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Moors Deny Young Blues in Senior Cup Final

A Darryl Knights brace was enough to win Solihull Moors the Birmingham Senior Cup and complete a double season for Marcus Bignot’s men. Blues had made plenty of chances in the second half and hit the woodwork twice but couldn’t finish the National League North Champions.

Reece Brown was easily the standout player for the Blues Development side, showing a range of passing and movement that demonstrated why Blues coaching staff have been so frustrated with his wayward ways in the past year. Blues’ goal came from Brown, a crashing 25 yard effort that curled away from Lewis in the Solihull goal to nestle in the corner.

Brown was unlucky not to get a second, having created space for himself with a jinking turn in the area only to see his effort crash against the bar and to safety. He was at the heart of almost every good passing movement, creating space with sumptuous balls and ghosting past Moors players like they weren’t there.

Luke Maxwell looked equally impressive in midfield; despite having played more minutes this season than many players his fitness was good and the rangy former Kidderminster man showed glimpses of quality that could see him push into the first team next season.

Less good was Emmanuel Mbende, who struggled at times with a forward line including former Blues striker Akwasi Asante. For such a tall, powerful man Mbende seems to struggle with winning headers and he made mistakes that could have been punished much harder.

Speaking after the game, Richard Beale said:

“We look in every game for players for the manager to look at to see potential to get into his team and we saw that tonight; I thought Reece Brown and Luke Maxwell were excellent – but ultimately in terms of winning the game you’re not going to win the game by conceding goals like that.”

With Gary Rowett looking at some of his younger players to bulk up his first team squad with no emergency loans next season, good performances from younger players will be very important. Of course, it’s a big step up to the Championship from the Birmingham Senior Cup but Rowett will no doubt be looking at the professionalism from the development squad, to see who is building not only the talent but the mental strength required to be a first team pro.

As someone who has written a lot about Reece Brown and his woes this season, I’m pleased to be able to write something positive about him and I hope that he’s finally taken on board what he needs to do to be a first teamer; after all, if he can play like that week in week out there is no way they’ll be able to leave him out of the first team squad.

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9 Responses to “Moors Deny Young Blues in Senior Cup Final”

  • Big Al says:

    We were chatting during the game about who on the pitch would end up playing for Blues more than 20 times (excluding Hancox). I know we were only basing it on one game but Maxwell and Brown looked so much ahead of everyone else. I thought Jones and Arthur had an excellent first quarter but then completely faded. Mdende reminded me of a certain Blues defender under the Bruce era who was error prone but also had moments of brilliance. He is not ready for the first team.

  • mark says:

    said it before Daniel like the first team they lack mental strength…..coping with the occasion..or any occasion

    I have said before about RB imo better than DG…..if blues coaches can get his head right should be playing in blues first team week in week out…..If this is not sorted by blues someone going to get a very talented young man. Imo should be called up for the last game, and given a g up also this where the manager needs to put his arm around him, give him self belief, and his confident about the forward steps open to RB……..

    • almajir says:


      Don’t you think they’ve done all that? Do you think that they read your comments and go bloody hell, why haven’t we tried that?


      Reece is talented, no doubt. He also has been very unprofessional in the past. He has a choice – knuckle down and earn the chances or waste his career. He went on trial to four clubs, none of them wanted him. That, my friend, speaks volumes.

      • mark says:

        thank you for your kind words….of course young players get their head twisted by fame and money….but all about how good your management team is really, how good GR temperament in dealing with young players like that..Yes young players behave in very strange ways, yes he been to four clubs so what..hes our player you guide him or you let him go. He probably one of those players who will finally wake up, and be star some where else, and realize he very well blessed in the skills he has as a footballer. Maybe you can pass on my comments to him.

  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    I think give RB the biggest baptism of fire and stick him in front of the fans, I actually don’t care about his antics off the pitch as long as he perfoms and is professional on it, and I am sure he will hear from the stands whether we approve or not! Kro

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Congratulations to Reece Brown on a MOM performance.
    I hope the watching Gary Rowett has taken note and will ensure Reece is wearing a blue shirt next season.

    • mark says:

      DG just tweet what a wonderful week, it will be very interesting if his opportunity come to pass next with Leicester. Under clark stewardship these two players he single out to reach the top, but with our club first…imo i think it may have come too soon for DG

    • jonno11blue says:

      Richard that’s assuming he stays. His contract expires in June and although the club have offered him a further year as far as I’m aware he’s not yet agreed it. Yes he played okay last night but I’ve seen other reserve games when you’d never know he was on the pitch.

      • Richard Granfield says:

        Jonno…….I take your point, but Blues will need to rely on their young players next season when the loan system ceases. Reece Brown is our best under 21 player and could potentially save the club £1m in the transfer market next window.

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