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Blues to bid for Fabbrini?

It’s been reported by the Daily Mail today that Birmingham City have bid £1.5million for the services of Diego Fabbrini. The 25-year-old Italian is currently on loan at Middlesbrough from Watford, having made five appearances on loan at St Andrew’s last season.

The report from the Mail is tacked onto the end of this piece about Boro bidding £9million for Ross McCormack – a couple of sentences that say Blues have made a bid and that the Italian has played for Boro 26 times this season, scoring six.

Normally, I’d brush this sort of rumour off as a flight of fancy – but I can’t quite do that this time. There have been rumours doing the rounds of Blues being in for a former player, for an attacking midfielder and although the Italian was recently man of the match for Boro I’ve heard that he does want to come back to St Andrew’s. For the bid to go ahead Watford and Boro would have to decide to end the loan early prior to the Italian coming to Blues and I’m not entirely sure if that would be something Boro would be happy with.

If it was true, the question in my mind is whether this points to a change in direction for Blues tactics wise, or if it means a change in personnel. Jon Toral has had a decent time of late for Blues and I’d really want us to try to make his loan permanent as his contract is coming to an end at the end of the season but it might be his performances have convinced Arsene Wenger that there is something there to persevere with.

Toral is 21 next month meaning he has one season left of not having to be named as an overage player; however Wenger is one of the most patient Premier League managers with young talent and having seen how Francis Coquelin made it to the first team even though he spent time out on loan at Charlton last season at the age of 23 it means it may well not be the end of the road for the young Spaniard as Toral also counts as being “homegrown”.

The other player who would have something to fear would be Andy Shinnie. Shinnie hasn’t played as much this season due to the rise of Toral and I do think both Toral and Fabbrini are significant upgrades on the Scot. If Toral wasn’t about to be recalled then it could be that Shinnie will find his time in the squad even further reduced – or worse, sent out on loan in the same manner as Wes Thomas, Mark Duffy and Lee Novak.

Although we’ve maybe not seen the signing at the beginning of the week that I think some people were expecting after Colin Tattum’s half time coments on Blues player I know that the club are working hard to try to bring someone in before the Ipswich game. Whether they can actually do that or not is another matter.

One thing is for sure – if they brought in Fabbrini – and on a permanent contract to boot that would be in my mind a statement of intent – and proof that Blues maybe are looking to spend a bit of cash.

66 Responses to “Blues to bid for Fabbrini?”

  • StaffsBlue says:

    If Fabbrini was to be brought back, then it would probably signal the end of Shinnie’s Blues career. Let’s face it, he’s unlikely to get the nod before Toral or Fabbrini is he? I’ve never really been convinced by the lad myself. He often flatters to deceive… he’s got some skill, but he has more poor games than good. Rather than drop down a division, I think he’d maybe be better off going back to the Scottish Prem.

  • AF says:

    One question to be asked – isn’t centre back and left back a greater priority?

  • Lee says:

    Rowett has said recently that any player he brings in is with a view to staying at the club, I.e any loan players are brought in with a view to keeping them next season as it means players going back at the end of the season then having to rebuild again, with this in mind it would be nice to think toral may be staying, fab and toral would be a massive step up from shinnie, this may be a sign shinnie’s days are up, we’ll have to wait and see

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    I would be disappointed if we lost out on a pemanent deal or loan extension forToral, he is an integral part of our team now. Not sure about Fab when he played for us we admired his fancy footwork but thought him too weak to hold the ball? Kro

  • duch says:

    I dont see why everyone is so shocked or in disbelief that Rowett may actually believe he could get this lot promoted this season!? the team now is actually better than the one Bruce took on…

    Rowett has always said that he is building for the future as I truly believe he is not a 5 minute wonder, he wants to fix Birmingham City!!

    All former players seem to have a romantic memory of this club, and why not?, whose to say he doesn’t want Fabbrini and Toral!? Most season long loans have a future fee agreed too… if we go up we have the funds!!

    Or better, maybe Panos knows something we dont?

    • david myers says:

      m8 u don’t think blues wont make the playoffs they got chance I can see us been in the top 6 like Donaldson said his aim to get blues in the playoffs as ur confidents gone or something

  • Flying Doctor says:

    Agree with AF. Left side of defence should be the priority. Can’t see the point in buying Fabbrini, Toral a better, more effective, player.

  • Matt says:

    Diego is a fantastic player, him & Tesche destroyed wolves last year. However I have to say I think I’d rather have Toral on a permanent. I think in the past few weeks, he’s been excellent and on current form is one of the best No. 10’s in the league and surely will only get better. If we do sign Diego, it definitely does show Blues have got some money and mean business come the end of the season.

  • Lich Blues says:

    I thought Rowett got some good performances from Shinnie (probably his best) not long after Rowett arrived. But I agree with StaffsBlue that Shinnie is not consistent enough and is nowhere near the standard of Toral when he’s firing on all cylinders.

