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The Gray Whispers Start Again

Rumours on social media abound again that Premier League new boys Bournemouth are going to come back in for Demarai Gray with whispers of a £7million bid for the teenage winger.

Before I go any further and anyone accuses me of “scaremongering”, I’m going to make very clear two things – firstly, this seems to be a rumour that has come from Twitter and has not been reported anywhere reputable; secondly from my own personal viewpoint I don’t believe any bid has been made and even if it had, terms would have to be right for BCFC to even consider accepting.

The second part of that caveat above is important. As I understand it the chances of Blues accepting one of the bids made in the January window were remote because they weren’t in the sort of terms that favoured the club – nowhere near enough up front, and too much dependent on future achievements – let alone be of the value the club felt Dimmi was and is worth.

If I’m honest, hand on heart I don’t think Dimmi is worth £7million and provided a large chunk of that money was reinvested in the squad I’d take it. I like him as a player, and as a person he seems a switched on kid but I think that sort of money invested in the squad could make it a promotion-chasing outfit. The fact Dimmi is still yet to sign the contract offered to him last season, and that he only has 12 months left on his deal doesn’t help either – while he would attract a tribunal fee I’d rather not chance that myself as Blues could end up with a deal that was very much in stage payments based on future success.

I don’t think the club see it that way though. The impression I get from the club is that they want to hold on to Dimmi and that it would take something outrageous for them to consider allowing him to move on. If Dimmi were to go, I don’t think it would be to Bournemouth either; Liverpool have long held an interest in the winger and I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of probability that they would invest money in a player like Dimmi – especially when you look at their purchases of late such as Joe Gomez from Charlton.

One other thing I would throw out there is that if Dimmi were to go in this transfer window, if the decision were mine I wouldn’t push for a loan back. Once Dimmi goes he would no longer be our player and I would rather that Blues didn’t develop a player further for another team in that manner; I’d prefer it if Blues invested the money in squad to develop their own players and build new saleable assets within the team.

Obviously, this is only a rumour – and I will repeat just to make sure I make it clear it’s not one that I think is true. However, should something concrete emerge I don’t think selling the England u20 winger has to be something we bear with gritted teeth.


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  • Mickey07 says:

    £7 million And if reinvested??get rid.

    • waycoolblue says:

      it is my opinion Dimmi is worth more than 7mil. Lets look at it this way Arsenal played £5 million up front for Walcott
      and anther 7mil in instalments that’s 12mil for a 18 year old player that had nether played in the premiership and only had 11 first team starts in the championship back in in 2006. Dimmi is at a higher stranded than Walcott was back when wen Arsenal obtained him from Southampton. We are now in 2015 there is this little thing called inflation plus the fact that Dimmi is only 16 years old and at a much higher level than Walcott was back in 2006 who was seen to be worth £12mil. If that is th caes then Dimmi is worth more than £12mil.I also believe Dimmi wants to stay at blues but would also like to play in the premiership what 16 year old footballer wouldn’t. So if he dues go it will be to a top premier club but only if we get a minimum of £5mil up front plus instalments and performance fees.

  • Rob Wildey says:

    according to Dimmy’s Dad, he is signing a new contract on his return

    • almajir says:

      What’s taken him so long? Couldn’t find a pen?

      • Tmsblues says:

        Seems to me if there was a bid of around £7m I would ship him out ASAP. I don’t think he is worth that kind of money. If he doesn’t sign a contract there is no point in keeping a player whose value will be decided by a tribunal and that won’t be £5m but more like a few hundred thousand always assuming he improves form over the next year.
        Whatever I would sell dimmi and move on…
        It could of course be one of the factors holding up other moves the club would like to make right now, clearly with Gray and a modest budget would be different to a team plan without Gray and £5m or so to reinvest!

      • Mezz says:

        A pen?? Get with the times surely would be an “eSignature” these days :D

  • andy says:

    That’s a bit harsh dan but I like it. Well if Dimmi does sign a new contract it is great news.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    The problem with selling Gray is how much of the money would be reinvested into BCFC. BIHL are on the bones of their arse and are within their rights to keep the lot if they so wished.
    7 million is ridiculous for an 18 yr old kid who has shown some flashes of brilliance but still very inconsistent as most kids of his age are. If Eddie Howe wants to blow a large hole in his transfer budget on him I think he is making a big mistake if they have their eyes on trying to survive in the Prem next season.

