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Positivity Monday

There has been a consistent message from the club over the close season – that revenues are on the rise. With the removal of some of the bad vibes from the club last season, there seems to have been a renewal of hope among fans; the feeling that this year won’t be a relegation scrap but a promotion push.

It must be something to do with the sun shining in Katowice today but I’ve felt in a cheery mood and despite some of my more pessimistic feelings of late I’m feeling more enthused about Blues. I think seeing Blues complete a couple of signings helped – they may not seem to have been much to some but for me bringing in Maghoma and Legzdins are the first acorns of the Rowett Revolution for 2016. This coming season we’re going to see more of a Rowett team than one he inherited from Lee Clark and that makes me feel happy.

Off the pitch things are rosy too. Blues head of marketing Tom Rowell reports season tickets are up:

In his weekly email to Blues Network, Chris Brewerton, Senior Commercial Exec at Blues has said:

…This upbeat attitude has had a big effect on early seasonal sales in our corporate areas, which is great to see, and our renewal rate of current seasonal members is well over 95% across the majority of our suites.

Blues have also secured a new diamond partner in No5 Chambers with the name of the legal firm being emblazoned on the back of the home shirt while their sister public access company Novate Direct Legal Solutions will take pride of place on the back of the away shirt. This in itself is breaking new ground – I don’t believe a barristers chambers have been involved with sponsoring a football club before – and like Panos, I believe it makes a change to have a good set of barristers connected to the club.

The truth is, despite calls for a boycott from some sections of fans the support is as healthy as ever; more importantly, the commercial sector – which accounts for a much greater slice of revenue than ticket sales does – is booming which has meant a bit more cash for Rowett to spend in terms of wages etc.

My sincere hope is that Blues can capitalise on this swell of goodwill; that Trillion Trophy Asia are able to push forwards their plans for BCFC and/or BIH with a decent amount of haste and that this season will continue the trend that Rowett set last year – talk of positive subjects and of a bright future.

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81 Responses to “Positivity Monday”

  • Karl says:

    A good number of positive factors at the minute so good reason to be quietly optimistic, i don’t think we should put too much pressure on promotion but safe to say we should be making more progress than last season. How come you’re in Poland all this time? #KRO

  • Anthony kro says:

    Rickie lambert to bcfc.what you reckon dan.kro

    • almajir says:

      That’ll happen the day after Mila Kunis asks me out to dinner my friend.

      • FellowBlue says:

        This response made me chuckle!
        I’ll be happy to be in the top half come next may, i think the play-off’s is a big ask but if we can stay in touch for as long as possible it would be nice to get excited again. I do believe we will be well away from relegation anyway, which is much better than I have felt at the beginning of recent seasons. KRO

        RIP Dennis Thwaites

  • rhees says:

    Looking better all the time

  • gerard says:

    season tickets renewed- fantastic value as just turned OAP age plus loyalty points- optimistic but realistic looking forward to a season start for a change – great news on the increased sales-GR deserves it forget the off field troubles simply to those who are sitting on the fence jump off buy your season ticket and enjoy the ride -its BCFC- it will be up it will down but I think we will enjoy the road ahead KRO

  • andy says:

    Great that Koby Arthur has commited himself to Blues too.

    • PSB says:

      Better piece of business than the two arrivals in my opinion. Very excited about Koby next season. Looking forward to the Kit Launch as well as the season start. I’d like to See Tesche, Foderingham, a striker and a centre half now.

      • almajir says:

        You won’t see Foderingham. Going to Rangers

        • PSB says:

          That’s a wounder Dan,

          Are you aware of any other keepers were looking at? Also, any idea on the Tesche hold up. It seems suprising to me as if he was in Forests plans theyve had said he wasnt available and we now have money available to sign him.

  • Mickey07 says:

    When/are we going to be spending £500k to £1 million though on a player dan? I see your point and its all good news but things we be on the up proper for most fans in reality when we spend some proper money fella.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Possibly, the players who can be got in at present will be coming in first. Those that cost money will probably take longer to negotiate. Just a thought.

    • almajir says:


      Remember how many times I’ve told you patience is a virtue?


