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Regarding Comments on OP

I’m going to apologise in advance as this is a bit of a meta-post about OP in itself more than about Blues. I’m writing this because I’ve been asked about reinstating comments and not everyone will have seen the post I placed on FB the other day about it.

I’ve left comments off for a while now, and I’ve been very much in two minds about re-enabling them. In the main most people who comment on OP are respectful and insightful, and I appreciate their thoughts. It helps me to check and balance what I say and give more thoughts to the arguments I put forwards. For those people alone, I’d bring them back right this second. I’m sure there are people reading this right now who I know how much I appreciate them – and I’m sure they’ll know I’m thankful for their support.

However, there has been a small noisy minority who have built this opinion that they have the right to use OP as their own soapbox for their own views. Whether it’s using the comment facility to berate other supporters for daring to have a different viewpoint, or using it to advance their own agenda, it’s wrong and it has to stop. I’ve made the point continually that OP is not a forum for people to banter with other fans, but a personal blog featuring my thoughts and opinions which people then comment on.

OP is in no way my job; it’s my hobby. It’s what I do with my spare time, and what I devote my spare resources to. I know some people kinda see OP as something more than a website but it really isn’t – I have never ever wanted OP to be a “voice of the fans” – just stuff I think about and have heard.

I’ve come to a decision however.

I’m going to be on holiday shortly, and when I return from my trip at the start of September I will re-enable comments – but only on a trial basis. I’m contemplating going back to Disqus so its easier to clamp down on people who will not accede to my reasonable requests – however I’m not sure yet and will update people closer to the time.

Thanks once again for your thoughts and kind words.

PS – if you are looking for a forum there are a few listed in the blogroll – I use SHA more than most but there are several great forums out there. Likewise, if you want to write your own blog pieces and show me how it’s done, then go for it – Andy at diary.smallheathalliance.com is looking for new bloggers and I’m sure the good people at BCFC Followers would be willing to talk to you too.


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