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The Mysterious Mrs Yeung

Judging by some of the stats I get on here, one of the biggest questions on people’s lips isn’t who Blues are going to sign for next season, or where the money to run the Blues is going to come from – but just who is Carson Yeung’s pretty young wife?

(image from www.bcfc.com)

Even the club aren’t sure it seems. The above picture, taken at the Big City Event last Monday was captioned purely with Carson’s name, and an email enquiry to the Press Officer Chris Kershaw drew a blank. Unfortunately, her name doesn’t appear in the Chinese press much either – it would appear that this is a lady to be seen and not heard.

She’s been shown watching various football matches with Carson – such as the Carling Cup Final in Wembley. Whilst she’s not showing the same sort of sheer emotion displayed by her 51 year old husband or by Mike Whitby, clearly she seems quite happy to see McLeish arrive to accept the League Cup. Or is that a forced smile for the cameras?

It’s all been a long way since that first match against Arsenal. Indeed, I’m actually curious if that’s even the same person depicted above – I’m not very good at recognising faces and whilst I’d say from her current pictures Mrs Carson has probably had some cosmetic work I couldn’t say that she is the same person as the one depicted above.

From a quick look on google, it appears many other people have noticed that she’s quite the pretty lady. I wonder how many people are trying to find out her name so they can look for other pictures of her – if they’re that infatuated with her. Are we really that celebrity obsessed these days, or is it just people looking for the rule 34 photos?

I’m intrigued with the fascination about Mrs Yeung, about why people are so interested. There was a programme on Sky Sports this week where (in between mocking Carson and his business practices), they focused on his wife. I think the whole mysterious veil that surrounds Carson and his personal life drives the media wild; as we’ve seen recently with the “superinjunction” surrounding a certain footballer and a certain Big Brother contestant, the media are keen to report on the private lives on those connected with football, particularly the top end. Does this really matter? Do we really need to know about who she is, where she comes from, what size shoe she wears and what her favourite food is?

I’ll tell you right now, I don’t know her name. Short of asking Carson direct, I’m not sure I will be able to find it out. So, to all those who came here in search of Mrs Carson’s name, I apologise. Your search for more details will have to go on a little longer.

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