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Greg Stewart – Will he? Won’t he?

It’s been a topsy turvy day for Blues news in the transfer market, with BBC Sport tweeting that the deal for Blues to sign Greg Stewart was dead, only to be refuted a short time later by Liam Kennedy in the Dundee Evening Telegraph. Is he going to sign? Isn’t he going to sign?

Brian McLauchlin tweeted at 1:55pm this afternoon that Stewart had turned down the deal to come to Blues and I think many of us thought that it was the same old story – Blues getting beaten to the punch by a team that can offer slightly more in wages etc.

However, Liam Kennedy then tweeted

which he quickly followed with this article saying that the deal was far from dead. Judging by Liam’s use of the #obsessed hashtag on a retweet of what McLauchlin said, there is clearly some rivalry in media circles around Dundee way.

So is Stewart signing?

I couldn’t tell you one way or another for sure, because these things can and do change very quickly. My understanding is that Blues have had a bid accepted and did offer personal terms to Stewart. However, there are other clubs interested – QPR being one of them – and from what I can gather Stewart was doing the sensible thing in seeing what the best offer he could get is.

If I was to put my cynical hat on, I’d say that some of this stuff in the media is being fuelled by an agent trying to start a bit of competition to push wages and signing on fees up a bit more. For all the times I’ve ever criticised Blues in the past, I think if they have held firm to what they want to offer then fair play to them – especially as it could well have proven to be right.

From reading the fans responding to Liam Kennedy on Twitter, while Stewart is indeed left footed he prefers to play on the right and cut in, or behind the front man. Whether Blues will bring him in to play wide left… well that remains to be seen. We do have a dearth of left-footers and I would like to see someone who can be a presence going forwards on the left who is capable of using his left foot.

I guess it’s like anything – he’s not ours until he is holding a scarf aloft on the Kop – but he isn’t anyone else’s either until he’s done the same at their club. We’ll have to wait and see.


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