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Carson Yeung Loses Final Appeal

Carson Yeung was sent back to prison this morning as it was confirmed that his final appeal against his convictions for money laundering had been dismissed and that he was to serve the remainder of his six year sentence.

The South China Morning Post reports that the panel of five judges were unanimous in their 75 page judgement that the UK standard had not been incorporated into Hong Kong’s provisions of the Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance (OSCO) under which Carson had been convicted and that the charges had not been duplicated.

Carson, who had been on bail for the past eleven months was immediately returned to prison following the hearing.

With his final avenue of appeal exhausted Carson must now serve out his sentence in the knowledge that he can never return to Birmingham City FC as owner or director under the current rules as his conviction is a disqualifying condition under the Owners and Directors Test.

He also faces seeing his assets such as his house on Barker Road being confiscated. However, it is my understanding that his shares in BIH will not be affected by any confiscation order.

The judgement brings the end to the five year legal battle Carson has been through since his original arrest on June 29, 2011 and should give even the biggest cynics proof that his return will not happen.

I will admit my personal surprise that all his convictions were upheld; prior to my visit to Hong Kong I thought there was the possibility that there may be some movement and Carson would not return to prison having had his sentence reduced but it appears the political pressure from the Mainland against graft has continue to shine through and Carson has been made an example of.



93 Responses to “Carson Yeung Loses Final Appeal”

  • Preston Bob says:

    That’s the end of that then! Line drawn and here’s looking to a bright new future. Woke up early to find out what the ruling said and was not disappointed. Thanks Dan.

  • Littleblue says:

    Great news thanks Dan on the ball again. Onwards an upwards now. Kro

  • ROBIN says:

    well i was not expecting that ! thanks Dan

  • Bluenose says:

    Hair cuts and prison lol new book

  • Walker says:

    Back to dropping the soap carson. Pity that crook pannu doesn’t join you. Between the 2 of you youve destroyed our club and affected thousands of peoples lives (in a bad way)

    Rot you scumbag!

  • StevieW says:

    Thanks Dan, end of an era and lets hope the start of a bright one.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Bye Carson. We can move on… at last!

  • Jaffa says:

    At last! 5 years of sh’t and silence from that crook.I never thought it would happen.K.R.O.

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    I’m not going to say “great” that he’s gone down as a man has just gone to prison and i’m assuming its crap in there!! However what I will say is that in terms of the clubs future its a big step forward!! Hope we can claw our way back from the shambles Yeung and his team created!

  • Deb P says:

    Thanks Dan. Glad to get rid of him ! Excited for the new season now

  • teejay says:

    i hope he rots he has killed so many dreams and yes pannu should be with him lets hope now our brilliant fans get a better future for the club k r o

  • Ray says:

    Just think – this means (according to a Court of Law) that David Sullivan & Co used the proceeds of crime to buy West Ham and hence ‘our’ (built with taxpayers money) Olymopic Stadium. And our club was bought with ‘dirty’ money. So sad, bet Clifford Coombs is spinning in his grave.

    • Retired&Weary says:

      Unfortunately, if memory serves me right, the period of time concerned does not include his purchase of Blues. I do sympathise with your feelings, however. I’m more cheesed off with them than PP tbh.

  • DaveP says:

    Everything in life happens for a reason. Most Blues fans celebrated when Carson bought the club from the Golds. We won the Carling Cup and went to Europe – even though progress was denied by a very suspect result.

    Had Carson not been arrested we’d be languishing in League 1 and we wouldn’t now have one of the best young English managers in the game. In order to progress, sometimes you have to go backwards.

    Draw a line, burn the bridge and keep right on.

  • Dave Mann says:

    A waste of 5 years for Carson , always guilty and no remorse what so ever for the shambles he left behind …. Move on and let’s hope the next five years make up in some way to what we’ve had to put up with up to know … Bye Bye ! PS… Thanks for the league cup and the 9th premiership finish but good riddance to everything else . KRO

  • He brought light to our club with a cup and and a quest into Europe .then put us into to total darkness . Now its over ….but hey what comes to mind is the saying it is best to have loved and lost ect..We move on and back up . COME ON BLUES…

  • gramsci says:

    Yippee. Thanks Dan for all your hard work

  • Waycoolblue says:

    All dune and dusted. Now to get new owners in. Thanks Dan

  • Lich Blues says:

    Absolutely delighted with this news. The crap we have had to put up with due Carson and his mob has been a complete nightmare.

