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Vaughan and Halford in

Birmingham City beat the transfer deadline to sign two players on emergency loan yesterday. Gary Rowett brought in 27-year-old Huddersfield Town striker James Vaughan and 30-year-old Rotherham United defender Greg Halford on temporary transfers until January 2.

Vaughan still holds the record as the youngest ever Premier League goalscorer, scoring at 16 years and 270 days while at Everton. His career has been somewhat blighted by injury but a record of 17 goals in 49 Championship appearances in the last two seasons at Huddersfield isn’t too shabby. I’ve not seen much of him but I see him as more of a Wes Thomas type of player than a Clayton Donaldson and thus he should offer us something different going forwards – obviously provided he remains fit. It’ll be interesting how he fits into the Blues system as I cannot see him playing as a lone striker and Rowett seems reluctant to play two up front. It’ll be a while before Vaughan makes his home debut also as he will be ineligible to face Huddersfield at St Andrews.

Halford is a strange one. Signed by Rotherham United to be their captain, he was binned off from that role after seven games because his performances weren’t up to scratch and he comes to Blues with many Millers fans seemingly glad to be rid of him. He’s tall (6’4) which is something we really need at the back; versatile – he’s played just about everywhere on the park including up front – and with Robbo out til Christmas offers us cover in a variety of positions. However, I can’t help but think it’s a signing borne of desperation; Rowett has talked in the past about not wanting to bring in players for the sake of it and yet we have another defender brought in who I can’t see doing much more than being sat on the bench.

I don’t want to criticise either player before kicking a ball and I remain open-minded about how they will settle into the team but I can’t help but think that they’re “10-2” type signings. What I mean by this is the analogy that we’ve waited all night in the nightclub for the girl of our dreams – or let’s face it, someone who is close enough and will do for now – to turn up and they haven’t leaving us to find anyone we can before the lights are switched on and we’re kicked out to walk home alone. Now it could be that either or both could turn out to be outstanding captures who give Blues a bit of impetus up the table – but I’m more inclined it’ll be the kind that we call a taxi for in the morning and give a fake phone number to so we don’t have to see them again.

I know that Gary Rowett talks about being autonomous, about liking the control he has at Blues but I think he needs to admit he needs help with the transfer market. I’m not talking about taking decisions away from him; I’m talking more about being in a position where many more options are available for him to bring in what he wants and more help to ensure that he captures them. Blues don’t have a chief scout at the moment and I wonder if that is a position needs to be filled – or maybe even someone like John Benson was at Blues under Steve Bruce who looked after the paperwork and that side of things to allow Rowett to do what he does best – to coach the players and to improve them on the field of play.

With the window now shut Blues have six weeks to firm up their place as a playoff hopeful and to hopefully improve home form. The distractions of Rowett potentially being poached by Fulham are still around however and while his words were firm that all he was focused on was the Brighton game he fell short of ruling himself out of the running for the Craven Cottage job – let’s hope that role gets sorted quickly so we all can focus on a run of points up until Christmas.

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57 Responses to “Vaughan and Halford in”

  • Mitchell says:

    Last season GR needed an elder statesman in the Graham Taylor mould as a mentor with our transfer system. Summerfield and co. are decent on field training men but nailing the good transfers need know how. Steve Bruce and Allardace another example. GR and Panos work as a team well but that little elder knowledge so important when nailing down the transfer targets you really want.

  • gazza says:

    before we even got these signings in, i was trying to explain to my significant other that i thought gary may need some assistance in the transfer market, explaining that it appears he is managing this on his own at present. i dont undermine his ability at being able to do this but i agree that a chief scout is the answer.

  • ChrisG says:

    What’s Malcolm Crosby up to now?, he proved to be a rubbish manager for his one game in charge, but was probably responsible for the majority of players brought in by Clarke & as several of those players are still at the club, maybe we could employ him again in the chief scout role.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I was going to suggest him myself. We never seemed to have any trouble getting players in when he was at the club. He tried his hand at management again, with Gateshead a few months ago, but lasted 5 minutes. As far as I know, he’s not got fixed up as yet.

    • Tony says:

      You mean he was responsible for Novak, Thomas and Ollie Lee? eerr I don’t think so , he’s another who should not be allowed within 10 miles of Stan’s.

      • ChrisG says:

        You mean Ollie Lee the son of Lee Clarkes best friend who was brought in to stans as a favour?, I don’t think that was Crosby. I was thinking more about Donaldson, Cottrill, Caddis, Gleeson, Grounds to name a few & the many successful loans we had. But don’t worry Tony your expertise & total negativity & lack of football knowledge have been noted.