      • Mickey07 says:

        I think what a lot of fans don’t do is see what’s going on at other clubs around us,it’s all very well with the good news of sponsorships and all that but clubs around us in the next few weeks will be spending hard cash on players and until I see proof of that at blues then its going to be “as you are”…patience yes dan but lets see aye lets not get to excited.

        • almajir says:

          You know what’s going on around us Mickey? Not much… Lots of talk but not much in the way of actual signings…

          • Mickey07 says:

            At present dan we are the most skint club in the championship like we have been for the last 3 years,a couple of freebie signings and new sponsorship (why fans should get excited about sponsorship I don’t know?) here and there isn’t going to cut it at the “moment” fella,but lets wait and see….harsh maybe but that’s the crux of it….

    • FellowBlue says:

      If a takeover is going to take up to 2years for TTA to (hopefully) complete – and around £6million is going to be coming to the club – why on earth would we want to spend a million on 1 player?
      The wage budget can be increased significantly to attract better free agents/loan players and maybe 1 or 2 signings at below 500k. Which is a lot healthier than things have been lately..
      I don’t get why anyone would want us to blow every penny we receive to then end up in the sh*t again in 12month? KRO

    • PSB says:

      To be fair mate, the loan hasnt been in place for that long and GR isnt going to spend for the sake of it. If there is money available which we are told there is, I’m suprised we’ve not been able to get the Tesche deal over the line, not sure if you know anything about the Tesche deal Dan and what the hold up might be?

      I’m not worried about the lack of money spent so far, the players that are available straight away following last seasons end and those available closer to the start of next season are often very different. Clubs are reluctant to sell players they may need to keep should their transfer targets fail. GR doesn’t wash his dirty laundry in public, the fact he claims his phone bills to be around £700 shows that he has irons in the fire. Lezgdins and Maghoma, whilst we knew we were linked, came relatively out of the Blue.

      I’m not accusing you of being a doom and gloom merchant but you do seem unnecessarily less optimistic that noses in the main. Mind you, we’ve not been glittered with positivity in recent seasons so I cant really blame you. lets hope this time the carrott dangled is real and not a smoke screen.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I don’t think there’s really been anything to worry about tbh. The lack of signings was a little frustrating, but now the first couple are in, we can see that work is ongoing. Everything seems to be going along nicely. There’s no reason not to be optimistic about the season really.

  • Tony says:

    Pity to introduce a sombre note at a time of optimism, But it has now been confirmed Dennis Thwaits the blues p[layer of the 60-70s and hiw wife Elaine were among the dead in the Tunisian atrocity.
    Have many fond memories of Dennis as a player an a man may he rest in peace.

  • Anthony kro says:

    Fair enough dan,any idea what players we’re after mate

  • Tony says:

    He was almost unique among players in that he suffered from stage fright his nerves never left him and in the end he retired in hid mid 20s.Bertie Auld kept him out of the first team for long periods but when he did play he never let anyone down

  • Oldbluenose says:

    I have been patiently waiting for G,R. to return from holiday and get his feet back behind his desk.

    Echoing one of the earlier posts, Let us start looking high up the table again, but expect the odd hiccups now and again, — Cos we aint in the money yet,!!.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Positivity has returned and the feel good factor is back. Good to see Koby signed up and looking foreward to some more signings that will give us a shout in the playoffs.
    Wish this Donaldson stuff would go away and don’t get why Reading are being so persistent. I wonder if they’re getting some encouragement from somewhere??

  • atko says:

    One thing people need to remember because many do seem to forget that it’s one thing wanting players, having money for players, players showing an interest, etc, etc, etc but there is a lot of work that goes in to securing a deal. Gary Rowett might have his ‘wishlist’ but clubs need to be willing to open negotiations, players need to want to come here & need to agree terms & then there’s the all important medical. Thankfully we have made a couple of signings now & we are underway but lack of action in the signing department doesn’t always come down to the size of a purse or lack of ambition. I have no doubt whatsoever that GR & his backroom staff are looking at the market & the playing staff all year round.

  • Macca21 says:

    Note sure about these 2 signings . We want players better than we already have to improve the quality of the team. These 2 don’t fall into that category in my book. A complete waste of the budget, I would like to bet both of them together don’t make more than 5 appearance between next season.

    • PSB says:

      Ill take that bet.

