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Bid Accepted for Kieftenbeld

Various outlets are reporting that Blues have met the release clause for Maikel Kieftenbeld and the 25-year-old FC Groningen captain is now travelling to Birmingham to England for talks having been left out of their friendly with Roda JC.

It’s been confirmed on Groningen’s official website that Kieftenbeld, who has made 150 Eredivisie appearances for the “Pride of the North” had a release clause inserted into the deal he signed last season with the team and that Blues have tabled a bid meeting that clause.

I will admit, I don’t know anything about Kieftenbeld so I’m not going to pretend I do. From reading his profile he’s a defensive midfielder who can play in central mid or right-back, and as captain he won the Dutch version of the FA Cup with FC Groningen last year. Other than reciting that information, I can’t talk about his strengths and weaknesses as I’ve not seen him play (or heard of him for that matter prior to today).

He’s only scored two goals in the Dutch league for Groningen but this one against NAC Breda looks a bit special.

What is of biggest interest to me is that Blues have met his release clause. Now of course, football being what it is we don’t know how much the club have offered and we probably will never truly know the value of the transfer. However, it strikes me that it’s not going to be that low – Kieftenbeld was bought for a reported €300,000 in 2010 from Go Ahead Eagles and I can’t imagine his value will have done anything but rise significantly from playing consistently in the Dutch top flight.

If Blues can complete the signing, it should not only give the team a shot in the arm in midfield it will also help dispel some of the negativity surrounding the failure of the Tesche and Fabbrini deals and give a massive blow to the naysayers who are so confident that the club has no money to spend. Now it’s out in the open Blues are after Kieftenbeld it’s up to Panos et al to close the deal quickly and to move on to the next one to give Rowett the best possible team for the season opener.

One player who has made the trip the other way to the Netherlands is former Blues trialist Rostyn Griffiths, who has signed a contract with Roda JC in the past few days.


89 Responses to “Bid Accepted for Kieftenbeld”

  • Markfewtrell says:

    It’s much needed as based on yesterday’s performance it is a shame that we have not got pieces in place long before now . It is a shame that the new kit is not available either I am a little worried about this season to be honest both on and of the field . We were surprised last year though so you never know

    • Andrew says:

      the club has been trying im sure but probably trumped by other clubs who can offer more financial and achievement promises. we must now look to chance at players who could be just as good but at lower costs

  • VGA says:

    This is the player I was talking about in my post a couple of days ago. He will play along side Davis he is a defensive long range passer will get wide and as a god strike on him he is one of the best tacklers in his position.

    He as been traced by Ajax so that tells you how good he could be.

  • ian ambrose says:

    Maikel Kieftenbeld is good If number 10 kits give to him and captain at blues??? Good Luck to him and Gary Rowett

  • Andrew says:

    As good as this signing may be we still need center back/s. hopefully the club is working on sorting that area out too!

  • Texas Pete says:

    Such a pity there are so many cynics. This move shows that the blues organization is after class and is offering money that some belive is not available. It means we are going to compete in the league with the big spenders for a spot at the top.

    • tony says:

      Pete you really cant blame anyone for being cynical,we should have had this guy and others a month ago the season is almost upon us

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      I’m of the view the Trillion money is now in play but the Tesche and Fabrinni transfer antics worried me that it might be too little. This signing suggests the funds may be adequate, or are we selling Cotterill out of necessity now?

  • Dave Mann says:

    We’ve got Edgar who can play at centre back but wasent even troubled from the bench yesterday ..un f…..believable to be honest. Kro

  • Dave Mann says:

    Texas Peter , no really no !! Please!! Kro

  • duchess says:

    we need 3 better players than we have, a centre back, a defensive midfielder and a number 10! I believe we will get them, and I think that will take us to the next level, hope Rowett can pull it off in the next two weeks!

  • Blue Steve says:

    I must admit this is intriguing and exciting. The guy has only just turned 25 so an excellent age to further develop. The deal is not done, yet though I doubt his wages will be in the same league as Robert Tesche’s.

  • chris says:

    we’ll soon have him singing KRO, though i think its a big gamble with our limited resources but hopefully it shows GR is trying to bring in ball players and those comfortable on it under pressure

  • Mark H says:

    I would expect us to make a couple more signings before the start of the season. The club are doing their best, in trying to bring in quality on a budget, players to Stans. A few people seem to think we will battle to stay up this season, but I have a lot of confidence in the club, and GR in particular. I think every fan needs to get behind Blues and stop this negative mindset. What GR has achieved at Birmingham, in the short time he has been here, is outstanding. KRO.

    • Texas Pete says:

      Thank you Mark H. Yes. How can pessimism be the outlook when the season hasnt even started and the TecheFabrinni is now replaced by possibly a better target in a continuing plan that is giving us a lot of confidence in GR and Panos. Yes, I have high hopes for the club, player deals and the opening gamewhile yes I am prepared to adjust if things dont unfold they way I would like.