    I quite like the thought of Fabrini signing a little more creativity can only be welcomed.

  • Tony knight says:

    It’s in the Daily Mail – it must be true! KRo

  • Bluenosesol says:

    When the David Sullivan rag (The one that said there was a bus stuck on the moon, driven by Elvis Presley), happily went out of business, the Daily Mail took on it’s mantle.

  • Mitchell says:

    Maybe wrong but I think GR has moved on from the Fabrini days. He is a good player when 3-0 up and the crowd want to see a bit of theatre.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I would like to know where you heard that “He does want to come back to St Andrews”.

  • Robin says:

    Blimey i said yesterday on a previous blog about Fabrini :) as i said the Derby change at half time got me thinking on those lines,i will have another think about defenders now !

  • Once a bluenose always a bluenose ..KRO

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    If there is a chance of getting Fabrini then pull out all the stops.
    A class above in my opinion and just the sort of creative midfielder we are missing especially at home.Would be a proper signing for me.

  • Bluedad says:

    I think good player when 3.0 up is slightly harsh. Dan is right if Wenger is keeping or recalling Toral then Fabrini is a decent replacement. he has done well for Middlesborough this season, if rumour is true then I am pleased.

  • Carlos says:

    Not convinced about FabrinI, seems to hold on to the ball too long. I watch Burton now and again and think the lad we’ve been linked with there is a better player, very similar to Fabrini but has an end product. It would be a step up for him but would probably get him for at least a million less.

  • Kaje says:

    I’d love this to be true.

    We have missed an attacking central midfielder for a while. And yes, that’s different to a central attacking midfielder.

    Fabbrini is someone who can sit in the middle of the park – Kieftenbeld and Davis either side – and play killer balls through the middle to give us an extra dimension.

    For £1.5m, it would be a steal.

    • Ted says:

      Agreed Kaje. Sadly we’ll lose Toral at seasons end so your predicted midfield could come to pass and I’d be happy. I’d be even happier were John to stay though!

  • Womble Joe says:

    If his is confirmed it shows a massive step forward for the club. We could only have dreamed of £1.5 million bids not so long ago. Clubs on the up, best manager, great football, sold out away games, feels great right now

    In Rowett we trust


  • ChrisG says:

    Of late Torel has been showing signs that he will be a class act, but he’s always expressed his desire to make the arsenal 1st team, ok we don’t always get what we want in life, but you do wonder if he’s upped his game just to win a new contract and there were a few rumours a while back that Wenger was thinking of recalling him, Fab coming in as our own player would be a great deal for 1.5 mill and if Torel was recalled then we wouldn’t be left short. As far as Shinie goes I don’t think he has a future at Blues & I think if we could sell him in this window it would free up more funds

  • CharlieBCFC says:

    I would like to go off subject and call for every bluenose to get down Stan on Saturday to support Gary Rowetts army. Time the fans did their bit and start making St Andrews rock again, Ipswich looked awful the other night, if we can win this could make our whole season. KRO

  • Womble Joe says:

    Agreed Charlie

    More excuses that Sepp Blatter some of them


  • Dave Mann says:

    Charlie I echo that mate… If we sign Fabbrini for £1.5 million then that will show fans that maybe we are serious about the playoffs , fans keep moaning that we need to get some quality in and for that money it would be a steal , go get him I say and with Toral aswell there’s no reason why they can’t play together and push us on to heights we didn’t think we would reach . KRO

    • ChrisG says:

      Dave, if we were to get Fab I think it will upset a lot of fans, I mean, Blues spending money on players means they’ll have to find another excuse to moan or stay away from games.

  • OneEyedChas says:

    I’ve got every appendage crossed Gary can get this deal over the finishing line. Also it can’t be a surprise that he might prefer playing/living in Brum when you’re comparing it with Middlesbrough! Any sane person would think the same surely

  • Blues are after youngsters Spittal and Souter from Dundee united as well , let’s hope we get all three ,KRO

    • Dan McShane says:

      I rate Blair Spittal highly. Has a great free kick on him and surely a future Scotland international. Where have you seen/heard this?

      • BlackCountryBlue says:

        Must still be some talent up there – every good English team had a couple of good Scots years ago. Look at the Liverpool, Leeds, Man U even Cloughies Forest teams of the past. We have had some really good ‘uns – Archie Gemmill, Alan Campbell, Kenny Burns off the top of my head.

  • Tony says:

    Middlesbrough is an officially designated Shithol–

  • Dave Mann says:

    Agreed , but there stadium is pretty good though . KRO

  • .KC says:

    Really hope Fab comes off.. He was so refreshing to watch last season. Added a different dimension..