        • Tony says:

          In your dreams clown as for negativity just lets take a look, we sign two players from Huddersfield and Rotherham United both near the bottom of the league. Its hardly inspiring stuff. As for your earlier comment about who said we have money well the club said so that’s who.
          We have been misled big time and its fool like you who manifest the problem, you expect me to get excited by this pair?

          • ChrisG says:

            Er Tony obviously you’re on a different planet cos i’ve mentioned nothing about money CLOWN. As for the signings blues have been close to bringing in other players but for one reason or another the deals fell through at the last minute, the 2 players GR brought in were not exactly first or even second choice signings, but being such an expert on everything you already know this. If you’re not happy with things Tony go & watch the team that play in pink & baby blue……probably more your colour & you’ll have lots more to moan about later in the season. Otherwise support the blues & keep your big mouth shut.
            KRO if you know what that means that is

        • Tony says:

          Why was Clark allowed to bring such a waster into the club? even as a favour hes not the first Houghton did the same with his son, and Bruce before him this is not a home for lost souls its a football club..

  • Ken says:

    I keep seeing negative comments about signings and that GR should do this that or the other. Whenever I have heard him talk about it, he could not be more clear. Blues are not in the big boys league in any way shape or form to be able to entice top quality players. Simple as that. I saw yesterday that James Wilson had gone on loan to Brighton….Blues cannot compete at that level. So the market he is looking at is very restricted….he is not looking at the House of Fraser, probably more like Poundland. Even James Vaughan has taken a pay cut to come for a few months. Looking at the signings he has made, apart from maybe Lloyd Dyer, he has been remarkably astute. I dont think clubs these days tend to have a chief scout as such….they have a head of recruitment which isnt quite the same. So I think we have trust in GR and just welcome and support whoever pulls on the shirt

    • atko says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Ken! GR couldn’t win either way. If he doesn’t sign anyone he is criticized, if he does he’s still criticized. Some fans need to be careful, they’ll never learn, keep moaning and with the known interest elsewhere we may find ourselves managerless! I’m not aware of one bad signing he’s made yet so I feel criticism is uncalled for right now and now is not the time to be doing so!

      • Mitchell says:

        Atco. Nobody is moaning just airing our views. GR is a success but imo needs an elder to help with transfers. Last week he wanted 2 quality players in.This did not happen neither the prem. striker he was after.. I am sure Gary did not wake up last Monday morning and said ‘ I am after Vaughan and Halford.’ Yesterday is past now and our support goes to Brighton and the new boys.

    • Tony says:

      So there we have it there was no money after all, what a load of crap!

  • Dan says:

    Many thought Morrison was “10-2” signing……

  • Blue Steve says:

    I think this is the best we can do in terms of our budget. It also maybe that GR has the larger part of the budget earmarked for January. Vaughan is a blues fan so maybe that will bring the best out of him. And I can see Halford coming in for Caddis. He has a long throw and will provide much needed height when we play the bigger more physical teams.

  • Jaffa says:

    It would be interesting to know who GR really wanted to sign but at least we have a striker and i’m sure GR will get the best out of them.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I don’t see a problem with the signings myself. We needed a tall defender, we got one. We needed a pacy striker who knows where the goal is. We got one. They may not be most people’s choice, but hey, they’re only here for a month, so even if they don’t come off, we’ve lost nowt and, you never know, they might work out well. The new lads have my utmost support. Welcome to the club!

    • ChrisG says:

      I’m pretty chuffed with Vaughan especially as he’s a bluenose, he came through the Everton academy & if he can stay injury free we’ve got a bargain on our hands. I know his loans only for a month but he seemed to be hinting at staying longer.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Exactly what I was going to say …. We’ve got a big tall centre half and a pacy brummie born striker .. We got what we asked for and now let’s see what they can do .. See you in Brighton guys. Kro

    • Bluey says:

      This tall centre-half is a player that virtually all Rotherham fans have said wasn`t good enough for them. I don`t quite think that that`s what we were asking for in terms of a bit of quality.

      • Dave Mann says:

        Morrison wasent good enough for charlton neither .. Didn’t turn out to bad did he ! Kro

        • chris says:

          Also, Caddis was dumped by Swindon and Maghoma by Sheff Weds, it’s all about how players slot into a managers tactics or if they see more negatives than positives in their attributes.
          Bob Hatton came from Carlisle and no one had really heard of him but blimey he fitted in and complimented Latchford and Francis.
          The Forest team won two European cups with players many other teams rejected becauwse they had a manager who could see how to buy players that suited his jigsaw and would compliment each other and be a great team not just individuals.

