been closely involved with his continuing appeal and as such I have to continue with the assumption Carson is going to push this one as far as he can.

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29 Responses to “Carson Denied Again in Court”

  • Tony E says:

    Presumably this court of final appeal hearing will not happen for some considerable time, hopefully that time will be successfully used by E and Y to conclude their work at BIH. As said previously M/s Montgomery does not come cheap, how long will his backers continue to support him and what will they want in return?

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Uwolnij nieszczęśliwy jeden HK


  • Bluehobba says:

    Heads or tails springs to mind

  • Zuludave says:

    Hi Dan, how long before e&y complete their work?

  • rhees says:

    What’s it all mean in real term, good,bad, no change

  • rhees says:

    What a party we can have when this all ends

  • rhees says:

    Just feeling excited for nxt season have good feeling

  • Blue lizard says:

    Carson keeps popping up just like a bobbing turd

  • FellowBlue says:

    Any idea how long before he gets his chance in the court of final appeal Dan?
    I know you can only guess, but your guess is far more educated than mine. KRO

  • Blue tsunami says:

    Let’s hope the final appeal is a long time away and that before then we have new owners who have football as their main interest

  • Monty says:

    I keep hearing people talk of the so called good work e&y are doing but the only thing they seem to have achieved is securing more funding for BIHL more debt that can’t be paid back and more importantly debt secured against the ground itself!
    What we need from E&Y is a proper sale of the club and more transparency as to who actually owns the club not more faceless companies from tax havens looking to make a quick buck at our expense.
    4 years since carsons arrest and we are no nearer an end to this debacle and if we have to wait another season without any major investment in the team we run the risk of loosing not only the few assets like Demari Gray but also Gary Rowett too not many managers of his ability would stay at a club where all your players are for sale to pay a company’s debts on the other side of the world,i don’t want it to happen but I for one would not blame him for walking away if another club who can match his ambition came in for him I hope I’m wrong but the history of the game is littered with similar instances and history is set to repeat itself!

    • Stephen Powell says:

      EY are not there to sell the club, they are there to sort the mess out inside BIHL. If that leads to a sale then good but its not their primary task. Its a shame I am on holiday now for 2 weeks as I could have asked a contact at EY a few questions about this from a uk angle which I have shared on the club website before

      • Monty says:

        Whilst E&Y’s immediate priority may not be a sale they did bring in another company Goldin finance find investment for BIHL or a sale,my main concern was that the only bid being considered is to loan around £10m from a company that nobody can get any information about using St andrews as collateral !
        This money can only be repaid by either the sale of players or by if some miracle promotion to the premier league which I’m sure you’ll agree would be next to impossible if the likes of gray are sold,then there’s the issue of the loan secured against the ground itself if they were to call the loan in there’s little if anything to prevent it being sold from under us then where would we be?
        The vile already take every opportunity to ridicule us nothing would please them more than to see the ground torn down and replaced by a super market which they would celebrate like winning the domestic treble and champions league!
        This deal does nothing to solve the problems BIHL are in just papers over the cracks and keeps the status quo until carson gets out of Nick.

  • Raymondo says:

    I think that if GR and his fellow staff were not all ex-Blues players they wouldn’t have come here. They know they have to be here for the long haul and already have that mind set. We are extremely lucky they are here and shouldn;t be surprised that they didn’t take the easy road to Derby. They are |Blues through and through. Lucky us! Stuff Carson and Co. It’s Blures and Co that matter, to us and GR and his staff.

  • Kazakblue says:

    Birmingham City will receive a £300k windfall from Norwich City after Nathan Redmond helped the Canaries win promotion to the Premier League.

    The Birmingham Mail understands that the deal which took the England under-21 star to Carrow Road included a number of performance-related add-ons which are now starting to bear fruit.

    Blues might have to wait until the end of next season for the full amount, with the payment being made in instalments.

    Redmond moved to Norwich for around £3.2million in July 2013 but suffered relegation to the Championship in his first season.

    Blues wanted a clause put in place which ensured an additional payment would be received if Redmond helped his new side back into the top-flight and he did just that by scoring in the play-off final win over Middlesbrough.

    Lets hope any money received does not fall into the wrong hands !!!

  • Mitchell says:

    Awaiting important EY statement of current financial situation. Am I correct in assuming this info. Is due around 8th of this month. Many supporters holding back before buying season tickets..so important a clear message is spelt out. Not much to ask for is it.

    • FellowBlue says:

      I believe your right mate, their next monthly update is due by the 8th, although I don’t expect any major developments it would be nice as its my sons 2nd birthday! We can hope… KRO

  • With all this can’t make you love me , but won’t let anyone else have you , makes you feel like we are in the film fatal attraction .

  • gerard says:

    rumour doing the rounds Carson Yeung to replace SeppBlatter lesser of the 2 evils Dan any truth in it?

  • gerard says:

    ps vice president elect Peter Pannu ?

  • ian says:

    i still struggle to come to terms with who or why would anybody invest in BIHL ?
    Yes I get it, they are a listed company.
    but look at the facts
    if you bought shares in BIHL 12 months ago, they are worth just under 50 percent now.
    i just fail to see how this “new investor” is hoping to see a return on the investment.
    lets face facts, the only real source of income is BCFC, and just like the share price the value of the playing staff and the working budget has also been slashed, with only the most optimistic of fans dreaming of promotion,
    i honestly think BCFC were better off under the Kumars.

  • Mitchell says:

    I fully endorse Ian’s blog.UNTIL we get a clear picture of where we are at then our thoughts soon begin to ask why anyone would want Blues shares etc. I am really beginning to get to the stage where I doubt if EY are remotely bothered about disclosure to the BUYING lifeblood of the club e.g. The fans. OK it can be argued that they don’t have to and they are there to do a particular job etc.,but we live in an age when communication is the key to much success in life and a little info. Is all we fans require. For goodness sake we don’t ask much. However, let’s hope next week’s statement will raise our hopes somewhat.

  • Adam True Blue says:

    Just the thoughts of a mad man!
    Bihl is worth 50% what it was 12 months ago, so any investment is worth double what it would have been 12 months ago as far as value against the company, we have been told in the past that the Stock listing is worth ‘possibly’ more than Bihl, so now that Stock listing is available for a reasonable price to an existing Chinese company that wants to expand their company through the back door, because they are an existing company, Bcfc would not be their only asset and be available to be sold to the highest bidder, returning a large part of the Chinese companies original investment and they end up with a ‘free’ listing on the HK stock exchange and we end up with new owners. Now where did I park my pink elephant…Kro

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