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Lowry on his way?

Brian Dick of the Birmingham Mail has reported this afternoon that Shane Lowry could be on his way back to his native Australia. The 26-year-old former Leyton Orient defender is reportedly close to a move back to his hometown club Perth Glory having made just two appearances for Blues this season.

Lowry was signed on September 9 until the end of the season having previously been on trial at Blues but has struggled to make an impression in the first team. The former Ireland u21 defender spoke about how he was reviewing his options in December and having found a space on the bench tough to come by when the majority of the squad is fit may have decided it is time to move on.

On the one hand, it’s not a move I’m surprised about. Lowry has very much seemed to be out on the fringes of the squad and at 26, I’m sure he’s desperate for first team football.

On the other hand, with only six fit defenders (excluding Mitch Hancox who seems to be very much out of favour) to me it would be almost suicidal to let Lowry go without bringing in at least two defenders as backup.

As of this moment the club have not commented. If the transfer does go through I sincerely hope that Blues are looking to add defenders because as good as the team has been of late I cannot see them remaining completely injury and suspension free for the remainder of the season.


96 Responses to “Lowry on his way?”

  • Brian says:

    Rowett needs a director of football or head of recruitment. He cannot cope letting all these top players leave. How is our defence going to cope with captain leader legend Paul Robinson leading us to even more clean sheets?

    • almajir says:

      I might be missing the sarcasm here… but if Robinson gets injured, then what? If Lowry goes we’re down to five senior defenders for four positions…

      • Brian says:

        Robbo gets injured we have Spector for centre back. Grounds can also play centre back . The bed wetters will start having a go a Rowett for not signing any defenders etc do you really think he will not have someone lined up to come in? get a director of football in now he needs help

        • almajir says:

          Okay, so Grounds plays centre back. Then who plays left back (bearing in mind Hancox is seemingly persona non grata)

          Spector is covering centre back, right back and defensive midfield right now.

          Five players, four positions with Lowry gone. I’m not saying we haven’t got anyone lined up – but I bloody hope we do cos right now we are light.

          • Brian says:

            Hancox can play left back if needed. He belongs to us. Grounds rarely gets injured and is back in form. Rowett or his director of football is bound to bring someone in if Lowry is off. He said so himself last week what he was after

          • Brian says:

            Who says Spector is covering defensive midfield? Adams plays there as does Davis who is cover when Rowett doesn’t play his 4/3/3 stop being a panic merchant and let Rowett get on with it

        • bhamcityjulian says:

          AFAICR Grounds has never even played CB in a friendly. Why do we just assume he has the strength, tenacity, organisational skills play-reading for this role

          • Kaje says:

            He played at centre-half whilst on loan at Norwich, and has done so at numerous clubs since – albeit sporadically.

            So it IS a position he CAN play in and HAS played in before.

          • Brian says:

            Played in Pre season at centre back and he played there at Norwich. See how well he heads the ball at corners? He is not a left back just is used there like Chris Whyte was

      • Waycoolblue says:

        That’s a lot of cobblers Mate. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but come on GR is a manager not a coach.

    • ChrisG says:

      If we were to do as you say Rowett would be off like a shot. Look at all the clubs that have a director of football & they are constantly changing managers. Our neighbours across the expressway have one & look how well it’s worked for them.

      • Tmsblues says:

        You couldn’t be more right chris. Cannot understand how supporters miss the point that Rowett has stated that he has no wish to work with a director of footie in fact it’s one key reason why he’s not at Fulham or qpr right now( cos it wasn’t the money)!
        As for Lowry going I’m sure that the boss has recruitment in place and all will fall into place just as it will with the Fabrini deal .

    • jonno11blue says:

      Wake up Brian Gary’s already said he’d walk if a Director of Football was appointed. You are probably one of these people who keeps commenting on this website and never goes to games or a bighead who thinks they know it all and know nothing.

    • Hank Marvin says:

      Not quite sure that Shane Lowry is a “top player”….

  • Darren Brown says:

    Please be confident and let Sir Gary manage the squad and team.
    Gary has proved to be 100% correct in everything in his first year.
    His man management of players is the best I’ve ever seen and this has to be praised in the current game. He says the right things to give confidence to players and has created a positive working and playing inviroment.
    In Gary Rowett we trust ….

