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Player of the Season 2015/16 Poll Opens

Once again, I’m proud to say OP will be presenting a Blues player with the, ahem, coveted Often Partisan Player of the Year trophy in April. The time has come for you to cast your votes on who you think should win.

I will admit this year is the hardest year for a little while to pick an individual player as the best. As has been pointed out by many people this season, many of the things that have been good about Blues have been down to the fact the team plays as a well-drilled, well-organised team with everyone knowing their own roles. There have been moments of individual brilliance but often it’s difficult to single out one player as being the reason for us doing well.

Despite that, someone has to win it – so I’ve created a shortlist of eight based on responses to a question I posted on twitter. Polling will stay open until the end of March with the trophy being presented at St Andrews on April 6. As I did last year, I will run a competition closer to that date for one lucky reader to present the trophy.

To cast your vote, click on the poll in the right hand sidebar.


64 Responses to “Player of the Season 2015/16 Poll Opens”

  • Kai everton says:


  • Dave Mann says:

    Purely because of his presence and consistency it has to be Morrison for me with Kuszczak close by .. The others for me have been in and out so its reliability I go for . KRO

  • Deb P says:

    Morrison for me too !
    For exactly the same reason – reliability!
    With Gleeson a close second
    Tbh I Them ALL .. as long as they wearing that blue shirt !
    Thanks for a fab season Gary & ALL his team!
    Thanks to you Dan too .. For keeping us informed always

  • Jaffa says:

    Toral just a shame we haven’t brought him.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It was a difficult decision, but, I couldn’t in all honesty give my vote to a forward player – that includes midfield and attack. For me our defence has kept us in a lot of games this season and given us a great platform to go on and win or draw games and, as the last line of that defence, my vote goes to Tomasz Kuszczak. A lot of his saves, especially in recent weeks, have been crucial to us winning points.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    My vote goes to Paul Robinson. I feel it has to go to a defender and Robbo has been our best defender this season.
    He has scored vital goals, his tackling is legendary, his distribution is much better than both Morrisons and Grounds’ boot up field. He is captain in all but name and has a massive influence on the players both on and off the pitch.

  • Tolster says:

    Robbo for me, proved all the doubters wrong. Never gives less than 100%, gets a little slower each year but much wiser than most and always leads by example. You can never fault his commitment. Even managed to score a few vital goals.

  • Pods says:

    I would suggest is between the following.

    Great backs to the wall performance against a good Hill side.

  • John says:

    Some good names there but for me there is only 1 winner, he has scored great goals, shown great skill, great commitment, great team work for this please stand…….……Jon Toral

  • StevieW says:

    Jon Toral for me. He has gone on from strength to strength I will be sorry to see him go at the end of the season and I think giving him this award is a fitting way to say thanks. Because without his skills and goal scoring ability we would not be well established in the Championship. For a midfielder to be our top goal scorer equal with the guy who is employed to score goals says a lot of Jon.

  • atko says:

    For me it is definitely Kuszczak with Morrison second, Robbo third. I go off who has played the most this season (being picked through form, obviously it can’t be helped if a player is out through injury) & then in those games who has been most influential in our season so far with the least mistakes. It’s tight but the keeper just gets my vote.

  • Tony E says:

    For his consistency I would give it to Morrison.

  • steve says:

    Toral. He influences every game he plays.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Even though Toral has been superb lately. He was out of the team for a while at the beginning of the season and he’s sadly not our player. So I would rather put my support behind a permanent blue. Therefore for me its Kieftenbeld.

  • Waycoolblue says:

    Kieftenbeld for Me

  • ChrisG says:

    This is without doubt one of the most difficult choices as so many of the players deserve it. I have 4 on my list & a couple of names already mentioned by other posters don’t make it!!!

  • ChrisG says:

    On a different note i’d just like to thank aston villa for losing 4-0 today as you’ve just won me £120

  • Faraz akbar says:

    Toral or keifetblend

  • All blues squad of players will be players of the season if we reach the play-offs ,,put your £120 pound on the playoffs ChrisG 2 points off sixth place with a game in hand , get in there CG

    • ChrisG says:

      Ironically William that’s going towards my new season ticket!!!!. I’ve already got a bet on blues to get promoted. I don’t care too much about the money on that bet I just hope i’m right!!!!

