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OP in Hong Kong – Day 2 – BIH

In the last 18 months have been eventful for Birmingham International Holdings. Following the removal of Peter Pannu as CEO and MD, the company underwent seismic changes that eventually brought about the appointment of Receivers and potentially the end of the Carson era. Are we close to seeing the next change as the receivers move on and a new board comes in?

Former Birmingham International Holdings offices in Wan Chai

One of the most stark changes to Birmingham International Holdings is the offices for the company. When I visited last time, they were in the Harbour Centre in Wan Chai (not far from the infamous girlie bars), with a large gold logo welcoming visitors. I didn’t get very far back then in trying to visit – and I didn’t expect to this time.

Birmingham International Holdings headquarters in Sheung Wan

The new office is behind this unassuming door in the Wing On Centre in Sheung Wan. Gone are the days where three receptionists would sit behind a huge desk to greet visitors; now it’s just a doorbell and a type-written piece of paper above the door to let people know they’re in the right place.

Wing On Centre, Sheung Wan

The BIH staff make no bones about it. This office is merely a back-office for the company; I suspect it’s probable that more work goes on here than in the old offices but it’s still very much just paperwork and meeting rooms there. I think with the appointment of Ernst and Young the pretence that there was any other kind of important business going on has disappeared and subsequently administration costs have been slashed.

Attitudes have changed too. Previous visits to the offices have been met with polite silence and lack of comprehension; this time not only was I invited in to the office but they actually knew who I was – which I have to admit is a little bit surreal.

As I suspected, the Receivers (Stephen Liu Yiu Keung, David Yen Ching Wai and Koo Chi Sum) work from the Ernst and Young offices over in Central and as such weren’t at the BIH offices to talk to but my details were taken and I’m hopeful of speaking to David Yen in the next few days.

I suspect the EGM is going to be announced in the next week anyway – particularly if they want to get it done by the end of May, which is the timeframe I have heard mentioned in the last few weeks. Once the EGM is held and the shares are relisted EY will move on, and the next chapter in the BIH saga will begin.

This trip wouldn’t have happened without the support of Blues fans including: Richard Wildsmith, “Eudyptula”, David Pugh, Art Watson, Roger Hooper, Gordon Fletcher, Gary Loveridge, Michael Hancox, G Miles, Neil Pouney, the Blues Trust, Blues Middle East, PJ Planning, Open Tax Services and many others.

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