    Fans – get your arses on home seats and support the boys.
    A team of low paid players playing for your club and giving us working class supporters something to be happy about ….

    • David L says:

      Not sure about 100% – but certainly 95, and your last line is spot on.

      Listening to him talking on the radio makes me feel proud that he’s my team’s boss.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    If Lowry is let go without an adequate replacement, it would be negligent. Someone at the club would need a bl00dy good talking to.

    • Brian says:

      Why don’t you become director of football to help Rowett? I bet he never thought of that himself

    • ChrisG says:

      Let’s face it staffs, if Lowry went it wouldn’t be any sad loss, most people critisized his signing in the last window calling it an act of desperation. When he played a couple of months back when Grounds was injured he looked like he’d never seen a football before!!. I reacon we probably have better youngsters than him & i’m sure GR has something up his sleeve. I think this window has made everyone a bit edgy for some reason.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Tbh, Lowry was never going to get many games. I think this was the inevitable outcome. But, we still need cover.. because if nothing else, he was that. I think another versatile player would do nicely.. unless Rowett prefers a specialised left back. Or maybe both? Time will tell.

  • .KC says:

    All part of GR making positive changes. In and out. I hope !

  • Dave Mann says:

    It all means Fabbrini is on his way along with a centre half at least so Ime pretty calm about the whole show , no problems . KRO

  • Lee says:

    Bet victor have apparently slashed the odd on januzaj to 8/1 on him signing for blues this week

  • Blue Boy says:

    Yet again we see the schizophrenic nature of some Blues fans. Only recently we were reading comments that Lowry should never have been signed and is not fit to pull on the shirt. Now we can’t do without him…….you’ve got to smile !!

    I’m sure GR is fully aware of how many available defenders he has to cover positions and that replacements would be needed for any outgoing players. Just an idea but perhaps we should have a bit of trust in the fella.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Well said Blue Boy. KRO

  • John Ramsay says:

    Director of football needed, don’t make me laugh. That’s the last thing we need. Didn’t you read Rowett’s comments last week when he said he would be out the door sharpish if someone was brought in above him. Just let him manage,he’s doing a fabulous job.
    I totally echo the comment above about these armchair supporters getting off their backsides and getting to Stans to support the team.

    • Brian says:

      yes be nice of the playstation and CM brigade got off their backsides and supported the team and manager instead of telling him where he is going wrong and what he needs to do all the time

      • ChrisG says:

        Brian going by what you have been writing, you”re as big a culprit as any, saying he needs a director of football is basically saying he don’t know what he’s doing, then you’re saying leave him alone and let him manage Talk about contradicting yourself.

    • Dave Mann says:

      Again well said John. KRO

  • Waycoolblue says:

    If Robbo was to get injured we have Spector for centre back. or Grounds, Hancox can cover LB
    but I would like us to get a LB. we also have Josh Martin A CB who as been fantastic in the under 21s he should be given a chance in the first team He is currently part of the Under-18s side – he captained them on Saturday – and has also again stepped up to the Under-21s. He is one of the best young defender prospects in England one we will lose if a big club comes in for him & he as not been give a chance.

  • Waycoolblue says:

    As for Lowry we don’t want him if he don’t want to be here.

  • Dave Mann says:

    He’s propably thinking winter bench time in Birmingham or summer pitch time in Perth .. He’s an Aussie so you can’t really blame him to be honest :-) KRO

  • Steve in Yorkshire says:

    Can I also echo the comments of fans focussing on getting down to St Andrews and encouraging others. Kicking on past the 20K figure will do more to push us on to success than quibbling about a 5th or 6th choice centre half leaving.

    Debate and discussion is great, but it is a bit boring creating a debate about Shane Lowry maybe leaving when most were saying he was rubbish anyway. As if Rowett might somehow not have thought about how many centre halves he needs! He will either get a replacement in or may be satisfied that a couple of the big strong lads in the youth set up are as good as Lowry so is saving his funds for when he needs them!

    • Waycoolblue says:

      Yep and Josh Martin is twice the player of Shane Lowry

      • almajir says:

        Have you ever seen Josh Martin play? The kid is 17 – he is in no way ready for the Championship.

        • Waycoolblue says:

          Yes I have seen him play over wise I would not have said he is lodes better than Shane Lowry who you are fretting over. GR will bring in a CB or LB preferably. Have you seen him I don’t think you have as you would not be asking my silly questions. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • almajir says:

            Sorry mate, hate to say it but I don’t believe you.

