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Your chance to ask the questions

This week, Often Partisan is going to be interviewing Kevin Smith, who is Head of Commercial Operations at Blues.

Whilst I will be obviously asking pertinent questions about things like the new kit, the catering at Blues and how Kevin is going to adapt to a the challenge of making Blues a commerical success in the Championship, I’m interested in what you’d like me to ask him. You can either leave a comment on the end of this article in the normal manner, drop me a line via email, send me a tweet, or contact me on facebook.


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21 Responses to “Your chance to ask the questions”

  • I.roth says:

    Why can’t we have a decent good looking kit? There are colleges which design clothes in Birmingham. they would I am sure come up with a modern classic design, instead of the naff designs we have had to put up with lately. Chelsea ,Cardiff have nice kits. Designer ones not xmas tree design.

  • ryan witcomb says:

    i would like you to ask kevin this : is there any chance of blues having a new manager by next week ?

  • Tony D says:

    The logo of Xtep, BCFC’s kit supplier, is almost identical to the scar on former manager Alex McLeish’s upper lip! How much was this a factor in Xtep’s involvement, and will the next manager be required to self-harm in order to display the same branding?

  • Tony D says:

    I notice that you are currently advertising a “Kitman Clearance”. Are finances so tight that we have to sell our kitman? How much do you hope to get for him, and will this money be put towards buying new players?

  • Ray Hobrow says:

    Are there any new large (is)h sponsors being targeted to help bridge the gap while in the championship.

  • Pete says:

    Ask what McLeish. Put in his resignation,and reasons he would want to loose the respect of blues fans ,Villa fans, and thousands of other honest football supporters

  • fingles says:

    Can we have a more adventurous food offering?

    With Hong Kong owners surely some hot noodles. Curry sauce for chips.

  • hammy says:

    obviously to all, owning a premier or should i now say “ex” premier football club, has constantly proven to be way above the current owners capabilties…..
    so, i would like to ask kevin to ask the owners if they would care to “move on” in the nicest possible way, and sell to a more “enthusiastic” owner/s…???

  • Ted says:

    My wife would like to know why Blues do not produce oven gloves?

  • McTabish says:

    Ask why the ticket pricing policy seems to be out of kilter with the stature of the club. Lots of people are sittig at home on saturdays while we get just 23/25k down st.andrews. The season ticket holders and us loyal fans will go whatever but why not try and sell the extra 5/6k each week that’s just accepted. Why not offering tickets local schools, competitons on the website, engage local businesses?? Seems the marketing strategy at the club has been very poor for years so whats going on?? Also maybe ask why so much of the clubs commercial activities are based around players and management making apearences rather than trying new initiatives to make the non-football activities more prominant and raise the profile of the business off the pitch….. KRO….SOTV!!

  • Billy Blue says:

    Ask why Blues ordered xxx many of last seasons shirts to arrive in May when season was virtually over? Then end up with loads left (what a surprise!) and having to sell off cheap! The shirt issue with xtep is a shambles.
    When will this seasons first team shirt be available – Christmas? There have been more floods recently in China, so the ready made Pannu/Blues excuse is there and waiting.
    Never, in the last 50 years of supporting Blues, has the replica kit production/sale/availability been so poor.

  • McTabish. Kevin is already looking into that, I asked him the same question at the fans’ forum. I’d like to ask him how morale has been at the club since relegation, amongst Kevin and his behind the scenes colleagues. I’d guess the threat of redundancy might hang over their heads as budgets will have to change etc. I also wonder if he’s at liberty to discuss McLeish’s relationship with him and his colleagues, given he won’t be able to discuss his departure in too much detail…

  • trevor francis says:

    is carson yeung a wrong un’

  • hammy says:

    ask carson if his missus would like to be our mascot….full house every week!!!

  • chris clarke says:

    ask if the advertising around the outside the ground will be changed now that f&c are no longer sponsers ,as some of the pictures are of players who no longer play for the club

  • Billy Blue says:

    Chris Clarke – ROFL

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