  • Lichblue says:

    Toral for me. The one player who really has some class and talent.

  • Steve in Yorkshire says:

    I have gone for Kieftenbeld. He has settled so well and improved as the season has gone on. It is so hard to settle in at central midefield particularly in a side who aren’t very dominant with the ball. he is perfectly suited to our game. Would love to see Tesche brought in next to him in the summer.

    Toral has been sublime at times, but a bit hot and cold for my liking and would rather give the vote to a player who is actually ours. I don’t think anyone else has played enough games or shown the consistency of our new Dutchman.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Vile 9 points behind with 9 games left , Blues 1 point off the playoffs with a game in hand … It’s keeping me awake thinking about it .:-) KRO

  • Kazakblue says:

    Kuszczak for my vote, very close between him and Morrison

  • Matt says:

    Morrison for me class act and leader on the pitch.

  • Jayne greenwood says:

    Toral for me

  • They will need to play like leicester D M to survive ….

    • Dave Mann says:

      Better William actually , after 29 games last season Leicester had 19 points , the vile have 16 points so that day of celebration will come long before hopefully our day of celebration will come at Cardiff to take us in to the playoffs and then who knows , let’s keep positive . KRO

      • StaffsBlue says:

        The big difference last season, was that Leicester weren’t playing that badly before their form improved. The Vile on the other hand have played poorly all season… there’s no way their form could improve to that extent now. It’s not mathematical yet, but it’s only a matter of time now. They think it’s all over…

  • Tony says:

    There is no doubt Toral has been and is our best player. My vote went to Robbo who in spite of being written off for the past two seasons has performed very well

  • Steve-0 says:

    Kuszczak is often overlooked. Maybe we’re used to having a good keeper, but he’s been fantastic for us since he joined.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Kuszczak has played all 34 league games so far, with Robbo starting half of that at 17, he’d only started 6 games before the turn of the year. That’s why my vote went to Kuszczak.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Yes I agree that it’s Morrison or Kuszczak because of there ever presence as I’ve already said but who’s to say that with still 12 games to go that Donaldson or Toral or Maghoma can’t score those vital goals that catapult us in to the playoffs and/or the winner at Wembley then suddenly in a fix or excitement our or other fans opinion could dramaticley change.. I think the player of the season should be decided at the end of the season and not now because there’s still an awful lot to play for so let’s hope one of our forward players come to the party and steel the glory . KRO

  • Glosblue says:

    I’ve voted for Morrison, same as last season!

  • Gary R says:

    I voted Maikel Kieftenbeld – he plays in probably the most crucial area of the field – centre-mid – and considering it’s his first season in the Championship, playing in a country he’s not played in before, and also the energy, drive and tireless work-rate, not forgetting two contenders for ‘goal of the season’ too, he’s well deserving of the honour.

  • David L says:

    If I was looking for player of season to date I’d go probably for MK as he has settled in so well and been a huge influence in the midfield (tho the no. of yellows is a bit worrying).

    I understand that you want it decided by April 6 – but, hopefully, the season will be extended and my ultimate PoS would be the one with the strength of character to walk slowly up to the spot and slot home the deciding penalty in the play off final at Wembley !

  • Mitchell says:

    Am I alone in suggesting that this is NOT the time for proposing a player for the season. Surely with so many games to go and hopefully heroes to surface-especially if play offs become reality-that premature is an understatement.

    • almajir says:

      Well Mitchell, as I have to present the trophy in April (as that’s when the club have arranged it), it takes this long to sort it out.

      Nothing is stopping you from posting your vote at the end of March…

  • Dave Mann says:

    Haven’t I also just mentioned that Mitchell? .. To early and still plenty to play for , let’s judge when the season really ends. KRO

  • Dave Mann says:

    No problem at all and I understand that that’s the way it works but let’s hope that by the end of the season one or two of us might have changed our mind , I really hope so but as you say it takes organising so we have to accept it and whoever wins will hopefully deserve it and continue to finish the season strongly . KRO

  • .KC says:

    On a different subject good to see rave reports on Greg Halford’s performance for Rotherham against Sheff Wednesday. He seems to have had his ups and downs but seemed half decent to me in the very limited time he was on the pitch with us. Great to see him coming good in a result that is good for us. See Shinnie was not in the squad but may be injured.