            Have I seen him? No, I haven’t – because he’s played majority of games at u18 level which I’ve not seen any of… and that’s kinda my point. I would think that Wes Harding or Emmanuel Mbende at u21 level (who I have seen play) are closer to the first team and both of them while talented are very, very raw.

          • Waycoolblue says:

            He as been promoted to the under 21s so what are you talking about you have no point to make if you have not seen him play. You your self must be hutching 50 would you say your age olds you back?

          • almajir says:

            So where have you seen him play? Football Manager doesn’t count mate.

          • Waycoolblue says:

            Any one of them could cover the los of Shane Lowry its no bid deal if he is going plus Gr will have planed for this so why are you fretting about it. Believe what you want…..

  • southcoastblue says:

    Completely agree with Dan. Sure Grounds is tall – but we’ve no idea whether he is good enough to play championship level centre back. OK to go there for half a game in an emergency but good enough to cover for a 3 match ban or six week injury?
    Same for Josh Martin – he sounds a good prospect (never seen him play)….but ready to go head to head with the best forwards in the championship?

    • Waycoolblue says:

      Grounds natural poison is CB he ant a left back yes he can play there and he dose a dissent job but I would say he would be better playing in his natural poison CB!!!!!!!

      • ChrisG says:

        Grounds has said in the past that he sees himself more of a LB than CB & that LB is his “preferred” position

        • Waycoolblue says:

          Its not what he sees him self as its about can he or can he not cover any injury’s in that poison and I think we have established it is a YES!!!!!!!!!!

          • ChrisG says:

            I do love someone who knows it all. Firstly you need to change your name cos you aint cool, secondly you need to learn to spell, thirdly you need to read what’s being written. If Grounds sees himself as a LB there’s not much point putting him in as a CB when he doesn’t feel comfortable there, if he’s uncomfortable in a role then he’ll be a liability, especially in defense, apart from which if he was to move across to CB you then have to get someone in at LB so you make 2 changes instead of just one.
            Wow i’m really getting the hang of being a know it all, I might have to keep this up. KRO

  • Steve in Yorkshire says:

    No we haven’t so maybe we should trust Rowett and his coaches who work with these players on a daily basis?

  • Jonathan says:

    I think it’s a good indication that GR has someone lined up,I don’t think letting Lowry go makes much difference, other than it frees up a wage to bring someone better,in

  • atko says:

    Give the management some credit for crying out loud. Of course he wont be leaving without replacements coming in. GR has already reiterated that at least 1 defender is on his list so why would he let another go without anything already in place? It maybe kn the cards IF we have a replacement in first!!

  • Stan Moye says:

    Think this is just a way of jiggling the wage bill, GR is assured and fully aware of what’s required. It’s as if he treats the money like its his own savings, l’d much rather have a prudent manager than a hung ho idiot. I’m sure there is a replacement waiting to be unveiled, be positive.

  • Stan Moye says:

    Sorry “gung”

  • Bluesfan says:

    Hopefully Gary Rowett has got other players coming in though we al know how good blues are at shooting themselves in the foot. And why do fans keep mentioning Hancox he’s not good enough for this league that’s why Rowett has got him out of the way.

  • Gary’s comments about toral should play in the prem and with Arsenal says that arsene and toral will be at Arsenal next season to me , well that well that’s sorted one answer out , we move on to fabbrini and then can we sign Buckley permanently at seasons end , and then can we sign a defender before the transfer window ends .

  • Andrew says:

    Player wasn’t very good. Move on like many others who’ve been and gone

  • Kazakblue says:

    Hi to all Bluenoses, unfortunately Kazakblue having to sign in from Saudi Arabia, a change of scenery no less.

    All this gossip about Janujaz coming to Blues on loan, does anyone else feel that the common denominator in Man Utd’s failings with David Moyes and Van Gaal is actually Ryan Giggs??
    Thank whoever is above for GR and all the back room staff at St Andrews, no need for a Director of Football either, let Gary manage his way, rightly or wrongly, KRO

  • Andrew says:

    In terms of other areas, Gaston ramirez to boro will prob open up a move for fabrinni now id expect!

