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The Future is Bright – An Often Partisan Video Podcast

The future is looking brighter for Birmingham City. Unbeaten this season and in fine fettle while off the pitch the end looks closer for the Carson Yeung regime with the publication of the judgement against him trying to set aside the receivers.

Key points:

  • Excellent stuff on the pitch
  • Ernst and Young backing Carson into a corner
  • What are the Birmingham Mail playing at with their front page?

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30 Responses to “The Future is Bright – An Often Partisan Video Podcast”

  • Dave Mann says:

    Dan you look great without your cap mate and also you look refreshed and happy and that’s good for you … No excuses what so ever now as you rightly say for Blues fans to not go to games because ” we’re giving our money to Carson ” rubbish , it’s paying wages and if we continue to keep playing the way we are then it’s there loss not ours … Vile v Blues will go off anyway no matter what day or time the game kicks off and before anybody as a go that’s fact and I totally condone it but it will happen no matter what decent supporters think because as you say it’s tribal and unfortunately that’s the way it is …ime going on a private coach to the game so hopefully we’re get there safe and well and return back from our short journey without problems and through to the 4th round of the cup . Kro

  • ChrisG says:

    Was at MK Dons yesterday & it really was a game of 2 halves, 1st half was rubbish which wasn’t helped by the bloke in the middle who was jokingly named “the referee”, I know he was a last minute stand in but he was well out of his depth, he didn’t even notice that Gleeson was lying flat out injured by the advertising hoardings. On a good note the 2nd half changed with the introduction of Magoma who provided a real spark which seemed to gee up the rest of the team & we played some really good football after that & possibly could of had a couple more goals. It’s such a good feeling when you can’t wait for the next game to come along & thats the feeling I have now. KRO

    • fingles says:

      We could have been a couple of goals down at half time, however we looked so much better second half.

      Fairer result would have been 1-2.

      Anyway we got the 3 points which felt good.

  • Dave Mann says:

    The thing is Chris we have to wait till September 12th now for our next game with Bristol City but let’s just hope we continue on this path and like yourself can’t wait for that to come along .. Let’s hope some of the stay away fans come to !! Kro

    • ChrisG says:

      Totally agree Dave, but even though we’re not packing out stans there is such a great buzz of optimism around the ground & like Dan said it’s soooo different from this time last year.

  • Dave Mann says:

    It certainly is mate and with a game in hand and two home games to come it could get quite interesting by the vile game …. Even the MK Dons fans have said how magnificent our support was yesterday and some if there fans even admitted that they will NEVER get anywhere near that … I stand a proud Blue nose today . Kro

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I would like to echo a previous post about how good you look without a cap.
    I would go as far as to say that you look 2 weeks younger without one Lol.

  • Mitchell says:

    whilst the amazing turnaround continues with our team over the last 10 months, it is important to take into account that October is a mere 4 weeks away. This month is notorious for Managers sack race and I fully expect GR to be hunted by many suitors. This as we know is life and football is no different, the cream will always rise to the top. Money talks as we know but not always the case,and in GR I feel we have a different commodity. If home games get to the point of being ALL TICKET then that would be a great pull for GR to stay. Difficult for many I know and Bristol City is not a great pull, but the following game against Forest is. We all as fans expect managers to please us and get amazing criticism when things go awry -sometimes however it is the turn of the fans to show how fortunate and grateful we are. I therefore target the Forest game as the all ticket with a Rowett Day of chanting his name from start to end of game.Something for him to ponder when that dreaded month of October is upon us.

    • pete says:

      I like the sentiment but do think there are unsung players who we could lift with more individual support. The likes of grounds, caddis, Cotterill. I mean- Gleason has been utterly slogged off on here even at the first few games of this season, but it takes until he is stretchered off until fans can ding his name. What about chanting for them when they are ON the pitch????

      • Shirley Blue says:

        I have been saying that Gleeson doesn’t get the credit he deserves for quite a while on here. Easily the best passer of the ball we have at the club and does a great job protecting the defence. I was talking to an MK Dons supporter before the game and he was saying what a good player he had been for them. I hope his injury isn’t serious because we will miss him. Davies gets stuck in but he is prone to losing the ball.

  • jtc says:

    hi danny ,hows things?i went v derby.was very impressed.to go toe toe with a side that has a lot of quality andimo come away with a deserved point was great.things looking up at blues.g.r has created a TEAM.that is the most impressive thing imo.they are together.no question about that

  • Alan Watton says:

    Nice piece of journalism. Just a point about yesterday’s officials . The guy who should have done it is awful so we dodged a bit of a bullet there. He would have sent off Gray so we came out of that well. I wont be going to Villa for the first time in about 30 Derbies. A 400 mile round trip to be spat on, have pies and lighters thrown at me and be told where I can and cannot go by police from various parts of the Uk who couldn’t give a toss about me or my City. That is if Villa win. Should they lose the terrorist activities will escalate.

    • Mitchell says:

      Alan, your last three sentences make for disturbing reading. Suggest you get good people around you and stand up for your rights. Don’t get a thing about the police.