      • Mark H says:

        I agree TP. GR waited until the deals were completely dead before moving to his latest targets. Which tells us he still had a chance of getting them. It’s not a disaster, just an inconvenience. There will always be better and worse players than those two. GR knows who his back ups are and now he will close in on those deals. Nothing is guaranteed, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed. KRO.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Quality on a budget , I really hope so . Kro

  • VGA says:

    Here is a player that may fit in the Number 10 role Sadick Adams (born 1 January 1990 in Tamale, Ghana) is a Ghanaian professional . Adams was recognised by World Soccer magazine as one of the 50 Most Exciting Teenagers on the Planet in their November 2007 issue.

    It as come to light that he is now a Free Agent.

    I am not saying there is anything in this one but fort it was interesting.

    • VGA says:

      All I can say He is in GR list. Make of that what you will.

    • almajir says:

      Mate, you need to put Football Manager 2015 down and come back to reality.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Mate,wheather your a blogger or a blagger get a dictionary!
      Some website called Transfermarkt.com values this Dutch kid at 2 million €uros so it looks like we have put at least a million on the table if that’s anything to go by.
      Let’s hope that GR has pulled another one out of the hat.

      • almajir says:

        Doubt the fee is anywhere near that, hearing mention of €250,000 which might be about right.

        • Bluepenguin1976 says:

          Dan, would seem pretty poor of FC Groningen to sign the chap for 300’000 Euros in 2010,make him captain and only put in a release clause on him for 250’000 Euro’s?? . Still,hope thats true!! Whatever the fee, i’m excited about his addition! KRO

          • StaffsBlue says:

            Apparently, the player himself made that stipulation before he signed a new contract last year.

          • Bluepenguin1976 says:

            Ahhh Staffs, maybe he was looking at moving on from the club!? Good for us anyway! Hopefully we have a little bit more in the kitty for a couple more players!

  • Tom says:

    Any new on Wilson Palacios? He could be a good edition to the squad if the wages where right

  • Dave Manni says:

    VGA , stop being negative . Kro

  • Tom says:

    Fair enough cheers for clearing that one up for me pal KRO

  • Mitchell says:

    This list is vital Dave. You will be sent a location with plane tickets etc. Bring a sombrero and flip flops. VGA will hopefully be there for handover.If not we remain in said location until Villa’s relegation is confirmed-possible before Xmas.

  • almajir says:

    No, you said you were “admin”, no idea what that was.

    You’re the one who is continually lying – and for what? To look interesting in some comments?

    Dude, time to grow up.

  • Mitchell says:

    Well stated Daniel. VGA is to be pitied. Add three vowels AIR to his name and the anagram really does sum it all up. Sorry if it’s a bit rude- just a one off.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I think OP got it right when he said “it’s up to Panos et al to close the deal quickly and to move on to the next one.” Go for it.

  • atko says:

    This signing is baffling me to be honest. Unless this guy is being brought in as a holding midfielder which will give license for Davis or Gleeson to push on & attack more I would have thought it was a creative, attacking midfielder we need more than defensive. Yesterdays game was evidence of the need for that as Burton played a 4-2-3-1 formation & we could not break them down. Admittedly, not too many teams would play that formation in the Championship but we clearly need someone who can unlock a defense.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      With the formation we play, 4-2-3-1, I think a defensive midfielder is definitely needed. Gleeson tends to stand and watch Davis do all the graft and he eventually gets overrun. A partner for Davis would allow the rest of the team to play, with the comfort of knowing their backs are covered. Good signing for me (if it happens.)

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      Think of Maikel Kieftenbeld signing as the ‘midfield general’. The role Barry Ferguson did so well. This will allow Gleeson to give us the cultured, composed passing when required or in the matches that require it Davis’ more aggressive, in-your-face, biting play.

      The attacking midfielder role is the No.10 ‘hole’ in which Shinniesta has been found wanting against the better opposition IMO.

  • homan says:

    I suspect VGA is Villa Troll incognito , ….. A very interesting potential signing , from what i have read about the lad , i hope Gary & Co can get this deal across the line !

    • almajir says:

      I don’t think so.

      I think he’s a Blues fan, an English one at that who can’t spell very well (which isn’t a crime at all) and who wants to appear ITK when they’re not. I understand the need for attention but it’s boring and unchecked it gets worse and worse.

      I’ve dropped him an email to explain my reasons and to ask him for a response.

  • Tj says:

    The releaseclause was between 250.000 euros and 300k. This relatively low amount was agreed a Year ago when he signed a new extended deal for two years. Apparently Bfc had agreed to pay that amount, according to dutch news

  • Andy P says:

    I think VGA is the policeman off Allo Allo

  • Daza CB says:

    It’s clear we are all desperate for better times and more comfortable spending big money as but that process they must be good players. Until the sale we just do not have the money so we have to find that needle in the haystack unseen player to make the difference.

    The players we have are honest and in pre season mode so for me they will come good as they did last season because that’s what happens. My real joy comes from our younger players signing for us that says more to me about GR skills than landing an impossible signing.

    My first post and all I would say to our fans is quality signings is a patient process as after all we can only ever field 11 players so let GR do his magic.

  • KRO says:

    Hope it happens we need 2 more to go with him.

  • atko says:

    Blues have announced on the wall on their website that Kieftenbeld has signed for Blues today. There’s a photo of him signing. Good news!

  • Graham says:

    He has signed, officia!l !

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