  • andy says:

    Why sell the kid? If he voices an opinion that he wants to leave, then fine. But if Dimmi wishes to stay then Blues should keep him, even if 7 million were offered. You keep your better players, not sell them.

  • Matt says:

    Dimmi is great but he is not worth 7 mill, English players are stupidly overpriced. Sterling 50m?
    The u21 championships have really highlighted the gulf in class. When I watched the Czech team play Serbia, they were far greater than any of the young English talent.

  • Tony says:

    7 Million is good money for the kid if a large chunk goes to GR for team building. my fear is most if not all will go to the parent company. To be honest Gray is in the same class as Redmond, Butland,etc he will have a decent future in the game but hes not a world beater.

  • ian ambrose says:

    If Gray worth it £20M or more 2 year time Blues profit…. ??

    • Texas Pete says:

      Good thinking. We need him for our promotion push and he will still be under 20. Let him excel in the championship and then make a decision with more experience to bargain with. We can build around that and entice incoming players.

  • KC says:

    Towards the end of the season our “2nd great wind” under Rowett was hugely influenced by our 2 loan players from from NF and Watford and Gray on the right. Without them or suitable replacements the creativity will be ripped out of the team!

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Spot on KC. Grays form improved significantly when Fabbrini came into the team. The opposition had another flair player to worry about and he got more space. The thought of Novak and Shinnie instead of Gray and Fabbrini isn’t a pleasant one.

  • raymondo says:

    If there’sone player we need more than any other at the moment it’s Fabbrini.We’ll be lucky if we do but it would be great!

    • almajir says:

      Actually disagree.

      Fabbrini – no goals, no assists in his time at Blues. I could see him becoming a target for the boo boys within a few months because despite his excellent creativity there seems to be no end product.

      The guy we need is Tesche.

      • OllieBluenose says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Dan. Watford fans found a problem with him, I’ve got a funny feeling that there is a problem with him.

        I think Dimmi is replaceable, especially when looking at some of the players on a free. Funnily enough though, I’m not so sure we would replace Donaldson if Leeds were to successfully bid. Strikers who fit the bill as perfectly as him are hard to come by.

        In that sense – while I’m not arguing for a second that Donaldson is worth more money than Gray – I think Donaldson is worth more to the team on a match day and to the squad in general than Gray is (at the moment).

        Looking at it like that, I’d take the 7 million with add ons and (especially if he goes to Bournemouth) a percentage of the next sale, which could be astronomical if he has a good year there.

        The question would be: who would you want to replace him?

  • Mitchell says:

    Anders Lindegard(man.utd) goalkeeper to Blues for season loan. This could well be on. Also I understand Jonny Russell(Derby) a good shout. As regards Gray, it does hinge on money. I cannot see him as a fixture for Blues this season no matter what reports suggest that he is about to sign a new contract. My feeling is that GR is totally reshaping the squad without the ‘will he or won’t he (Gray) be here’. With the Championship teams around us, the weekly situation shifts depending on what players are released or bought. This week my findings are that as of today we are bracketed with the likes of Cardiff,Blackburn,Bolton,Forest and Fulham. The likes of Hull,QPR,Middlesbrough,Wolves,Derby and Burnley remain many notches above. However, all could change within days with new additions of good quality players. At present we ‘sit around’12th in the table.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    If someone offers upwards of 6 mill, I’d snatch their hand off. Whether Blues sell Gray or not, I just wish it would just hurry up and get sorted. The rumours and counter-rumours are getting tedious now. If he really wanted to stay, he’d have signed before now. Sell and move on.

  • DaveP says:

    To be perfectly honest, it’s the footballers agents that overhype the young players so they can negotiate a massive cut for themselves when the player is transferred and then sold on. It’s sickening. Raheem Sterling hasn’t achieved anything yet he’s valued over £50m?? Yeah, sure, whatever, if I was Liverpool I’d snap Man City’s hand off and watch him rot at the Etihad like so many promising youngsters do.

    I AM encouraged by the whispers of Ledgzins returning to St’Ans though, he was always thought to be a decent keeper, along with Artur Krysiak when they were here under Brucie. Obviously though we kept signing international goalkeepers so they were never going to get a look in.

    • OllieBluenose says:

      I think you’ll find that it’s the mere scarcity of English talent that drives prices up, not just agents.

      To have a talented English youngster is a rare thing these days.

      Aguero was sold to Citeh for £35m.