  • Barry says:

    When GR came into the club he gave the squad at that time a fresh start and now look where we are. I think the fans should give our two new loan players the same and get behind them 100%. Let’s not undermine their confidence before that kick a ball for us

  • I have always thought these two players were good players waiting for the right club, could this be home.

  • Marky mark says:

    Somewhat suprised by the negative comments on here, not least by the author.

    You spout on about having your finger on the pulse and how bad the current state of affairs are at blues and then moan about the signings ????

    GR does not need help in the transfer market he just needs more money to work with simple, we missed out on certain targets because of this nothing else. The two lads that have come in are perfect GR signings, he will turn them into solid performers.

    And as for Malcom Crosby having a better chance of getting players to come to blues than GR, im still laughing at that comment

  • Jimbob says:

    I was at Edgbaston cricket ground last night with Sir Gary Rowett, he seemed very happy and relaxed, he even cracked a few jokes about joining Fulham.
    He didn’t come across as a bloke about t jump ship, mind you I was a few ales in so I might have called it totally wrong!

  • Andrew says:

    I see this as better than not having the players we had no cover for, so he has done good to bring these ones in! the face of it is that we do not have money to bring in real quality but we DO NEED squad players, so he has done this. on the slight chance we get promoted we will have a few quid to buy players most likely with premier money pumped into the club but in the immediate future we will have to make do

  • Bluey says:

    Dan,you said GR was `unequivocal` about staying but now you state he`s fallen short of ruling himself out of the Fulham job.That`s surely a contradiction.Also if money isn`t the issue in terms of bringing some good players in why have we signed a player that Rotherham (yes,Rotherham) and their fans clearly don`t want?

  • zxcv says:

    In the time I spent looking in on this site these few post above 19 I think there are, are the worst stupid comment I`ve ever read, Things like Gary will turn them into good players, He`s got FOUR bloody weeks fgs wake up people will you. Daniels blog is 100 per cent spot on without being unkind. I was almost praying he wouldn`t come on and try to bull shit like some of you lot seem to be doing. I am going to refrain from giving my opinion on these two players or Gary Rowett for that matter as I don`t think I could say what I really feel with the same control Dan has shown.

    PS, Tony`s post is the one exception, Why did Panos waist his time going to HK.?

    • jonno11blue says:

      zxcv Panos goes back to Hong Kong quite regularly for meetings, who knows this time it may been a regular meeting or to establish funding for the rest of the season.
      With regards to the 2 loan players they obviously weren’t 1st choice by a long mile but we needed bodies in in case of further injuries as one look at the U21 shows there is no youngster in those position who could step up.
      Dan’s obviously got his own thoughts like the rest of us but for someone who’s working abroad I sometimes wonder how accurate his info is.
      Oh and before you make any comments tomorrow is my 26th match this season, if you include the pre season

    • Andrew says:

      What have you been consuming to get these crazy ideas, and agreeing with Tony comments is just hilarious, because he clearly has it all worked out.

  • Waycoolblue says:

    Nothing wrong with the lone signings?

    1: James Vaughan is a good player.
    2: He wants to play for us and always has.
    3: He wants to get back to the level he know he is capable of.
    4: He is also a Brummie His dad and other family members are season tacit holders.
    5: If he don’t work out its no los short lone.

    Greg Halford
    1: No nonsense defender.
    2: Big and strong Center-Back.
    3: can play Right Back, ,Defensive midfield Right Wing, Defence Forward.
    4: Knows where the goal is and scores lots off corners.
    5: If he don’t work out its no los short lone.


    • StaffsBlue says:

      … not forgetting his long throw. :)

      • Tmsblues says:

        Before his signing I watched Vaughan play his first game back for Huds and he looked good full of heart and effort and I thought to myself pity we didn’t get him a couple of seasons ago when he was available . So I’m delighted with his signing and I think blues fans will love him. I think he’s better than we have and will help us push on . As for halford I just think he has been looking for the right club he can be very good but inconsistent at times. I hope he shows his undoubted talent and fits into the team. Both these players have been on blues shopping list in the past so both are Gary’s picks and will hopefully prove good. They have a few weeks during which to prove one another right

  • Wayne says:

    I am not convinced hes staying at all, As sky bet have him at 1/5 with Steve Holland second favorite as 12-1

    they obviously know something we dont

  • Dave Mann says:

    Exactly .. And you zxcv , a little harsh on some comments made by other bluenoses , just thought ide let you know :-) kro

  • Texas Pete says:

    These two players are Emergency LOANS for a few weeks! They fit the needed positions. They are excited about the opportunity….. while getting away from mediocre teams. They have good experience with strong CVs. They have to go through GRs rigorous vetting for compatability, adaptation and commitment. They are on trial and either make an impact or will be sent back. They fitted our financial constraints. GR will choose whether they sit on the bench ot are a starting choice. Till early next year this is a successful deal for a temporary fix.

