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The Quiet Revolution

The next round of court cases for Birmingham International Holdings takes place in just under three weeks with Peter Pannu’s case against BIH being heard in the High Court of Hong Kong on September 11.

It was confirmed back in March that Pannu had issued legal letters against Birmingham International Holdings demanding among other things various monies owed to him under his contracts with BCFC and BIH and money for “hurt and distress” caused by BIH when they announced the termination of his appointment as MD, CEO and Executive Director of BIH. Following a preliminary hearing in June the case has now been scheduled to be heard in September although there is no estimated duration as of yet.

As it is only a chambers hearing it may be another short prelude to the full monty – but I do hope we get to see Pannu try to take this the whole way. While I can fully understand there has been some fears that Pannu may succeed in getting what he wants I also think that EY will defend themselves by releasing into the public domain some of the information they have built up on Pannu’s reign – and I’m almost morbidly fascinated with that, to see some of what really went on while Pannu was in power.

There are other things happening in Hong Kong with other various cases against the so-called “Carson faction” also pushing ahead now. Although no dates have been set for the cases against Carson or U-Continent it’s my understanding that these are currently in negotiation to see if a settlement can be reached out of court.

I can’t say with any certainty what those negotiations are but if it were me, I’m sure I would be pushing for Carson and U-Continent to agree to the plans to restructure with Trillion Trophy Asia in return for not pursuing what could be very damaging cases with respect to the “face” both have in the business community; in other words not going into court armed with documents detailing any foul play either of them have been up to.

I don’t think it’s quite the full endgame yet but I believe EY have taken most of CY’s pawns off the board and are now aiming at his big pieces before putting him checkmate. Everything EY seem to have done has been with the long game in mind and while it’s been painfully slow, I think that careful and methodical approach is in reality what was needed to prevent any legal comebacks or issues down the pike.

That’s as important as anything – like the Rowett Revolution on the pitch the quiet one in Hong Kong needs to be a total revolution of the business and a complete tying off of loose ends – anything else will only reintroduce doubt.

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26 Responses to “The Quiet Revolution”

  • John Ramsay says:

    Dan, Thanks for the summary of what is going on in HK, Like you I would love to know the details of what went on when Pannu was in charge and what skeletons there are.

  • Stephen says:

    My interpretation is that Carson is currently NOT guilt of money laundering – but only because it cannot be proven. It would be in his interests to comply with EY. Whereas Pannu is well on the way to digging his own hole.

  • andy says:

    Would love to see Pannu behind bars. And Carson walk free. Oh, the irony!

  • zxcv says:

    Thanks for the info Dan,, and imo I pray you are right in that a out of court settlement can be reached, as this would surely be best for all concerned and would speed up the whole process greatly as who knows how long court cases could go on for? including appeals as well, heaven help us. I also agree with Dans theory with the Chess Analogy this surely has to be what is best for Carson and for some reason I don`t quite understand I really don`t what to see him humiliated I just want what is best for my club and its really time that both sides went their separate ways. However I do not feel the same sympathy (if that’s the right word) for Pannu and I could not give a flying fig what happens to this guy in all honesty.I just hope and pray now that Carson does the right thing and just for our sake but for his own.

  • zxcv says:

    NOT just for our sake….sorry

  • Tony E says:

    As ever thanks for the update. If E and Y have evidence against these people of foul play are they not legally bound to bring this to the notice of the relevant authorities?

  • Toral's coiffed barnet says:

    EY must be running up a hell of a bill, Daniel? When they first came in I was under the impression that they would only be here for a short period but they don’t appear to be going anywhere soon!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    I have a feeling that E and Y, are going about their [ our ] business in a quiet but definitive way, Patience is required whilst hopefully all will come good in time,??.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    E and Y always go about their business in a quiet (and protracted) way. That is how these guys make their money along with all other commercial and legal entities. I am still waiting for E&Y to advise me if I am getting any money from my Company 6 years after they went into administration under E&Y. So don’t expect news any time soon!

  • Bluey says:

    I keep hearing about the need for patience but it`s wearing very thin. It`s obviously complicated but for BIHL to still be owners of BCFC and for CY still to be the major shareholder is unbelievable. My guess is they`ll still be around this time next year.

  • Eric says:

    I like the Rowett revolution…it is a quiet revolution unlike the arrogant approach of the Chelsea manager…who shall remain nameless….

  • Mitchell says:

    Bigger picture today is the news regarding the Chinese stock market collapse. Surely this must affect CY and his need now to sell his majority share holding. Things swinging our way I feel without getting too excited.

  • Tony says:

    Eric would you prefer the mono syllabic style of our previous manager?. The man you refer too has won countless titles and cups, surely with a record like his he is entitled to be arrogant he is after all one of the very best in the world.

  • Murph says:

    Got to give him some respect as he won chapions league with Porto ? Think he did , yes he’s a wind up merchant but never played the game n think he was a translator to begin with so think he’s due respect for what he’s achieved , rowett allready top draw n will go all the way to the top , hopefully with us ! IMO murph

  • Mitchell says:

    With reports that Leicester are lining up a bid for Gray has now convinced me that it is time to sell. His departure will give allow Arthur,VSO and other squad players real hope of a first team breakthrough. Our talented younger players are ready and the release of Gray is not only a must for them, but also for Gray himself. His move to the Prem. with top coaches is his only way forward. Tonight I would like VSO starting on the wing with Arthur coming on later. This will give us a good insight into what replacements for Gray we have available.

  • Max Rogers says:

    Gray ran his socks off last Friday. Anyone who says otherwise obviously watched the game via Sky. Your prerogative, but you never get the full picture. To state the obvious, you are just ball watching.

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