  • FellowBlue says:

    Great summary as usual although i’m very disappointed – no copy/mention of the book!! KRO

  • KC says:

    Except for needing another CB we have the most well balanced squad that we have had in a long time. Interesting challenge for GR is how he gives the rejuvenated Eardley some game time, not forgetting of course Hancox. Then there’s the development of Adams and Jones and he has to work out how he brings through the exciting potential of Arthur, Soloman and Brown. What a position to be in and what trust we have in this man to manage it all. Great timing again with the subs yesterday and congats to Magoma for a big contribution over the last 30 minutes.

  • Manc Blue says:

    Hello all,

    I do an accumulator each year, picking one from each division and think you lot may be the surprise package for promotion.

    Obviously, I am an outsider looking in, so don’t know anywhere near what you lot do.

    As an Englishman, I also like the look of Demerai Gray, who I hope can develop into one for the future of the national team.

    What is you honest opinion?

  • Chicagoblueg says:

    What are you doing for work in Poland Dan?

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Our onfield success is a perfect distraction from the off field shenanigans and we have Rowett to thank for that and he has to go down as a club legend already imo for giving us all something to smile about in the face of such adversity.
    Quite how Collymore has managed to forge a career as a reputable journalist is frankly unbelievable.He has a wrap sheet of unsavoury misdemeanours as long as your arm and there is clearly something distasteful about him so why would anybody value his point of view on anything is beyond me.

  • Gerard says:

    Alan- I will not be going to VILE PARK -my last time was awful-spat on – coins thrown at me -food chucked at me and also chairs -and a lot of it came from the corporate boxes above us were they opened the windows and it kept on coming ( at 65 years old no chance ) – I know we are naturally biased but I am a not a stupid person I use the word hate carefully and VILE PARK IS a place I will always love to hate also even if Blues fans were blameless and it could be proved so the media and VILE FANS would succeed in heaping the blame on Bluenoses for sure , VILE FANS are indeed arrogant and nasty in a way we could never be believe me- re COLLYVILE ignore him thick as a plank I do not agree with Dan about him being a good journalist works for a company that is totally ignorant of us and no doubt his writings are probably scripted for him and his knowledge of the English vocabulary is possibly limited ,

    • Blue Lizard says:

      Gerard..like most vilers they are only Charlie Big Potatoes when they cant take any back….Collymore is the same gives it but doesn’t like it back so blocks people like a little girl that is bullied..i would be surprised if he was at the game as being an evening time he probably has a date on The Chase with a Ford Escort
      I will be at Vile park big and loud and I hope they don’t like me..because as sure as eggs are eggs I don’t like them …..We are the club for true Brummies

      • chris says:

        typical Vile fan anyway, another Glory Hunter not born or lived in the City of Birmingham yet he says he’s a Vile fan from boyhood and he was born nearer to Stoke, Port Vale, Crewe, Derby, Shrewsbury, Wolves and Walsall.
        Glory hunters should never be trusted as imo they have no moral fibre or backbone.
        How can you just follow a club because they win things or have one great player you follow?
        Sorry i don’t get that mentality.
        It should be your local or nearest league club where you are growing up not a club fifty or hundred miles away like morons who support Manure and live in London or Birmingham.
        If you are shallow enough to be a glory hunter what other parts of your life are dictated by shallowness, superficial, and pretentious mentality

  • David L says:

    Not entirely on topic, but just a sad note for anyone who has followed the Blues since the 60s, the death was announced over the weekend of Graham Leggat – mainly famed for Aberdeen and Fulham – but who played for a season for us in the mid 60s.

  • gerard says:

    I remember well- honest decent footballer we paid £15k for from Fulham a lot of money then-today probably on inflated market £2-3 million and wages he would of only dreamed of RIP

  • Mitchell says:

    I met Stan Cullis the day he signed Graham Leggat. Stan said he had chased him all his career! Unfortunately it was too little too late for Leggat to make a difference. However it fulfilled Stans dream of eventually signing him.

  • chris says:

    The Vile Pork Mail i hate with a passion.
    Their sports articles are riddled with wind up scenarios (like this Sunday game nonsense) not good journalism, it’s like reading the Sun comic.
    Their website shows their Vile bias as Blues and WBA pages littered with Vile article headers not BCFC or WBA articles or other loacl sports stories from Cricket, Rugby, Speedway, Ice Hockey etc just boring Vile.
    Do they think because Blues & WBA pages are littered with Vile headers that fans will read them??
    So i seldom read their website anymore and very few Blues fans i know buy the rag anymore.
    Their cricket coverage is awful since Halford went and we even get the Viler reporter (can’t remember his name) writing Blues articles.
    All they want are people to click (and earn money) on their inane repetitive sport stories which is why there are more on Vile than the rest because Vile Porkers have to read the same thing twice for it to enter their dumb heads.
    Sooner the paper dies the better.
    They don’t represent the Blue (BCFC and WBA) parts of the City, don’t represent the workers of the City, don’t expose enough Poilce, coporate and political corruption in the City and don’t stand up for the City in London and Westminster, no doubt due to it’s London owners not investing in local journalism.
    No wonder we are falling behind Manchester and the so called Northern Powerhouse as our newspapers (Express and Star too) and Councils are inept.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      It’s a very, VERY pale shadow of a once great newspaper. I doubt it will ever recover from it’s, now, sh*tty reputation. Might as well change it’s name to The Villa Times and have done with it!

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