      Legzdins possibly wont. I’m sure he’s been signed to support/cover Foderingham or another First Choice keeper. Maghoma will play as often as Dyer did I would imagine. We may lose Dimi and then could get injuries meaning he may start every week.

      Whilst I agree the signings dont set the world on fire, I dont think a) Maghoma will be any less influencial than Dyer was and b) Legzdins wont be our number 1 (in my opinion).

      What we had to do was fill in the areas that we lost people in, which we have, and then improve the quality of the squad, which I think we will now do.

  • KC says:

    RIP Dennis. Fond memories of Dennis and Bertie Auld competing for the Left Wing position. Both top players.

  • Mitchell says:

    I think it worth stepping back for a minute to reflect exactly where we are as a football club away from the actual pitch. I feel we have now attained a respectability in regard to our current new guardians and even to our various sponsors. Money is tight yes, but the feeling of being less vulnerable to any outside sharks is worth a lot. No longer are we anticipating a new pillage or worse by the likes of Pannu or a sudden deduction of hard earned points due to a serious misdemeanour or two. We have to live with the fact of limited player resources and the like, but overall the current position is on the right road.,with people like No.5. Chambers being a prime example of new found respectability for the club. Much credit to the current personnel at St.Andrews and the guidance of E&Y.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I have got my season ticket and I have a 120 miles round trip. I urge all Bluenoses to get their S T’s too.
    I remember Denis Thwaites scoring a great goal against Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup at Hillsborough. The ball broke to him on the penalty spot right onto his trusty left foot and he slammed it home.

  • Dave Mitch says:

    Also another mention regarding the deaths of ex-Blues player Denis Thwaites and his partner Elaine killed in Tunisia. Hopefully the club will pay tribute in the new season and it can add a certain something to inspire the team in the knowledge that life can be fragile and they should live every day, on and off the pitch, for the better. RIP Denis and Elaine.

  • Duchess says:

    I got 11-1 and put put £20 on Blues getting promotion…. why not? seriously… nobody thought for one minute Bournemouth would do it, and the season before Burnley?

    I have not felt this good about a season since 2006/7 when Brucie was in charge and Seb Larsson ran past 5 Sheffield Wednesday players to score goal of the season!

    I actually believe this is possible, a good first 4-5 games, and were on!….

    • DoctorD says:

      II love pre-season — anything is possible in your mind. But I agree: I would love to get off to a flying start after the past few years of awful beginnings.

    • PSB says:

      I dont think 11-1 is quite good enough. This being based on me getting 8-1 for Derby last season. Derby were well fancied this time last season and whilst there is plenty optimism around, I dont think we are anywhere near fancied like they were last season.

      Agree its worth a punt though, just suprised were not bigger price.

  • duchess says:

    Dan… can we also recognize just what a huge job Panos Pavlakis is doing? commercial sponsorship from local business and his recruitment has been first class, he is showing himself to be a very astute businessman and more importantly MD of a Football Club.

    He is on par with Brady in my opinion! (when she used to work before she was loaded!) lol

    But seriously, GR and the Team are doing great but if we do actually do the unthinkable next season, which I think we could, then a big hand has to go to Panos!!

  • Dave Mann says:

    Sources telling me that Donaldsons off to Reading and terms agreed so if that’s true we have some boots to fill, let’s not go overboard on legzdins , Maghoma and Arthur because none of them IMO are first 11 team players for sure so let’s cool it a bit and see what else turns up , always try to stay optimistic as you all know but though I said the playoffs were a possibility there still a way off with what we’ve got and what we might loose ( Donaldson & Gray ) .. Let’s keep it real !! Kro

    • Richard Granfield says:

      Dave….HITC is reporting Blues have rejected a second bid from Reading for Donaldson.
      By the way the correct spelling of lose is lose. Loose is the opposite of tight. Lol.

      • Dave Mann says:

        I stand corrected Richard but all the same I still think that Donaldson looks likely to leave and I would be more upset to LOSE him than Gray .. Lol & Kro

        • PSB says:

          What is making you think Donaldson will go? Either you know or have seen something the rest of us havent or you you are reading into the reports we are all seeing, differently,

          Reading have had their bid rejected, GR has said he doesnt want him to leave and theres absolutely no sign of the player being unhappy or wanting to leave. Nothing is telling me that Donalson will more than likely leave.

