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Often Partisan has been going for just under two months now, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading what I’ve been writing. There is more to come; if you’ve noticed the players pages you’ll see there is some space for bios and stats and that’s all in the pipeline.

Did you know OP is on Facebook and Twitter? Show us some social media love! One of the things with social media is as those accounts pick up followers, I won’t have to use the blog for boring meta-updates like this one, so please add Often Partisan today.

You can also “facebook like” any post you read on Often Partisan, or even tweet it by clicking the relevant buttons on any page. If you read something that you think others should read, please share it.

If you would like to get in touch, please email almajir@oftenpartisan.co.uk

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  • Lee says:

    If blues can hold onto the defence and add a couple of quality forwards with the addition of our talented youngsters getting games we should be able to return to the premiership & more importantly stay there, simples ! All I ask is for 1 season from our star players in return for our faith in them? Id suggest negative tactics will hinder us, 4 5 1 is ok for the likes of manure arse or even Chelsea but we’ve got cam jerome & that dont play to he’s strengths. Apart from the barry fry days I cant remember us being a cavalier attacking side but with the solid defence (THAT HAVE TO STAY !) we can build on ferguson’s creativity and gardeners tenacity with 4 attacking players KRO SOTV

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