      Sterling is rated at £50m, Kane also rated at £40-50m, Carrol went to Liverpool for £35m, Shaw went to United for £30m… the list goes on.

  • rhees says:

    Like the idea of Anders lindigaurd on loan and id definitely accept 7 mi for gray. Would enhance his future too

  • Duchess says:

    I personally cannot see him going, we have never really needed to sell players and the only time we have is when Pannu was ensuring he got paid!

    GR is a top manager and Dimmi seems like a good lad and lets be honest, if Liverpool have first refusal, Panos (who is a very astute businessman in my mind and possibly the best MD we have ever had) will be holding out for cold hard cash, and plenty of it!!

    Who knows another season and and 8-10M maybe? but I think he will be here for another season at least….

  • Richard Granfield says:

    This coming Sunday (28th) Dimmy celebrates his 19th birthday. What a birthday present it would be for the club if he signed a new contract.

  • hammy says:

    guys, if dimmi went for 7m, I don’t think for a minute it would be 7m cash payment done and dusted…..
    transfers don’t work like that…..
    it would be, at a guess this is something like this….
    2.5m cash down….
    and possibly 1m every 6 months…
    u see, blues will have add ons such as 500k if he plays for England…
    500k if they stay in prem….
    1m if he scores 20 goals…and so on….
    people always think its 7m cash payment, but very few are done like this….


  • peter bates says:

    Leeds and others supposedly in for Clayton Donaldson why no responses from the club even just to say no truth same old blues but I suppose no news is good news but can understand why fans are getting anxious

  • Once again there seems to be an odour of fire sale about our club , about 10 players have left with none of the promised quality players arriving ,once again their is an air of a problem hanging over the club , why aren’t quality players signing for the club , football is all about results , and for what ever reason blues have not shown intent or capability by signing a quality player thus far, and once again the vultures are circling , talk of Donaldson being poached is once again bringing back the sickening feeling of despair and anger , the feel good factor at blues is starting to wain again ,the silence is starting to tell me that we are still being run by people that don’t give a crap about the fans ,

    • OllieBluenose says:

      I think you should see someone. You sound depressed.

      The number of rumours around at this time of year are always this high.

      The Dimmi situation, as Almajir stated above, hasn’t come from a decent source, just Twitter.

      That situation won’t change anyway because he’s still away on international duty.

      Just relax. I’d be more worried if we’d signed people by now just for the sake of it.

  • Dan McShane says:

    I would take £7million for Gray and re-invest in the squad. If he signed the contract, I wouldn’t want him to go however, I get an awful feeling he’ll leave for a lot less and although I admire him for saying he’s happy with us and wants to stay, he should commit to a deal.

    I’m happy Dyer isn’t returning, I think given his lack of rapport with the fans would’ve gotten on top of him eventually and I believe from the moment BCFC re-signed him, quite a few fans would probably see it as a nothing signing and I’d agree.

    Like everybody else, I want Tesche and Fabbrini back. I’d also like Matt Mills and a keeper that isn’t Forde, Fotheringham or Jones. I’d like Lindegaard on loan, certainly.

    We have a decent core but we need a bit of tinkering to the talent and we can potentially push for the play-offs. If we aren’t to push for the play-offs, I’d at least like to see the likes of Brown and McFarlane come through more in the second half of the season.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Kiernan has just signed for Rangers on a 2 year deal.

  • Mitchell says:

    With no comment or any tiny bit of encouragement from GR and co. what are we supporters to think. Never in the history of the club have so many people kept a nun like silence. Do they want season ticket sales?, I am not naive enough to know that targets must not be revealed, but come on BCFC give a bit of grub so we can take the bait. What concerns me is that GR who wants to connect with the fans is purposely keeping a walled silence or heaven forbid having serious problems within. I fear the latter.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    The silence continues to be deafening and the only transfer gossip we are hearing is of players leaving. Even if the club have no signings imminent it would be good practice to appease the fans a touch with some sort of press release which conveyed that they are at least trying.
    It’s an important time with season ticket renewals etc and nobody is feeling particularly inspired at the moment.

