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Money Can’t Buy Me Promotion

Paul McCartney once sang “Money Can’t Buy Me Love”. Having looked at the Championship table this evening I wonder how many chairman are wondering if their money can’t buy them promotion either.

Having seen the amount of money flying around the Championship in the summer window it wasn’t hard to fear Blues being left behind. When you consider our neighbours across the expressway spent £27million on two strikers while Blues eked out £2million for Che Adams, it all seemed a bit “prince and the pauper”.

Yet they ‘re the ones languishing in the wrong half of the table having picked up just seven points from seven games… and although its early days still I do wonder if Tony Xia is already thinking about changing manager.

Mind the gap indeed.

I have to admit, I’m one of the “against modern football” breed of fans in many ways. The sums being spent on players and wages has got to obscene levels, with even Championship clubs now being ready to part with eight figure amounts to bring in players. I can’t see how it’s sustainable; so many clubs have spent so much this season in the Championship yet only three can go up – some clubs and owners are going to be disappointed and seriously out of pocket.

It’s one of the reasons why I’ve not got excited about thoughts of Paul Suen pumping money into Blues. Firstly – I don’t think he will anyway; and secondly because even if he did he’s a businessman, he’s going to want it back. We’ve seen the folly of spending money that we haven’t got under Carson; as much as the Carling Cup and the European trips mean to me I have to be pragmatic and say that we need to be more careful now.

I’m going to admit something else – I have a little bit of respect for Suen not wanting to court publicity. Watching the circus across the expressway has reinforced my belief that owners should stay away from social media; it’s just an invitation to trouble, especially when the local media literally makes it their aim to publish a story about every single tweet.

There is something to be said for visibility; I think Panos’ role has been important in being a visible link to the HK side of things – and I hope he maintains that visibility even if times become rocky again. I think Spurs are a great example of how this kind of arrangement can work; I couldn’t tell you much about Joe Lewis, the billionaire businessman who owns 70.6% of ENIC (which in turn owns 85% of Spurs) but Daniel Levy (29.4%) is easily identifable with the club and is very much a public figurehead.

I guess like with the takeover, we’re going to have to wait and see how the division shakes up. The good thing is, like with the takeover I’m feeling a little bit more positive that there might be good times ahead. Yes, there are questions to be asked and blind faith isn’t a good thing – but I’m not the only one, right?

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51 Responses to “Money Can’t Buy Me Promotion”

  • WalmleySteve says:

    I take my hat off to our ‘yippee-aye-ay’-singing friends over the Expressway – they seem to have got themselves trapped in a never-ending spiral whereby the more they spend, the worse they get. Takes some doing that does.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Booing fans at vile park last night , pathetic , no class , waste of money players brought in …. It’s gods gift that we are Blues fans but at the moment it’s feeling better than that .. Money guarantees nothing and at the moment that couldn’t be more so the truth .. Hope they sink to the bottom of that sespit that they deserve to be in . :-) KRO

  • DoctorD says:

    I think that lot are in danger of “doing a Leeds” – a revolving-door of managers, a string of owners, failure on the pitch and disgruntled fans.

  • The strange thing about Blues keeping their head above water is the fact that although the midfield players Kief , gleeson , Tesche have good alround ability our possession percentage is low , money can buy you success , but only if the right sort of players are available , and even then top players are often temperamental so don’t always give you 100 percent so make lesser players that do give 100 percent just a good buy , the trick is having enough of them …SUPER BLUES KRO

  • royinamillion says:

    Must Admit I was ecstatic when I saw the Villa score but I do not want to become obsessive about what they or any of them do except Blues. been avoid start and in truth better than I thought.
    What we do need is for our main striker to start poking goals in and when that happens we can start believing that we can compete with any team in this division including Newcastle as we are going to have goals scored against us however good our defense is.
    I still believe the one player we have with that bit of magic that can transform a game is Fabrinni but he needs to show a bit more strength on the ball as he does at times look a bit lightweight at times but hey were in the top six so let’s maintain a bubble of optimism enjoy the moment and hope the bubble doesn’t burst.