    I was already looking forward to the future with new owners etc but him put away and no possible appeal left the future feels even brighter.

    Thanks for the update Dan.


  • Blue Eyed Boy says:

    Absolutely fantastic news,hope he rots in jail.Shame his “mate” couldn’t join him but “never say never”,these things have a habit of catching up with you eventually. Can we now put the rubber stamp on this by announcing he and his “followers” are banned from St.Andrews for life..thanks.

    Now can we wish for some serious backers in the future!

  • Liamdoggio says:

    The song says it all “We don’t care about Carson ; he don’t care about us ; all we care about is BC F C ! ” pity Pannu hasn’t joined him

  • Donegal Rob says:

    I have proudly supported the Blues since 1952. In all that time I can’t call too many good owners, let alone any great owners. What I can recall is that in all that time the supporters have never ever wavered in their Undying love for our great club. Through thick and thin, good seasons bad seasons, you have never let me or the club down with your togetherness. CARSON WHO?7

  • Blue Eyed Boy says:

    Ray,let me tell you I really wish we could have a Clifford Coombs style owner.Blues would be in a much better place wouldnt you agree?
    In my opinion he was by far the best owner this club has had in the last 60 years,and admired how he personally got involved in bringing Barry Bridges,Fred Pickering and Jimmy Greenhoff to St.Andrews(3 of the best players to grace the club).How often these days does an owner actually get involved in discussions with potential new players,no instead some fancy titled Dan whose knowledge of football is generally nil does the paperwork(and that’s not aimed at our Man either who has done a sterling job under such circumstances).
    I will now go and ponder back to the past with the likes of Barry Bridges overhead kick v’s Arsenal in the 5th Round of the FA Cup,Jimmy Greenhof’s 4 goals v’s Fulham(and being the gentleman he was,even missed a penalty to give the opposition some hope!) and Fred Pickering with the goal v’s Chelsea in the 6th round of the FA Cup. Or do I wake up to reality and get ready for these “quality” strikers GR is about to bring in? Thought so,goodnight

  • Mark says:

    “We don’t care about Carson
    Nor does high court judges
    All we care about is BCFC”

    Have to say I thought the decision would be squashed.

    This was probably the last hurdle because even if he wanted to try and cause us hassle his main assets will be gone and his BIHL shares will be needed to buy him somewhere to live when he gets out.

    Good riddance to the dodgy barber.

    Said it since day one. The money he purchased our club with was laundered money and I guess it’s too far gone to reverse that!!!

    Still don’t trust the new lot either!!!

  • ChrisG says:

    He must have had an idea this was gonna happen otherwise I doubt he would have signed BIH over so easily.
    Dan do you know if CY still has his shares & what will happen to them now?

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Within the original article Chris.

      “However, it is my understanding that his shares in BIH will not be affected by any confiscation order.”

  • oversleyblue says:

    Dan, I behalf of every Blues fan, I thank you so much for all the magnificent work you have done to always keep us informed and sharing your thoughts and opinions during the long long journey. As far as this subject is concerned, you were the oracle and thank god for that as if we had to reply on the Birmingham Mail we would still all be in the darkness!

  • River says:

    Thanks for all ur hard work Dan now let’s get a good striker in and have a decent season

  • Andy says:

    As someone who has reported the rise and fall of Carson Yeung, and is therefore more invested in the story than most, I’d be interested to know how you personally feel about the verdict Almajir.

    From reading your book, I can see you have (or at least had) mixed feelings about Carson so it would be cool to get your take on how it has all ended for him.

    Keep up the good work dude.


  • River says:

    Wonder who we will get up front What do u lot think and who would u choose

  • Bluey says:

    Great but can we now move on? We should be looking forward, CY is now in our past.

  • bluearmyfaction says:

    Not surprising. Whatever the legal theory of the issue, the HK court members would not want to release a money-launderer and they could work the law accordingly. Presumably they were happy with the level of proof anyway, a good prosecution will not leave anything in doubt.

  • Mitchell says:

    Up until the time of his arrest I feel CY did want the best for BCFC. He backed McLeish with everything he wanted as well as taking on the Zigic high wages.2011 will never be forgotten with glory and heartbreak of relegation. It is the individual who was our ‘caretaker’ following Carsons arrest that angers. He saw a great opportunity at Carsons demise and milked it beyond words.CY was no angel but the real villain remains at large.