  • peter bates says:

    Renewed my season ticket like a lot of people out of loyalty to the club I hope best players are not sold again but I feel I am beginning to feel like I did beginning of last season I hope gary rowett his not being led up the garden path by losing our best players he needs to be given the opportunity to achieve success at our club so I will say please Mr pavlakis give the fans encouragement by telling us fans what’s going on and bring players to enhance our squad not sell to weaken it kro

  • Mitchell says:

    Well said Hillfield blue. Everything at the moment is totally out of character especially GR. If Donaldson is allowed to talk to former boss Rossler then we know the situation. If I am off the planet with this then someone at BCFC shut me up and I will be delighted.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It would be nice to know what positions we’re actually looking at. Goalkeeper? Yes, but how many.. 1 or 2? Are we after another centre back, or will we be going with Morrison, Spector and Robinson? Will Edgar be pursuaded to stay on as a centre back or will we switch Grounds into the middle and buy a couple of full backs? Will we be bringing in another right back as cover for Caddis, or will Spector fill in?

    IF we land Tesche, will that be it for midfield, or will we need someone else in the Shinnie role? (I think a bit like OP, Fabbrini might not be the answer.) Are we looking for another winger, or will Solomon-Otabor make the step up? Are we looking for a partner for Donaldson, or will we stick with just Thomas and promote from within?

    It would be nice to hear the manager’s thoughts on these issues… we’re not expecting him to name names or targets obviously.

  • Mitchell says:

    So now we have heard the true story behind the Keirnan non signing. Oh for a St. Andrews version from our Manager. Always good to hear the other side, but as usual like the last 4 years we are treated with minimal respect. Tell ’em nothing that’s the motto.

    • Richard Granfield says:

      The club’s statement from Panos said that everything was agreed, but the doctor was unhappy with certain aspects of Kiernan’s medical.
      Kiernan said today that Rangers medical only lasted an hour, which doesn’t seem very thorough to me.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Tbh Mitchell, I don’t think it’s been that much better, information-wise, with PP2 and Tattum, than it was previously. Blues fans are like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on sh*t.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Its seems pretty clear that we did too much p*ssing around and got gazumped.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    The goalkeeper issue is the one that puzzles me the most.GR must have known months ago that Randolph was on his way.Ok,finding a replacement isn’t proving to be easy but why let your 2nd choice Doyle go at the same time leaving us with just Townsend.

  • Hold it, we are going to look real silly if Gary has got a few quality players lined up , we have all aired our feelings , now it’s time to step back and give them a chance,

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Point taken. But, as supporters, we’re entitled to discuss these matters. After all, with the information vaccuum as it is, what else is there to do?

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      William-If I end up with egg on my face because we’ve just signed 3-4 targets nobody will be happier than me mate.But as time goes by,you can’t help but feel there’s a problem behind the scenes somewhere.

  • Mitchell says:

    isnt it a nice feeling to read that Leeds are favourites to sign Donaldson. Don’t for one minute accept that we should not be entitled to a brief yes or no from the club. I am amazed that GR hasn’t made a comment. He knows what should be said to the fans. He has done it from day one- hence our support and admiration for the man. Whatever and whoever we sign in the future will not detract the ‘let down’ that the club has allowed to fester. No more need to be said on this, but my renewed season ticket isn’t going to happen just yet. Has our club become more transparent since the final game of the season when the feel good factor was everywhere- sadly not. Such a shame.

  • Eamon Cav says:

    Is it only me, but do you expect the next report to be that GR is considering his position.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Stop Panicking!!!! .. It’s two weeks till pre season and we only need at least six players .. What’s the god damn problem boys!! Kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    I think a little bit of over criticism is occurring here on the part of our manager … He will talk when he’s made a signing and does not need to come out and explain speculation for crying out loud !! Kro

  • paule says:

    I’ve purchased 4 season tickets today so will be sitting in the Tilton supporting my team even if we have to pick players from a Sunday league team!! The problem isn’t the players who put on the shirts because if they give 100% that’s all we can expect, Our problems lie directly at the feet of BIH and until they have gone we will continue down the same path as the past 4 years albeit with a better manager, We also need e&y to come forward with some information regarding the Club because at the moment we’re all in the dark & our expectations of a company the size of e&y seem to be rapidly diminishing with the deathly silence, KRO forever Blue.

