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Pannu added to Carson Writ as Fourth Defendant

News is emerging from Hong Kong that Peter Pannu has been added to a writ served against Carson Yeung, Asia Rays Ltd and Amazing Top International Enterprises Ltd by Birmingham International Holdings and Birmingham City FC.

The writ, which was reported on this website in July now includes Peter Pannu personally as fourth defendant rather than just his companies Asia Rays and Amazing Top International Enterprises Ltd. Full details of the claim have yet to emerge but Sing Tao (Cantonese link) is reporting that Asia Rays and Amazing Top unsurprisingly objected to Peter Pannu being added personally.

According to the report Pannu has been given 21 days to file his defence, after which a hearing will be scheduled. More information will be added to this article as further news emerges of the claim.

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28 Responses to “Pannu added to Carson Writ as Fourth Defendant”

  • terryfied says:

    Slowly and surely the noose tightens

  • Kieran McKeown says:

    Their fingers around the neck of the club are slowly being un-tightened! It’s taking it’s time but atleast we are slowly progressing. Pleased that action is being bought against these people.If they have mismanaged the club then they deserve to pay (one way or another).


  • Mickey07 says:

    Fantastic news,hopefully his greed will hang him in the end it usually does,if your reading this Mr pannu I wouldn’t be spending all your money just yet chap…just think you could have got away with it if it wasn’t for these “pesky websites”……let’s keep turning the screw on this man.

  • ROB says:

    At last finally Teflon Pete ,i guess we again need to be careful writing what we really think of this guy !

  • ndf says:

    It would be interesting to hear the view of the football league and the FA with regards to these two and the guy from Leeds who’s name escapes me. None of these could ever pass a fit and proper persons test yet they were allowed to take over football clubs and I am sure there are many more about the various divisions hoping that the authorities don’t notice them.

    • Strettonbluenose says:

      You don’t need any skills to own a football club. You can hire in a manager, coaches, MD, accountants or any other skills you need.
      You don’t need pots of money. There is no reason why a club cannot be run on the income it generates. Fans might not like it but a subsidy is not necessary.
      What you do need is honesty and this is all the fit and proper test needs to check for. So, how do you do that? Ask them? The only way to check for honesty is a criminal record. And if they haven’t got one, they’ll sue your ass to hell if you rely on rumour. Yeung was clean when he took over and there was no way of proving he was not fit and proper.
      If you later find that the owner is not fit and proper, what do you do then? Th FA/FL can’t confiscate the club, as that’s stealing. All they can do is prevent the club from playing. That leads to no income, administration and possibly the end of the club.
      The fit and proper person test is a big issue but if there was an easy answer, it’d be done already.

  • Blue Lizard says:

    The Bobbing Turd floats to the surface again……lets hope he gets flushed this time

  • Keith says:

    Good news I hope You continue to do an amazing job keeping us informed BIG thank you

  • zxcv says:

    I am just so delighted that these two are going to face the music, I am so grateful to the few directors that were on that board to request the courts to call in the receivers and that E&Y were appointed receivers. It appears from where we sit at least that they are doing a fantastic job in putting this bloody whole mess right and those that caused it will I hope pay the price and Justice WILL be done. If found guilty of any wrong doing I hope the courts will take the strongest actions that they can as football has to be cleared of those who threaten to destroy the credibility of the world game and I include everyone including governing bodies of world football down to the bottom club in the bottom league’s, Football needs cleaning up right now and I hope the courts take the lead and set examples the strongest actions in their power they can.

    • AdamTrueBlue says:

      zxcv, we all know what the strongest action a Chinese justice system can inflict and as much as I hate the guy for his attitude and what he has done to our beloved club, I would not wish that on him, I would rather he languish in a cell with some of the ‘desirables’ that he put there from his police days.

      • zxcv says:

        I would be intrigued to know what you think the Chinese Justice system can inflict on him.?

      • almajir says:


        One, this is HK – not China. Different justice system entirely.

        Two, this is a civil suit, not a criminal case.

        • AdamTrueBlue says:

          Ok, I accept that there is a big difference between the two justice systems I was trying to be melodramatic and got it wrong, If PP1 is found guilty of defrauding Bihl in a ‘Civil Case’ then surely the authorities in HK could pursue the matter, I take it that fraud in any country is illegal?

          • zxcv says:

            Adam, Not sure from your post that you understand that this is a private prosecution and going to prison is not an option but if found guilty then criminal prosecution could follow which could result in a custodial sentence.

          • almajir says:

            It’s a civil action – a private prosecution is something else entirely.

          • AdamTrueBlue says:

            Isn’t that what I just wrote?

          • zxcv says:

            I missed the word “NOT” out of my sentence, “This is NOT a private prosecution.

            Sorry have done this twice today. must be my age lol.

  • ChrisG says:

    Oh no more please my sides are splitting from laughing so much!!!!

  • Lee says:

    Chickens are coming home to roost

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Looks Like PP will have to wave his wallet again!!

  • blue says:

    i’d love Carson to defend himself by throwing Pannu under the proverbial bus..

  • ian ambrose says:

    Hong Kong (HK) in China !!

  • Waycoolblue says:

    Well in this country a writ can be infused by a bailiff if you don’t pay up a bailiff can enter a company premises by any means necessary remove goods and sell them. Don’t know how it works in HK.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Naming the companies would have meant that they were covered by limited liability so if they hadn’t the means to pay the damages you would lose the rest. Now it is him personally whilst it may mean more of less recovered he’d be declared bankrupt if he couldn’t pay in full

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