  • Geordie Bluenose says:

    Justice for the boys in royal blue!! KRO now lads

  • Art says:

    Very very pleased to see the end of Carson and Pannu who in my mind should be joining Carson in his little love nest behind bars..

    I have very little doubt that Pannu made a tidy sum on the back of BIHL but the difference between him and Carson is simple….Carson got caught.

    Better days ahead now- for sure.

  • RichardM says:

    Dan, question I would have to ask is what (if any) impact does this have on Blues or the take-over timings?

  • It’s nice to see GR talking about a dozen targets he Has in mind . Perhaps when the takeover has taken place he will be a bit more open towards us .. trust has to be earned but if your not talking much then doubt can creep in . We have had 5 years of doubt .trust will have to be on a get to know basis .it will come though .. .KRO

    • StaffsBlue says:

      2 idioms spring to mind william… “Talk is cheap” and “Actions speak louder than words.” :)

    • RichardM says:

      Thing is William, wouldn’t it be better to keep his hand close to his chest than publicly revealing who his main targets are? I don’t think he’s being disrespectful, just savvy – IMO.

      • Hillfield Blues says:

        Not a good policy to spout about who your after William.With Ewan Chester now on board at least we are being a bit more pro-active now so hopefully there’s stuff going on behind the scenes.Chester was very instrumental in taking James Wilson to Brighton last season……??

    • Shirley Blue says:

      Yes revealing exactly who his targets should make sure we don’t get any of them or if we do it will be at an inflated price. Brilliant strategy William. How about just letting the man do his job in his own way? If we get to the end of August and the squad isn’t any stronger than it is now then I will be disappointed and critical too but we ain’t there yet.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Hmm, yeah. I don’t actually remember him naming any specific targets, just the areas of the team he’s looking to improve. The only names mentioned have been by the media… with none of them confirmed by the club. So I don’t really see the problem.

  • LittleMissBluesky says:

    This is great news – finally! – and means we can now look forward to whatever the future holds. CY’s era did give us that glorious trip to Wembley and the European adventure, but also such division between the owners and the fans. Whatever – we now need to keep hold of Gary, give him the support he needs and look forward to a season of local derbies and hopefully success at the end. It’s going to be fun, whatever way! KRO

  • ChrisG says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Sullivan, Gold & Brady were ordered to return the money they recieved from CY as he used illicit funds to buy the club???!!!!!!!

    • Bluesy6 says:

      The golds did a lot of good work but sold us down the river

    • Shirley Blue says:

      I have said all the way along that S&G must have known there were issues with Carson Yeung & cronies while the sale of the club was going through and especially when it got delayed. They are major players in the business world and I just don’t believe they were oblivious to his activities and funding. It should have been investigated 5 years ago – the offer was so good for their shares in our club that nothing else mattered but to grab the cash and run and they have continued to make an even bigger fortune from what they have received from Carson. I am guessing nothing can be proven but I reckon it stinks.

      • Hillfield Blues says:

        When Yeungs interest was made public Gold/Sullivan raised lots of questions about whether he had the money and cast doubt on him for weeks in the press.Yep,I reckon they knew but there were 81.2 million reasons to turn a blind eye imo.

  • Ian says:

    A wasteful many of 5 years for Carson From Carling league cup 2011…. I heard big richest 9th in the world takeover at Wolves possible soon. I don’t understand and Should takeover at Birmingham FC 2nd centre in country in UK mmm…. Thanks for dan work hard…..Good Luck to Gary Rowett and player 2016-7

  • Andrew says:

    We don’t care about Carson. He don’t care about us

  • bluenoserob says:


  • Chris W says:

    So how quickly us the takeover gonna happen now there’s no chance of him owning us anymore. Hopefull quicker now e&y don’t have to answer to him.

  • chudlt says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Dan keeping us up to date with events in Hong Kong

  • Chris W says:

    Thanks for keeping us in touch with the going on. Let’s look forward to a new start.

  • Tony says:

    Daniel you say Carson has been made an example off, It could just be that he is guilty as charged. irrespective of politics Regarding Carson I together with everyone am glad its over and he’s going, but I would have been happy to se him walk free having served time, he was a naïve fool and yes he knew what he was doing.
    He was prepared to pay silly money for the likes of Martins, Sutton and other mercenaries who were just after a pay da,y these people didn’t give a monkeys about the club, and it showed on the pitch.
    There will be no triumphalism from me at his demise, I will however always remember the Cup win and the most successful period in our history albeit all to short.