  • Barny Blue says:

    Kuszczak just pips ‘captain marvel’ Morrison for me. Toss-up to be honest, but when considering Kuszczak’s performances throughout the season I couldn’t recall any mistakes that have cost us goals/ points, but could think of plenty of saves that have won us points. An example was Reading at home on the opening day, which was possibly his most shaky performance, but ultimately he saved the last-gasp penalty to help us start our campaign with a win. Also, the save he made at home to Derby, scrambling back towards goal, was world-class and allowed us to maintain our unbeaten start to the season. It does feel a bit harsh to single out any one individual though as our success has been built on our excellent team spirit, well-drilled defensive organisation, and ability to counter-attack with at least three attacking outlets. Looking forward to the run-in. It’s going to be tight – my head says that we will fall a point or two shy, but my heart says our season will carry on well into May! KRO!

  • RichardM says:

    Surprised no-one’s put a word in for the front two of Maghoma and Donaldson, their work rate up front is phenomenal, “defending from the front” as they say.

    So hard to pick this season, no stand out winner and they all have a case. How long can I sit on the fence for?

  • Matthew says:

    Difficult choice this year. I would opt for Kieftenbeld at the minute but I’m going to hang fire for a couple of weeks to see if anyone makes a move.

    A couple of posters have mentioned Villa, wonder if they will be having a end of season awards party. Lescott gets my vote for everything.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Till our season is over , that’s what Ime doing :-) KRO

  • Craig says:

    Robbo all day!

  • Dave Mann says:

    But will it be Robbo all season ! :-) KRO

  • Liam Cronin says:

    Toral for me thus far, one of best players we’ve had at the club technically. If Kieftenbeld can get back to his all conquering best between now and end of the season, I would say he could nick it. Even Paul Robinson, after the flak last season to perform as consistently as he has since knocking Spector out the side!

  • I would have liked a bit more of imagination with the new women’s kit , to many teams have had similar designs , I thought the mens this year was in the right direction , we needed something different , that makes a statement , that says quality , ah well …

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    Are we going under the radar here? B*t365 are giving nearly 3 to 1 on Blues tomorrow! Any way it’s Robbo for me, not just for his quality but for the organisation and leadership that he brings, 2nd is Kuszczack next, I rated him highly when we signed him, and said as much here and he has more than proved himself as a top stopper, Toral is running him close and I will be dissappointed if he goes at the end of the season. Now its up to CD to make us all change our minds in the last few games, can,t fault his effort and commitment now I want him to be the leagues top striker. Looking forward to Arseton Viles party, the sooner the better. Kro

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Apparently, Steve Bruce is a target for the Vile, to lead them back to the premier. Surely he’s better off at Hull? Surely he wouldn’t do a McLeish and work for the enemy?

    • Mitchell says:

      Football is ‘a funny old game’ as we all know. Nothing surprises. Only one man could do a job at Villa backed by money and he is ours. That is why Staffs we need the HK end to keep clarifying the situation. Come june our man will have a list of clubs to choose from-it has to be the biggest priority for years to get a statement of intent out in the open- I really don’t buy into the ‘ongoing negotiation’ process all the time. Odds suggest CY will walk free or will he? Is there anyone of substance who can stand up and say ‘well yes it’s looks like it’ or ‘no it doesn’t’. Before Daniel can say that we simply don’t know,I would suggest someone out in HK defineatly does.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        I don’t believe that Rowett will jump ship in the summer tbh. If we do just miss out on the play-offs, he will know that, with a few assurances about bringing new players in, he’ll have another decent shot at it next season. After that, who knows.

        As for the Vile, if they’d had a crack at bringing Nigel pearson in when Sherwood went, I doubt they’d be in such a dire position now. Big chance missed for them. Thanks Randy. :)

  • Dave Mann says:

    Without question .KRO

  • kfpkelly says:

    Jacques Maghoma – unsung hero contender, his work rate, tenacity, strength and no shortage of skill has been very important for Blues both in attack and defence. add to that a sprinkle of goals and assists you have one of the best pieces of business Rowett has pulled off this season. Basically Maghoma is an exciting player every time he is on the ball.

  • blueboi14 says:

    No standouts for me, but Toral would get my vote!

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