    • almajir says:

      Is that HP or Lea and Perrins?

      • Geoff S says:

        Rowett will obviously do what he can to keep Donaldson at the club. Furthermore, wouldn’t Reading or Leeds only represent sideways moves?

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I can see the lure of Leeds with Donaldson supporting them, but Reading? They might offer better wages, but what else? Plus, would he want to go further south again? I can’t say I’d be shocked if he left (nothing shocks me in football anymore) but I’d be surprised and not a little disappointed.

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Reading have just signed Portuguese international striker Orlando Sa.

          • Geoff S says:

            To be fair, I’d forgotten about Donaldson being a Leeds fan so who knows?

          • BhamCityJulian says:

            He might go to Reading for more money but Leeds would appeal to his heart. I think though after a short while he might regret it

    • waycoolblue says:

      CD to Reading is a no go. Why would he go there they ant dune anything for 5 years its ZERO progress at Reading. He may want to go to Leeds but they about to sign Cries Wood so do they need CD. If Wood Signs.

    • waycoolblue says:

      Maghoma is first 11 he will be quality. Wednesday used him out of precision or played him of the front man in a holding role He ant that type of Player . He likes to go past people and dribble with the ball under GR in our team he will stand out .

    • waycoolblue says:

      Maghoma is first 11 he will be quality. Wednesday used him out of precision or played him of the front man in a holding role He ant that type of Player . He likes to go past people and dribble with the ball under GR in our team he will stand out .

    • PSB says:

      Without doubting your source, I fail to see the attraction for either Blues to sell him or Donaldson to even want to go.

      Reading have been in no mans land for the same time we have, longer even. Donaldson is a yorkshireman, so there isnt the attraction of moving ‘home’. Hes not young enough to command a fee worth taking as you need to find a replacement and i’m not sure we’d be able to do that. I’m also not sure Donaldson will be overly excited about the possibility of earning a little extra. Whilst Reading may be able to offer better terms, I cant see it being significant for Donaldson to go there knowing that hes the main man here.

      Cant see it, will happily eat my words if im wrong though.

  • Paul Hawkins says:

    I was quite shocked at looking at the odds for Blues this season. Bookies seem to think we have more of a chance of going down.
    May i also say that i offer my thoughts and prayers to former Blues man Denis Thwaites family and friends. Such a terrible loss and so tragic. My thoughts also go to the other innocent victims of this atrocity and long may they rest in peace. Im not quite old enough to remember Denis but Garry Pendrey compared to another Blues legend Trevor Francis but apparently suffered with confidence and nerves.
    I am counting down the days to the beginning of the season and feel there is a much brighter days ahead for us all.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Terrible news about Denis Thwaites and his wife and also the Walsall fans that were murdered also along with everyone else caught up in the horror , RIP … I was worried about flying to Belfast on Friday with all that city’s history but had a great time and the locals were as friendly as anyone could be but to be killed lying on a beach in Tunisia his absolutely unthinkable and sometimes you have to take stock of life and what it all means and think how lucky we are . Kro

  • Bozza says:

    Dan you got connections to the club right? Give us a bit of gossip who might be coming in. And have you seen the new kit? It seems we’re the only club who puts our kits on the market a week b4 the season starts.

    • almajir says:


      I do have connections but I’m not going to risk them to titillate you guys. Also, I’ve not seen the kit, and as I don’t buy replica kits I can’t say I massively care…

  • Mineheadblue says:

    Can’t understand it if people are still talking about a boycott. (Oh and I think you’ll find that Mila Kunis will be having dinner with me).

    On another note, terribly sad about Dennis Thwaites and his wife. Pretty soon it won’t be safe to go anywhere!!!

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    ‘On another note, terribly sad about Dennis Thwaites and his wife. Pretty soon it won’t be safe to go anywhere!!!’