  • Toral may be needed back at arsenal as cover for injuries , as arsene may consider him now good enough for the bench, fabbrini or tesche could do the attacking playmaker role , but must admit i would miss toral , KRO

  • BlackCountryBlue says:

    Basically its nice to be talking about signing quality players to move us forward rather than make weights and stop gaps to keep us where we are. I am sure GR is also looking at improving our left side as many have highlighted the need.
    Website confirms GR and back room staff have signed new deals but little detail re. length – any further info out there?

  • Richard Granfield says:

    GARY ROWETT has signed a NEW contract.

  • The Flying Pig says:

    Blimey what a dilemma, Fabbrini or Toral? Who’d have thought we’d even be discussing that option (if the Mail story is true, of course).
    Two different players for one position and I don’t see we can accommodate both. Fab is better at carrying the ball up the pitch, and for me can make things happen more than JT in terms of running at defenders. However, the quality of Toral’s passing is sublime at times and I think he’ll get us more goals than Fabbrini; if he had that extra yard of pace he’d be Premier quality. If there’s a negative, both can disappear in games!

    If we have to choose, I think, with a heavy heart, I’d take Fabbrini

  • bhamcityjulian says:

    So Arsenal pay us £1.5m to break the loan deal for Toral and we use the money to but Fabrinni

  • PeteB says:

    I don’t know what to make of it. In one way, it’s great to hear we potentially have some money to spend. In another way, why have we continued with only 1 recognised first team CB at the club when we have £1.5m available in the bank!?

  • Pete says:

    Would rather tie toral up on perm deal. His contract is up the end of this season.

  • rhees says:

    I’m happy and trust Garry,I think we will all be happy comes end of Jan keep believing all role on sat down the stand kro

  • I think the fabbrini talk is way off the mark , I think Buckley is just cover in case Wenger calls back toral because of injuries , I think GRs failure to go for Bradley Dack 22 attacking midfield player £1mill 13goals, or Hourihane tells me his midfield spending is done although it feels like we have bought a whole team , but that is probably why we keep hearing the CRAP signings talk , all we have done to improve the first team is NOTHING when you count that GRAY as gone , we still need more goals , still need a midfield playmaker , and still need a defender , and with Buckley only being a temp the squad is weaker , besides that the team is improving ,until we have injuries that is , KRO spending ,

  • Blue Steve says:

    As mentioned above. Toral wants to make his name at Arsenal and has mentioned in quite a few interviews his desire to do well there. If Arsenal do not offer him a new contract then I would be straight in for him. I am fairly sure they will though. Therefore Fabrini would be a great long term acquisition IMO.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    Bring on Fabbrini. Have a look at the results we got after he joined us at the back end of last season. I would think GR knows Toral is not available for transfer at the end of the season. I can understand why people rate Toral but I would prefer Fabbrini out of the two.

  • Texas Pete says:

    If I was Toral I would be looking at Arsenal for my future and signs permanently for blues just not on the radar. Perhaps we would be breaking the loan deal with Toral if Fabrinni is signed. I hope El Khayati is being looked at, looks like a very exciting player.

  • Shirley Blue says:

    I think Toral and Fabbrini could play in the same team. Toral is more of a second striker than a number 10 and Fabbrini can play further back. Hopefully we get the chance to find out.

  • Maddison is now being courted from Peterborough , another player looks on his way ,

  • ian ambrose says:

    Yes bring back Diego Fabbrini not £1.5M less hope so £1m?,,, Really good young player Toral must stay at blues club worth it of him He can more score…. Too cheap Gray move to Leicester £3.75m WHY????…Too soft blues sell player and waste time cos Leicester very happy with new Gray is best player in Leicester will big profit from young player GRAY!!!

  • ian ambrose says:

    Am very happy Gary Rowett manager at BCFC he been contract new deal big GREAT of him :)

  • No Rhee’s he was one that I said was worth a punt with .,I hope fabbrini comes to blues but I think that boro won’t want us challenging them for promotion so we would be left bidding on the last day and still not get him , time to move on , get tesche as an attacking playmaker , times running out .. KRO

  • Bluebalders says:

    How could anyone not want Fabbrini? Yes he can be a bit lightweight/frustrating at times, but he’s class, gets fans off their seats, and he wins free kicks up the pitch. Wolves game last year: First half he was on the floor for 45 mins – literally like he had no studs in his boots. Second half he was superb. All the Wolves players were left on the floor trying to stop him. He won’t come off every time, but he brings excitement/entertainment, which is surely why we want to watch. Seems GR can’t win with some. He gets criticised for signing “donkeys” on loan or for free, and when he reportedly wants to spend real money on a class act he gets criticised for wasting money on a “luxury” player. I think he’s earned the right for us to trust his judgement……..

  • Daish's Bugle says:

    Can’t see it happening myself simply because Borough would have to agree to terminate his loan early and I just don’t see any motivation for them to do so, unless freeing up his wages allowed them to bring another target in.

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