  • We will soon see Staffs in the coming weeks the action taken, GR needs to get us a squad to keep us near the top six , with January signings taking us all the way to at least the play offs ….KRO

  • williammorgan says:

    I feel that the Chinese courts not only had to be just but also fair to BCFC and to the BIH shareholders to which the Chinese government was one of them , the deal that was struck had to have a fair ending for all , for justice to prevail with the length of time and cost to the courts , stock market ect Carson had to pay the piper ,there was no other way for everyone to feel the result was right ….

  • Alex Paul says:

    Excellent research as always , thanks Dan, KRO.

  • blue says:

    wonder what his legal bill will be?

  • Mitchell says:

    Staffs.i understand your disappointment should we not obtain top ten-but in all honesty I will be more than happy just to finish comfortable of relegation. Imo this league will test us relentlessly this coming season with a quality perhaps never seen before. Not a negative view I assure you but looking at each individual team in our division I rate us just above 6/7th from bottom.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Looking at the relative squads I think you are bang on the mark.The likes of Bristol City,Fulhan and Blackburn had much stronger squads on paper last season and finished below Blues in the table.Its a testament to GR and his management skills more than anything because he didn’t have the money to compete with any of them.

    • KC says:

      I think as it stands today your comments are absolutely right Mitchell but if Shotton helps to solidify the defence and imo it is still, a big if, if Fab and Tesche can produce the form similar to when they played together before , if a couple of the youngsters maintain their promise, and if somehow we can find strikers who can put the ball in the net, then who knows?
      I agree your comments are not negative, just realistic ,but hopefully when the rain clouds finally disappear there is some sunshine round the corner to move forward from the good work ( with a few exceptions ) that has taken place over the last 2 seasons under what has still been a rocky environment wondering what was going on in HK.
      Dan, as ever thanks for all the information.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Tbh Mitchell, if we don’t at least emulate what we’ve done for the past 2 seasons, I think it’s only natural to feel disappointed. We’ve finished 10th twice with what was, on paper, an average squad. This season, there should be no dead wood left at all and I don’t think we’re any less likely to have a shot at the play-offs than anyone else. Three teams went up and three came down, so I don’t see any more teams in front of us than there were last season.

  • Welcome TF with open arms blues . His dream is our dream his contacts as an ambassador is neccessary to the clubs success . Make it happen GazR ….KRO

  • David L says:

    Not linked to anything much at all, but just read that Colin Doyle – former ‘keeper of this parish – has had a release clause activated in his Blackpool contract, and has been transferred to Bradford City for £1.

    Bloomin’ agents and their fees eh!

  • Waycoolblue says:

    Trever Francie to come back to Blues as Youth recruitment adviser.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    With a new state of the art facility being built at the training ground and new dugouts being installed at St Andrews, someone’s certainly putting their hands in their pockets. :)

  • StaffsBlue says:

    3-0 up after 34 mins against Solihull Moors (Donaldson 2, Fabbrini)

  • Blue Eyed Boy says:

    Trevor Francis back as our Ambassador? Whilst this would be absolutely fantastic news for us all,how about also offering him a playing role! Cause despite being 62 he would still be head and shoulders above what we have at the moment by far!
    If the news that Trevor wants to get involved doesn’t stir up interest in some quarters whereby we could attract serious investors then frankly nothing ever will.
    We await you Trevor

    • Mitchell says:

      Good shout BEB for welcoming TF. When you look at England’s candidates such as Wenger 66,Allardyce 61,Hoddle59 etc there is certainly more to be had from Trevor in our hopefully new revamped Blues. My hopes were raised when viewing the new facilities at Wast Hills and the impressive £500,000 Dome. This imo means business.it also suggests an end to possible complacency which must now be felt for all-including Manager and players. Comfort zone now extinguished with obviously money being invested with only one target which has to be a member of the £100m per season league.

  • Distant Blue says:

    It is great news about CY and i hope that he learns lessons in prison. However im still worried that TTA are neatly as invisible as BIH were even with E &Y being involved. The Gold and Sully days didnt bring us trophies and league titles but they did bring us Premier League, some pretty big names to the team (Heskey Upson Savage to name three) and they made us into a profit making stable team. They get a lot of stick from blues fans but without them stepping in there would have been No Blues. Lets hope TTA combine making us stable and pushing us on.

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