  • Bluenosebev says:

    Remember that wise old saying “Softly, softly catchee Monkey. We are doing alright and we will come good at the end of this season – you see!

  • KC says:

    Good stuff Daniel. Yes the Vile continue to destroy themselves but it is early days and a long season.. Good to hear GR’s realistic comments on us following the Reading game.

  • asif says:

    i admire the way we r running the club. you dont have to spend mssive amounts. look at leicester. look at barnsley at the mo. yes it may catch up later in the season but id rather do it our way than a leeds utd way

  • gazzabcfc says:

    completely agree with @williammorgan´s comment. as for fabrinni, when he has posession of the ball, he holds it for too long eager to impress. It pleases me how professional bcfc are in the way they handle themselves in the media. Recently Dr Tony Xia tweeted “I completed signing a contract of 4.2B deal yesterday, but the draw result took away all the joys. Still struggling with the disappointment.” It´s plain to see that indeed these public boast´s dont appear to be helping those across the expressway. And yes Daniel, you have every right to be optimistically happy at the moment, because it´s not the size of the boat it´s the motion in the ocean and blues are sailing along pretty sweet at the moment.

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    I would proffer sensible spending 4-5mil spent on a player in this day and age is sensible my be that 20 goal a season striker will cost 7-10mil. Slow and steady wins the race You only have to look at Burnley and Leicester to see this.

    I am expecting some of the big spenders to go in to meltdown if they don’t get the promotion they crave! only 3 clubs will win promotion and there is always that outsider that force their way in so a lot of the big spenders could suffer.

    As for Vile Played:7 W:1 D:4 L:2 GF:8 GA:8 GD:0 Points:7 average 1 point per game
    That is relegation Form.  So we have nothing to worry about the big spenders. ;0) KRO SOTV

  • Mark says:

    Bit early to say it can’t buy promotion but I guess it’s fun to mock for now

  • Dave Mann says:

    Enjoy it while we can mark because you don’t know how long it will last .. all season hopefully . :-)

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Daniel;, i agree with your comments about our club, Having laid the foundations [ out of necessity ] .

    I would like to see us keep building slowly with buying players that are better each season, but not get involved with trying to keep up with those that have the cash to splash out on players willy-nilly, just so we can boast we have x-million player then find he can not do what we require.

    In conclusion, Yep, be lovely to win the Championship by a mile, BUT are we seriously ready for such glorious hights just yet,??.

  • webbybluenose says:

    Newcastle are doing a good job at buying promotion, remember these relegated clubs get £60m parachute payment in their first season, however the Toon seem to have bought a balanced Championship ready squad. They have not conceded in the last 4 games giving them a solid platform, whereas Villa have just spent big on goalscorers and its not working.

    I like very much the solid no nonsense approach we may have been forced down over the last 5 years but the foundations at the Blues bought about by Gary Rowett and Panos is a wonderful example that money does not equal overnight success. Where as we are difficult to beat Villa can not keep a clean sheet

    Those Villa faithful that were predicting promotion by Christmas I think just woke up to reality last night, long may they continue to Boo there own……………………KRO

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    You can’t buy the league. You don’t know how many wins you’ll need or points, because X points one year might not be enough another year. The bigger spenders may click as the season progresses but there’s still only two positions to win on merit. You can be sixth best and 10-15 points behind third but go up.

  • Tmsblues says:

    Yep Almajir it’s the “early days” backdrop to your comments that is important to note. Inevitably with 3 prem drop outs from last season plus big spending former prem teams or others under new billionaire ownership then regardless of their relative financial muscle there’s going to be around half a dozen very disappointed owners. As it stands after a rocky start Newcastle are already on the way it seems, Norwich (apart from one notable defeat) are looking good…. But then villa, wolves, qpr Derby could be set for rapid changes in management unless something turns in their favour. I just think with the thoughts of Sky Prem two and bigger financial tv support around the corner I can’t help but think this is just further drift into yet more unrealistic fees and contracts in the years ahead. Blues will be fine because compared to some we are a good sized club and each year or so there’s one like blues that gets in the mix and causes a surprise. Let’s hope against the financial odds for one such surprise this season.