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Exactly Pete – they are cover for Donaldson and Robinson who are both out injured for a month or so. It is no reflection on how much money is available for transfers because we couldn’t make any permanent signings until the main January transfer window anyway. Can’t believe some of the comments on here – utterly stupid. They are two experienced players who were available because for whatever reason they are not getting first team football at their respective clubs. Who is going to let first team players come on loan to us. I wish them both a successful loan spell with us.

  • Jonathan Garrett says:

    I think once again GR has been very astute,he’s got a brummie blues fan in,who,admittedly has lost his way a bit,there was talk of big things from him, maybe playing for the team he supports will realise that potential, Greg Halford can play in several positions, good cover to have,if it doesn’t work out,it’s only for a month, and GR has money to use in January, as I say,very astute,a win win situation KRO

  • Tom Ross says:

    If Vaughan stays fit we have a great goalscorer. Halford is an addition to a squad that lacks defenders especially right side. They are what they are and to be fair fall in libe with where we are as a club. GR did try to bring in a Premier League striker and in fact I understsand they bhad agreed deals with two clubs but it was the players who decided they did not want to drop into championship. By the way IMO GR won’t be going to Fulham. I am sure he will be looked at more and more especially if Blues stay around bthe playoffs. I would not be suprised to see a Premier Club taking a punt on him. So I am not saying he will never leave Blues but I dont think him leaving is imminent and especially to Fulham.

  • Mitchell says:

    Just put the BBC team news site up and it states Halford not fit to travel. This via Champ.fixtures for tomorrow and team news etc. anybody know more?

  • andy says:

    I am sure Birmingham tried to sign Vaughan whilst he was at Norwich so this is a good signing and he will everything for the shirt. Not sure about Halford but again he also cannot wait to pull on that Blue shirt. KRO

  • Bluesbot says:

    Household names they are not but as for temporary solutions I think Rowett has gotten to decent players in, and if he can get them playing well when they get their chance then all is good in the world.
    For Vaughan its a dream come true and this should hopefully give him the impetus to get back to playing good football and scoring goals
    As for Halford he may be out of form or just does not fit in at Huddersfield, however having multi-positional utility player will be very handy with the small squad we have

  • Trevor Honnor says:

    I remember Halford playing against us a few seasons ago (Hull perhaps??) and I thought then that he was a big aggressive unit of a player. Definitely a player I’ve wanted Blues to consider for a while. Now he’s here (questionable hair style too).
    I haven’t seen a great deal of him nor do I care that he never really got on at Rotherham. I am more inclined to think that he, as a footballer has 4/5 years playing (earning) left in him so here, a chance has presented itself to him to kick-start his career at a decent club. Definitely a step up from Rotherham.

    I know nothing (at all) of Vaughan except what I’ve read in the last few days. Based on his family being Blues fans and his career needing a kick-start I hope he too takes this opportunity with both hands and does well for us.

    One thing that GR has proven in his 13 months here is he can motivate and get the best out of players. Perhaps these players have been in need of some proper motivation. If the ability is there then Rowett is the man to help them realise their potential.

    I am happy that the CB & CF spots have been filled with recognised players. I wish them both the best of luck.


  • Dave Mann says:

    Saw Paul weller last night and now beer in hand on my way down to Brighton .. Not a bad life is it …2-2 will do nicely though 3-2 looks like it to me , have a nice day ! Kro

    • Jonathan Garrett says:

      Dave,Nice to see a pleasant comment on this thread,as apposed to some of the rude comments on here,love Paul Weller,have a safe journey,enjoy the day,up the blues KRO

  • Richard Granfield says:

    It is obvious Blues’ haven’t got the money to get players in on loan such as the likes of Patrick Bamford et al .But is Halford better than Edgar Yes…… Is Vaughan better than Thomas…Yes.
    Gary has just got to do the best he can until new owners arrive.
    Would love to see VSO lead the line today.

  • zxcv says:

    is Halford better than Edgar ..No imo

    is Halford better than Edgar ..No imo

    You see Richard it is only your opinion yet you state it as Fact.

  • DoctorD says:

    “I cannot see him playing as a lone striker”

    Ha ha, but we can see him playing as a LOAN striker!

  • Dave Mann says:

    DoctorD take the medicine please , and guys fact is fact and opinion is opinion . Me included let’s remenber that please.. Brighton buzzing and Blue .. Lovely jubbly . Kro xxx

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