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Trillion Trophy – an Often Partisan Video Podcast

Following all the questions that have emerged from today’s announcement, I’ve put together a short video to answer a few questions.


Key Points

  • Trillion Trophy are an investment vehicle – they won’t have traded before as investors like to use new companies to achieve tasks like buying a stake in a listed company – such as Trillion Trophy are in BIH
  • You won’t find them online as they are almost certainly based in a tax haven – who have strict privacy measures on company registries meaning you won’t find them
  • This is another step in a very long process – but it is a positive step and shows Ernst and Young are slowly moving things forward. This is more than what was happening when Pannu was negotiating.

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7 Responses to “Trillion Trophy – an Often Partisan Video Podcast”

  • Mitchell says:

    Fair play to you Daniel in responding so quickly with the podcast. It has gone a long way to explaining a few mixed messages we fans were getting. Not all bluenoses were getting these, but I for one was and I am sure a few others also.

  • Gerard says:

    Dan do not know why people cannot understand what is essentially a simple economic process-agreed the main ingredients are not forthcoming but the principle and outline of what you explained are straightforward and you have clarified that in your video thanks

  • So what is the intentions of BIH with bcfc , the fans know that this club could be sold and money given to buy players now , to put us back in the premiereship , so what are E&Yin their wisdom offering the fans , to replace success now , we have cut back in playing staff again ,this time to afford a few quality players to go with our bread and butter players in a attempt to challenge for promotion, I do not care who TTA are or where they are from, what matters is money being put back into the flagship of this group , so that turnover multiplies tenfold, kro

  • jan sadler says:

    thanks Dan,good to hear the info and your thoughts,would ,nt have a clue other wise,thank you

  • rhees says:

    Thanks Dan
    Patience is a virtue which I and most bluenoses are lacking these days,which is understandable really.
    Things are moving slowly but I think we will know more in a few weeks.
    So its a good pair of trainers on,stat walking on this long long road and as a blue nose family keeping right on to the end together

  • Will says:

    Gosh, we could be signing a player for an actual transfer fee!

    Birmingham City are close to agreeing a £500,000 deal for Nottingham Forest midfielder Robert Tesche, according to reports in The Sun.

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