  • Tony E says:

    No matter how much you spend only three teams can get promoted this season, leaving other big spenders worrying what their future holds. Our club seems to be run sensibly and I much prefer that to a revolving door approach for players and managers adopted by some owners.

  • ChrisG says:

    Money can only bring success if the right players are bought with it. The real secret of success is when every player plays their part to their full potential & for the most part we do have that at blues. To be in the team is one thing but to be a team player is something else entirely.

  • Dave Mann says:

    Very true Julian , only three teams will get out this league for next season to the premiership so the big spenders like Newcastle ,vile and Sheffield Wednesday will be shaking in they’re boots if they fail .. Yes the old fashioned way of the top three going up was in my opnoin the true way it should be but the playoffs do make it exiting for a lot more teams like ourselves and that’s the reason besides the money that they were brought in but a team finishing sixth ten points behind the third team and getting promoted seems very unfair IMO but that’s the way it is and if we were that sixth team getting promoted you wouldn’t see me complaining . KRO

  • BlackCountryBlue says:

    Agree it is unfair, but we all know the rules at the start so have to get on with it.
    More than happy with where we are at the moment and the progress/prospects going forward. With the options going forward we are now good enough as a unit (players and management) to at least have a ‘comfortable’ top half season without too many scares, and have as good a chance as anyone to dabble with the top 6 with or without January additions IMO.

  • BCFC83 says:

    Maybe a bit early to be mocking the vile as it is only 7 games in and lets be honest we all normally say don’t bother looking at the table until 10 to 15 gams in but it is too funny to not be mocking them!

  • Mike says:

    Personally I,m more pleased we seem at last to know how to keep a clean sheet !! That way we will ALWAYS get something from a game rather than give it away after we have scored, as we usually do !!
    AS for penaltys, I,m afraid Donaldson s efforts are rather weak and he should be replaced in that area with some one who hits the ball and it stays hit !! remember Stan Lynn ??
    anyway lets keep on trying and bringing in a really CREATIVE midfielder as well as a fast raiding winger. Chris Burke is available and he didn’t do a bad job for us last time !!

  • Bluey says:

    Money is no guarantee of success in football but i wish we had some.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’ve never believed that just because you spend a pot full, it guarantees sucess. I would think that Newcastle are nailed on for an automatic place, but you really can’t pick the rest. The Geordies have spent a lot of money on players yes, but that’s only beneficial if you have a good manager who can take advantage of that… which they have. villa have spent a fair amount, but with a clown like DiMatteo in charge, they could spend a billion and still not pull up any trees. They’ve bought some solid players in who I’m sure will do well eventually… with a half decent manager in charge.

    As far as I’m, concerned, we have as much chance as anyone else of reaching the play-offs this season. There are very few teams who are better than us, despite the money that’s been spent. Ask Norwich and Fulham.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I’m happy with us being a solid club, spending wisely and defying all the odds. I don’t ever want us to be a Man City or a Chelsea.

    • Bluey says:

      I agree with that but i wouldn`t turn down a helping hand to make the playing field a little more even.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Of course, it would be nice to bring in players as and when needed, but I wouldn’t want to waste £10-20-30m on players like some teams. I’m quite happy with what we’ve spent this summer, but a little bit more is always welcome.

  • Mitchell says:

    While I agree with most comments especially towards Villa-i am not fooled by the fact that they have made some signings that I wish GR had been able to put into a blue shirt. Change of management is what I expect and with that a change of results will enevitably happen across the way. Sheffield will be a good test as to how we are motoring and formation of the attack will be a big challenge for GR. Also,the guessing game is another aspect for opposing managers to fathom out as the rotation used at Reading-which was a surprise has now taken us away from the predicted team line up that has been our hallmark for the last couple of seasons. Crossroads for GR and the players now which is now getting everyone excited.Adams,better form of Tesche and the Shotton factor creating feel good factor.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    I think even at this early stage there are worrying signs for Villa fans.My mate was at Villa Park last night and said the atmosphere was so hostile towards their own manager and players that he was relieved when the final whistle went.We’ve all seen this before as the pressure builds, the nerves kick in and they drift into free fall.Leeds Utd all over again.