  • little al says:

    In my opinion to mount a sustained assault on the play offs the defence need strengthening, adequate cover is required. Presumably Rowett has this in hand, we will wait and see. It is possible if we put a good run together we could even close in on the automatic promotion spots, the way the league has gone this term anyone could beat anyone. We will see after the next two games win those and who knows. I have been a Blues fan for over fifty years and have seen lots of ups and downs, as such I do not get too concerned about speculation and until their is concrete proof of signings or no signings I shall avoid criticising or praising accordingly.

  • andy says:

    All this nonsense Birmingham could do with a director of football to help out!! What absolute drivel. Gary Rowett has done a magnificent job, the players love playing for him, he brings the best out of them, and to be honest, I am happy with his transfer business. Just because players are not coming through the door at a rate some of you demand on here, does not mean Gary needs help, it is laughable.

  • Mitchell says:

    The Lowry story is a clear indication imo that a top quality defender is on his way. No way would GR let news out of Lowrys departure. I have been concerned about the CH/LB slot for some time. Not anymore with today’s news.just whether he arrives before Fabbrini is the question.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I have 100% faith in Rowett identifying good quality targets. The people funding it and doing the negotiating.. now that’s another story.

    • Smudge says:

      If GR is reluctant to let Shinnie leave before a replacement is brought in then I don’t believe for one minute that Lowry will be allowed to disappear without someone coming in to fill the gap. I do think that we are in for an interesting last few days of the transfer window and hopefully some real optimism for the rest of the season.

    • ChrisG says:

      Let’s hope you’re right Mitchell. Although our defenders have played well of late, I too am worried about the lack of decent cover.

  • swissjonny says:

    Agreed Staffs.

  • Gerard says:

    re Director Football absolute piffle and dribble- why the expense his salary would have to be in excess of GR that undermines totally all that GR has said and done and also undermines his staff , he would walk tomorrow if we appointed a director football, money best spent on the team not wasted on some body who would wear a suit sit on his bum and try and dictate to GR–farcical enough said

  • Tony says:

    What I feared has come to pass, a couple of good wins and people appear to have lost their senses.
    Staffs and Dan are correct Lowry does not have what it takes that’s for sure, but we are desperately short of defenders.
    To let him go without new recruits would be madness you cant get through with five defenders you just cant do it.
    Regards Spector, he has played plenty of games for Fulham at CB, Hancox is nowhere near ready as for Josh Martin no way in the world is he ready.
    The fear about Rowett remains he’s leaving things very late we need bodies and quick people should overlook the two great wins and see the bigger picture.

    • Mitchell says:

      Tony. I understand what you are saying and believe me I felt the same until today’s news about Lowry. This really does confirm to me that GR has quality defender or two already over the line.He just wouldn’t allow Lowry the exit otherwise. It has taken me a long time to read GR but this action has spelt it out that we are going to be ok and better for cover.Also the romance of Robbo. Playing so well has not fooled any of us that this will not last the season-enjoy his form while we can.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      I think GR sailed close to the wind last season when he let Edgar go with little cover and was an injury/suspension away from a big problem.Having said that I think there must be a left back lined up on this occasion for him to let Lowry go.It would be stupid not to and GR isn’t that.

  • Dan are you serious about Lowry,he was rubbish against Cardiff.The rumour is that Rowett had to introduce him to the Cardiff wide player because he had not seen him all evening I would say that if we do not have a youth team player that could put in as good performance as Lowry I think we ought to give up Lowry would not get a game for the Royal George.

  • Mitchell says:

    Just wanted to clarify my comments regarding Robbo. I have much admiration for him and he is playing well but realistically he shouldn’t even be a regular -more bench cover. We simply cannot compete for top 6 with him alongside Morrison. Our current options of Spector and possibly Grounds are weak and will no doubt be rectified by two CH signings which I commented earlier.

    • atko says:

      We cannot compete with him alongside Morrison? Surely we HAVE been doing!

      • Mitchell says:

        Atko. I am referring to the rest of this season. It’s a big ask of Robbo. Surely you can see that. It will be madness to rely on him to partner Morro.

        • atko says:

          As somebody pointed out there aren’t that many midweek games left now. We managed so far with games coming thick and fast so I’m sure if required we can do so with one game a week. It’s not ideal but I’m certainly not gonna critize Robbo. Lets not forget whilst you question whether he can last the season he recently scored vital goals for us too!

