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Introducing Morgaro Gomis

Despite having no manager, and if you believe some of the more shouty parts of the media a useless board, Birmingham City have wrapped up a third Bosman free transfer of the summer in the form of French-born Senegalese midfielder Morgaro Gomis. Unless you’re an avid searcher of the FM database, or an avid watcher of the Scottish Premier it’s probable you don’t know much about him. I thought I’d try and find out.

I thought the best people to ask would be the fans of Dundee United, and so I stopped by the Dundee United board of eastfootball.co.uk to ask the locals about the lad they call “Jimmy”. The first impression I got, as did other fans who have read the thread, is we’ve signed another Fabrice Muamba. An energetic midfielder, a terrier and a scrapper but not the kind to create chances out of nothing and certainly not the kind to score more than once in a blue moon.

I can hear the groans already – it’s another grafter, another bloke who’s going to pass it sideways sideways sideways – but I have to say I don’t agree with that assessment. The bald fact of it is Blues are short of bodies this summer, and to pick up someone this summer on a free who has played at a good level with a steady rate of performance for three years is good; the fact he’s 25, a bit nippy and has a great engine also pleases.

From talking tactics, it’s clear that Gomis is happy to play in a midfield four, and will happily do the anchoring whilst someone next to him gets forward into the box. If things go to pieces as much as some are predicting, I could see him paired with Keith Fahey, and Fahey told to get into the box and support the strikers as much as possible. There’s the groans again – but again, I have to take issue with people who moan about Fahey – at this level, he’ll be fine; after two years in the top flight I think Keith could possibly do very well in this division if given a run in the team in the middle and licence to push forwards.

Another pleasing thing is that he’s an accomplished passer of the ball; the Tannadice faithful said that if we play the ball from back to front he’ll thrive – which makes me think of maybe a younger Barry Ferguson. When Baz was in his pomp, we were glorious; the idea of another midfielder who will work hard, receive the ball from the back four or win it from the opposition and then move it forwards to an attacking player makes me feel happy. Towards the end of last season Fergie came further and further back, and his injured ribs were obviously impairing him; whoever takes charge of the Blues needs to ensure that the same mistake isn’t made and that the midfield plays in the middle of the field; not ten yards outside the box.

So there you go. Morgaro “Jimmy” Gomis, midfield maestro, terrier and fans favourite. Only time will tell if he repeats that form for Blues, but I’m hopeful he’ll do it. Apparently he’s a bit of a nightmare where parked cars are concerned though, so it might be advisable to avoid him in the Garrison Lane car park.


8 Responses to “Introducing Morgaro Gomis”

  • JohnR says:

    I just love the fact that you always try to take the positives from every situation. Myself I’m pretty underwhelmed by this signing considering his previous experience of English football is with the likes of Dagenham and Barnet. Apart from the old firm Scottish football is lower championship level at best.

    He is on a free so I will support him as I do everyone who pulls on a Blues shirt but if you think pairing him with Fahey in midfield is going to win us promotion then I think you’re taking optimism to a new level. Is this really what we’ve come to?

    • almajir says:

      I’m sorry, but too many fans slag off Keith Fahey. At this level he’ll be a good central midfielder; he’s played in the Premiership and at international level a bit now and he’s improved a lot since we bought him. It’s his natural position and given a licence to attack he’ll score goals.

      Another fact that annoys me is that fans want Blues to go after young players with potential, yet when we do sign a youngish player free, with potential the club gets slagged off. We’re not going to sign some 18 year old wonderkid like on FM, this is how football really works. As a free signing, in a position where we’re going to need more bodies it’s a good one.

  • Stevie says:

    Interesting feedback from Dundee Utd fans. I fall into your category of being an avid follower of SPL football and I would have to say that I too am rather underwhelmed by his arrival. I would agree with any appraisal of his skills that mentions ‘fast’ and ‘hard-working’, but would be reticent to go much further than that. I think he might be a useful squad player used as a late substitute or bench-warmer, but I can see little more than that for his future. That siad, he’s a Blues player now, so he gets my support.

  • Jonny says:

    People too easily forget that Fahey cost about £30,000 or something ridiculous didnt he? And for that price he has scored some really good goals, Forest at home with a cheeky dink over the keeper, Reading away with a goal that essentially promoted us, Stoke away was a cracker too.

  • Legendsof83 says:

    Dundee United Fan here. We Gomis was a fans favourite here. He and Bauben ran our midfield here for 3 seasons. Last season he was well below par but I expect he had his head turned.

    I have seen wee Gomis run the so called Celtic and Rangers midfield ragged – On match at Celtic Park we were 2-0 down and in second half they ran them ragged in the middle of park, so if all you guys can relate too is the Old Firm – have no fear.
    Its true he doesnt score many goals but have a look on YouTube at the one he did score against Hearts at beginning of last season. I think he will do a great job if you get the ball down and play. Play him thru the middle not out wide. Good luck to you and wee Gomis – and watch for his smile.

  • chris says:

    Look like we may be interested in his friend and ex team mate another African Ghanaian Prince Buaben 23 yrs old according to Sunday Mercury.
    My concern with that is 1) both average in Scotland ( i do take on board what you said Legend ), but they have been at Dundee Utd since 2007, if they were any good why has no other club signed them in that time
    2) They may not currently play for their nations, but if they get picked for the African Cup of Nations they will miss 6 games at the start of next year.

    21 Jan – 12 Feb: Africa Cup of Nations finals in Equatotial Guinea and Gabon

    Maybe Blues see them as just squad players?

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