  • swissjonny says:

    Money talks, but wealth whispers Lets just wait and see who else is involved in our new owners. Its too early to mock the Vile-sadly !!

    • Dave Mann says:

      It’s never to early mate . KRO

      • swissjonny says:

        I know what you mean mate but I just dont want my early season spring in the step to turn into an end of season kick in the lower abdominal area. Can you imagine if they did a Leeds..Im not sure that I could cope with such joy and happiness !!

    • Art says:


      You are absolutely right and I’m sure a couple of big money teams like Newcasltle and Norwich will pick up automatic promotion.As for the Blues – great start to the season but the turning point will be the run in for the play offs from March onwards.The squad was never strong enough last season to sustain a play off place and sadly at the moment it still isn’t strong enough..

      Hopefully the new owners wil see the potential and will strengthen the squad in January but I have my doubts.

  • Mitchell says:

    Although we are doing well so far-GR has to address the Robinson only defender on the bench issue. With Caddis out of favour and Wiggins not match fit,we face a farcical situation of the elder statesman as our main bench defender. Yes we have utility men like Shotton and Spector but to be pushing for continual top six in a league described as a Prem 2 then single bench defenders like Robinson will be found out.

  • Blooflame says:

    As you say cheque book management is the easy way out and if you are talentless as a manager you’ll be found out. It was Dalglish who said “it depends on whos spending the money”! I think we all know now that the way through to success is coaching and having tactical awareness. Lord we are blessed with Rowett

  • Tilton Rifle says:

    Money can and will buy promotion, have to disagree with Dan here. Give Rowett a cheque for £60M and he’d deliver you automatic, of that I have no doubt. What money can’t buy is level headedness and a sustainable approach to running a football club.

    I’m surprised that RDM, who is after all a respected manager, has made a rod for his own back by spending so big. it must have come from the boardroom and ultimately that could be their downfall. A circus act chairman combined with arrogant, entitled fans is a toxic mix for a manager. He won’t stick around to be criticised by Tony and the moaning 12 toes. He’s got a Champions League on his CV.

    We’re only 7 games in and they could still come good, here’s hoping to god that’s not the, but we shouldn’t compare ourselves to them. We’re miles apart as clubs and fans. I hope they do a Leeds but if not, it’s irrelevant to the steady progress we are making.


  • AdamTrueBlue says:

    I’m sorry but this season has already been a failure, this time last season 7 games in and the Vile only had 4 points, surely they have surpassed their expectations. I have to agree with a lot of the previous comments, I am glad we are Blues and I am one of its privileged supporters, I would not want to be following a mega bucks team, I get satisfaction from being the underdog at most games and coming away with a smile on my face having beaten up on the next big promotion seeker. Things could have been so much different if it wasn’t for Panos and Rowett, they have both helped to resore the faith and belief. Kro

  • Garrybluenose says:

    I don’t care at all about the results of the other lot, if they do well eventually or screw up, I don’t care.
    All we care about is BCFC………………………..
    But one thing is for sure, in this division the teams are so even any team can do well then bomb out, however, money will make the difference since it allows bigger squads and this tells towards the last third of the season when the amount of games and winter injuries prevail.
    For me money does buy promotion, but you need a good manager to use it wisely.

  • RichardM says:

    Newcastle have now clicked into gear, and unfortunately I fear it’s only a matter of time before Villa do the same. It’s still Newcastle & Villa for automatc promotion for me, but if we can continue this form I think we’re definate contenders for a play-off spot.

  • Chris W says:

    One thing that excites me about the Chinese ownership is that in my experience of the Chinese theyare very competitive. Although I don’t think this means ya will pump loads of money into the club I do think it will mean he will want blues to be better than the other Chinese owned west miss clubs. I think it bodes well for blues and like you’ve said daniel Paul Suen is a quiet man fromwhat we can see and I think that is good. It could mean he wants things done properly and without the circus that sometimes comes with football. I am optimistic about this season and think we will stand a good chance of promotion even if through the play offs. KRO

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