          • StaffsBlue says:

            I don’t think anyone could argue that Robbo coming back into the team has tightened us up considerably. Whether he can last another 18 games is another story.. but I see no reason why he can’t play most of them. Time will tell.

          • Mitchell says:

            You make good points Atko. Robbo.isnt being criticised -more that we are competing for the biggest prize of reaching Prem.football. Derby,Burnley,Hull etc.are like ourselves going for it-but would never contemplate sticking a Robbo. at CH for the remaining 18games. However, I am sure by the weekend GR will have secured these vital positions for Robbo.to become an option as opposed to being a vital necessity as he is of now..

    • AdamTrueBlue says:

      I think you are totally misreading the situation, and just saying Robbo can not do the job because of his age! Well he is and has been doing the job and doing it well, and I bet Derby wished they had him in their team for the rest of the season. Kro

  • Daish's Bugle says:

    I see Mbende was withdrawn from the U21 team tonight. Could be an injury or maybe he is going to take Lowry’s spot and be moved up to the first team squad as cover?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Congratulations to the U21s on reaching the semi-finals of the Birmingham Senior Cup.

  • Blueforlife says:

    Has anyone considered that Lowry might actually want to leave? He will want regular first team football at his age and stage in his career and he might feel that a move away is what is needed. He hasn’t exactly looked comfortable when I’ve seen him play and gr clearly doesn’t fancy him that much so he might just think he needs games elsewhere. From what I can gather about gr he is the type of manager that will be be fair and honest with players and if Lowry has knocked on his door asking for first team football, gr has probably said I can’t guarantee that and won’t stand in your way if you want to look elsewhere. Pretty much like what he did with Wes Thomas.

    As much as it leaves us light I think that’s the kind of man manager that he is and why the players respond so well to him. Look at where Lowry is supposedly moving to – back to the Aussie league, pretty much says it all about the level he is at.

    As for bringing new players I’m certain gr is working all hours to bring in the right players in the positions we all think that need strengthening but as its been said before this ain’t football managers there are hundreds of factors that come into play in a transfer. Wages and fees are just the tip of the iceberg before you even get into things like image rights, bonuses, clauses and length of contract. That’s even before the other factors come into place like does the player fancy the move, does he want to move to the area, does his wife and family want to move. Then you’ve got agents sticking their oar in too. Add in the fact that we are broke especially compared to other clubs wage structures and it’s a complete minefield.

    Give gr a break, I firmly believe in what he is doing and trying to do

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Been confirmed on BCFC this morning that Shane Lowry has left the club.

  • Muzzy says:

    Lowry unfortunately wasn’t good enough anyway
    Was just cover .rowett will bring in a defender and will bring more to the
    Table than Lowry . Rowett goes about his business not wanting everybody
    To know who blues are in for. When u do deals get gazumped.
    He bought Lowry in cus he knew he was short at the back.
    And blues financially in a better position now so can’t see he’s not bein replaced
    By a defender that can actually have a chance of making the 11.
    I’m sure all will be happier by time windows shut . Kro

  • The Sceptic says:

    I read numerous comments on this blog, referring to young players 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. 22. 23.. Any under the age of 23 seem to be regarded as too young to play in the championship. Why?

    This generation of “little buddhas” act like 21 year olds when they are 16, and 15 year olds when they are 21. Previously if a player was good enough they played however young they were. Take Trevor Francis, Wayne Rooney and Arsene Wenger’s many progenies as examples. Clearly there must be something acutely wrong with whole training (or in today’s jargon “development”) programme, if we think U21 internationals are not yet “ready” for 2nd Division (sorry “Championship”) football, even if you are 3-0 up and with only 15 minutes left.

    • almajir says:

      I think you’re on two different arguments there.

      There are players who are good enough at 16. They are incredibly rare. Most players aren’t the wonderkids that Trevor Francis or Wayne Rooney were and need time to develop – thus it’s not unusual for people not to be ready for week-in week-out football at 19 or 20.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    REPORT…..Diego Fabbrini undergoing a medical at St Andrews!

  • Will says:

    Gosh siging a opalyer for actual cash£££, edge of the play off’s, Villa the strongest team in the premiership (Holding everyone up), two tennis players in the semi finals 9OK one a Scott and the other born in Australia) I almost feel optomistic again!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It’s official on BCFC.com. £1.5m on a 3 1/2 year contract.

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