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COMPETITION: Win a BCFC Cashmere Scarf


Thanks to the amazing people at Savile Rogue, I’ve got a cashmere scarf to give away to one lucky Often Partisan reader!



To enter this competition all you have to do is to email competitions@oftenpartisan.co.uk with your guess for the attendance for the Huddersfield game on December 5. That’s it. The closest to the correct figure without going over wins!

Entries close at midnight December 5 – only one entry per person, and only emails to the above address will be counted. Entries not allowed from anyone connected to OP or Savile Rogue, and my decision will be final – no correspondence will be entered into. Unfortunately this competition is open to UK readers only.

But wait – there is more!

Since 2006 Savile Rogue have been making the world’s finest football scarves. Traditional bar scarves only in soft, pure cashmere wool instead of cheap nylon. They also make other lovely stuff for the more stylish fan; cashmere beanie hats, socks, wrist-warmers, sweaters and so on.

You can see their wares at www.Savile-Rogue.com

Readers who use the code: 10PARTISAN will get 10% off any order between now and December 13th.

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4 Responses to “COMPETITION: Win a BCFC Cashmere Scarf”

  • AussieBlue says:

    Cashmere scarf? Cashmere scarf? How the apparel tastes of Brum have changed since I were a lad there! I used to dreeee-am about Cashmere scarfs. I were lucky to get an oily kerchief off me old man after a double shift at Longbridge. Not just oily but sweaty and wi’ a dash of ketchup from his morning bacon sarnie. Still, kept me neck warm when it were blowin’ -6 degrees on the Bristol Road. Try tellin’ that to young Blues supporters of today and they won’t believe ya!
    Cashmere indeed.

    • weaponsguru says:

      Ha – you had me there until you mentioned “double shift at Longbridge”.

      The closest antone came to a double shift was when you went straight from the breakfast bacon sarnie in the canteen, to the “elevensies” tea and bickies.

      Double shift indeed. ;-)

      • AussieBlue says:

        Hi Guru..the Millwrights always made the best tea to wash it all down; in 60s/70s anyway. Closest I ever got to cashmere in those days was stroking it (no, not nicking it!) in Rackhams. This is a beautiful prize from Dan, good luck to the winner.

  • Peter Lewis says:

    Just re-read the post and saw the bit about U.K. only.
    Disregard my entry Daniel

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