  • Tom says:

    Its been along time since i commented on often partisan i have a look on the page most days, Dan i think no matter what you say you do a brilliant job keeping us bluenoses all updated great work, In Rowett i trust and i think we should all trust.. i think he has what it takes to keep young Gray at St Andrews, i also believe hes far from a mug and that he has some good signings in the pipe line.. the transfer window doesnt open untill the first so untill then sit tight and wait.. shame we couldnt get the correct paper work to sign Kiernan… keep right on

  • peter bates says:

    E&y said they weren’t interested in selling bcfc as a separate entity so I don’t see that happening unless bih become desperate and need the money to continue running and also to resume trading on the stock exchange but while e&y can borrow money they probably won’t see it as a problem kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    paule, I don’t think the squad we have now is of Sunday league calibre so I wouldn’t worry to much there and E&Y will say something on July 8th so from someone who’s had a Season ticket for 40 years and traveled all over the country and parts of Europe supporting this club and my city … BIH are the biggest losers in this saga as they’ve managed to totally destroy the moral and respect of all the fans and I honestly believe that was not there intention at the start , we will start the season with a good team and I will still go to most of the games home and away and scream and show the passion for my team and my city no matter what BIH or E&Y put us or me through ..keep right on and keep the faith because ime getting slightly miffed at some fans reactions at the moment . Kro

    • paule says:

      Dave Mann i wasn’t saying our team was Sunday league standard but trying to say even if we had to get poorer players i would still have my season tickets & would still go to as many away games as i can, like yourself i will support Blues whatever.

  • Nobby says:

    I am a season ticket holder of 45 years and for the first time ever I am actually
    Really considering not renewing my season ticket. From what I have been told
    it looks as if GR will have no money to spend and Dimari will got to Bournmouth
    and monies from the sale will be going into the club to keep it ticking over again
    another Redmond senario …….feel sorry for GR a potentially great manager who’s
    having to struggle under terrible money constraints !

  • Dave Mann says:

    If there was only more supporters like us ah paule . Kro

  • Fabbrini won’t be going anywhere in the coming weeks ,as the new coach there wants to assess all his players , late again, I can’t see what the hold up is,? Unless the cheque has bounced from the new investors,

  • BradfordBlue says:

    Dont understnd why people fee the need to moan and groan and feel that the club needs to keep them updated on signings and potential ones
    This time of year is a bit like poker and you play your cards close to your chest or risk losing ptentil signings
    notce that everyone else in the chump isnt exactly making waves with loads of signings Chill !

  • Adam True Blue says:

    Perhaps E&Y are holding on to all finances just incase PP’s legal action is successful and he again bleeds the club of its resources and is preventing us from investing in new players? Kro

  • Captain Blues says:

    I am surprised that Blues rejected the previous bids for Gray and am of the opinion if we get a good enough offer would not be opposed to selling, however personally that would be on the proviso the money is reinvested into the squad and if I’m honest I just dont see that happening (it certainly hasnt happened with the other players we’ve sold in recent years).
    I have to say though I would actually rather see him go to Bournemouth than someone like Liverpool as at least we wouldnt be selling him just to languish in a development team (there are many examples of big clubs snapping up promising players only for them to go off the boil in an uncompetitive surrounding – Zaha being a good example of this).

  • Dave Mann says:

    Ime of the staffs way of thinking … I support and rally behind all Blues players and the manager and his staff when there on our side , if they go then it don’t give a flying f&@” who to and for what reasons as long as we get money or compensation .. Ime not bothered about Grays future if he pisses off because he’s not one of ours .. Harsh but that’s it !! Kro

  • For God sake ARE WE THERE YET
    We there yet
    There yet
    There yet

  • Swissjonny says:

    OK Im a reasonably patient bloke and understand the confidentiality issues surrounding delicate negotiations-but im getting worried.Tattum should be coming out with some press releases at every possible opportunity-for example to dis the Donaldson rumours.He needs to talk to us to show that the club has not forgotten us.Even if its bland blah blah it keeps us going.Secondly I appreciate that Gary is not Barry Fry but I would have expected him to have his well scoped options in the bag by now.At least one.Something isn’t right.I have no proof but I can feel it.What has provoked PP into a tough legal battle-and what made him do it now? Hope im wrong but I smell something aint right.KRO

    • almajir says:

      Colin Tattum is on annual leave until June 29 (according to his out of office email), but I agree with your concerns

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      I hear that. Being as the Mail have decided that it’s David Cotrill appreciation day and have interviewed Mr Rowett did anybody think to drop in the fact that we’re all still here waiting for any news on any signings or whether or not our player of the season is up for sale amongst a few other things??

  • Sorry HB&SB , but I feel like donkey in shreck keep asking the question ,and getting the same old answer NO. I keep trolling the webs for an inkling of news for a signing and are getting nothing , the wife is threatening to burn my tablet if she sees me on it one more time , this is mental cruelty ,

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