    We are fast reaching that point. To rid the terrorist threat you have to fight back. Israel suffered indiscriminate rocket attacks for years and were criticised for retaliatory action against it. Now ask yourself if the Tunisia attack was repeated in the UK and more than once would you expect the Govt to respond as Israel did. You bet your sweet bippy you would.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Ide rather have my dinner with miller light that Mila Kunis but that’s my opinion .. As for Donaldson I think it’s watch this space and see where we’re take it from there … Blues v Derby on Friday 21st august at 7.45 pm kick off live on sky sports. Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      As we all know Dave, every player has his price – especially at Blues – and I think that somewhere between £1m to £1.5m would probably prise Donaldson away from us. It would be disappointing, but it would be a decent price for a 31yo who we got on a free.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Forget the money and forget his age .. He’s gonna be hard to replace as a striker and a team player and that’s my only thinking on this .. He’s a bigger loss than Moghama , legzdins and Arthur signing are gains but that’s my opinion . Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I absolutely agree with you 100% Dave. We got rid of Marlon King and never replaced his goals and that nearly cost us dearly. But, at the right price? I wouldn’t bet against it.

    • PSB says:

      I agree, but just tell me Why he would go?

      Unless its Leeds, the club he supports, what reason would he have for going to Reading after one year at Blues and being top boy!

      Like I said previously, you either know something we dont or have interpreted the media coverage of Readings interest differently to the rest of us.

  • Tony says:

    If he goes to Reading it can only be for the money, its a place with no history, no passion the kind of place accountants live.

  • Dave Mann says:

    I hate going there Tony and it’s a dour away game experience but we’re see .. Double is wages with a team 33/1 to win the league or stay with a team that’s 50/1 to win the league , tough choice?? Kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      He’s loved at this club and he won Player of the Season too. But, didn’t Adeyemi?

      Tbh, I expect him to still be a Blues player come the first league game.

  • Adam True Blue says:

    With Donaldson, I think if GR didn’t want him to stay, then he would already be on his way. Any more about the offer from MU for Gray? He is worth a lot more money to us and is probably easier to replace, and after Bournemouth’s earlier offers we should see 7 mil minimum, if reinvested, that could go a long way.

  • Mitchell says:

    Just read GR comments regarding CD. Not sure what to think? Bit ambiguous to say the least- especially the bit about him being 31.

    • PSB says:

      I read the following into that…..

      …… Every player has his price, I think Rowett is suggesting being 31, clubs wont be willing to pay enough that we feel the benefit of selling him. I also got the vibe that Rowett belives the value of replacing CD is greater than the fee we would command so its a non starter.

      If a club comes in with £2m or thereabouts (which i sincerely doubt due to his age) then it may be worth thinking about. Replacing CD would cost that at least to guarantee you the strike rate and the work ethic that Donalson offers and therefore it makes no sense (to the club) for CD to go anywhere.

      Lets be honest, Donalson gave Blues more last season that many a multi million pound striker has for other clubs.

      I wouldnt even entertain it!

  • Dave Mann says:

    Dito! Mro

  • georgebamford says:

    Sorry to be fussy. The term “take the stand” is american. I doubt very much the terminology used in Hong Kong would not be using that country”s. The correct term language is “For the witness to come into the witness box On a sad note it has just been found that among the British people murdered in the killing in Tunisia was e DENNIS THWAITS and his wife He was a defender who served the club for many seasons .You will no doubt get further details . but it is a sad way to end their lives

    • almajir says:


      Have you been to HK? I have – and they do use that terminology there. My co-author Will has worked there for 25 years and those are words he would use himself. Please don’t lecture me on something I actually know about…

  • Captain Blues says:

    I would urge caution on fans expecting a play off push, I think to even achieve last seasons 10th place would be some going – often managers can become victims of their own success when they raise the bar (as GR did last season) but under the current situation I believe a degree of realism is required.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I truly cannot see us flirting with relegation this season, but, I believe that if we don’t bring in a couple of players (at least) of better quality, we’ll be looking at another mid-table finish. Most of our players will be battle-hardened for the Championship now… but we need that little extra quality to push on. A No.1 keeper, a regular partner for Morrison, a box-to-box midfielder (Tesche?) and a striker who can weigh in with 8-10 goals would be nice.

      Also, I’ve been wondering all summer about the full back spots. Who will be back-up for Caddis and Grounds? Eardley’s not good enough at this level and neither, it appears, is Hancox. Will Spector and Robinson be back-up for both the centre back and full back positions? Mr Rowett?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Both Leeds and Reading have signed strikers this week. Let’s hope that ends their interest in Donaldson.

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