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Bedsheets and Protests

Remember a few weeks ago when there was an “official” protest against McLeish’s appointment at Villa Park? Oh how we laughed at our brethren from across the expressway, with their slogans painted on bedsheets and whatnot. Unfortunately, the mood for protest is catching, and there is now an “official” protest against Carson Yeung on facebook.

Now I do believe people are entitled to their opinions, and I can understand why people might feel less than happy with our current predicament. Blues have been relegated from the top flight, our largest shareholder is on bail for a serious financial offence or five and the club is having to look at Bosman free transfers to rebuild the squad. After the delirium of Wembley it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

However, I’m not sure what a bunch of people milling around on the St Andrews car park can achieve – especially on a day where there are two matches going on involving the club (Hereford and Leamington friendlies). I don’t believe they will interrupt the late night film in Hong Kong to show a few disgruntled bluenoses shouting slogans. Carson has a bit more to worry about than some annoyed people on facebook venting their spleens.

The thing is, right now the best thing we can do is to support the team. The club needs us the fans more than ever; without sky income every penny we put into the club is much more valuable; a better home support will surely help better home results. One thing that’s laughable about this group is that they’re talking about a fan’s buyout of the club – the club can barely fill the bloody ground so I doubt it’s got enough fans with spare wads of cash to buy out Carson, pay down debts and then make offers for the kind of players these fans are demanding.

I’ll make it clear now – this is purely my opinion, and I’m not speaking for anyone else. I’ve discussed this with other fansites such as bcfcfans.com, but I’m not looking to mobilise anything – I just wanted to make it known that these fans don’t speak for me. I think that if people are really that narked, there are better avenues to channel their frustration. Become involved in the club, become a part of the club – the official supporters clubs have really made some headway in their fora with the Blues – and talk to the club on a level and with an eloquence that is going to make them listen. Posting updates on facebook and threatening this sort of thing isn’t going to achieve anything but making the rest of look like a bunch of muppets. Let’s leave that to the Villa fans.

Edit: 16:15 the group has now been deleted. It appears I was not alone.

28 Responses to “Bedsheets and Protests”

  • John Edden says:

    What is there to protest about? OK, so Carson is in trouble but Gold and Sullivan weren’t exactly squeaky clean and how many fans wanted them out?
    So we are surviving on bosmans at the moment but we do have smaller budgets now we are not in the Premiership and just look at the some of the players we have brought in – King, love him or hate him is a proven goalscorer, Adam Rooney looks useful, as does Gomis and although a little old, Caldwell could play a Cunningham-type role – nobody is moaning about Stephen Carr signing on for another year and he’s no spring chicken!
    So what is there left to protest about? The manager? We got who 80% of fans wanted – an attacking, proven manager in Chris Hughton and even got some money off the Vile for that negative and boring McLeish!
    We won a cup last season, we’re in Europe this season and have a chance to win even more silverware and get promoted playing attacking football. Failing that, a period of transition to ensure when we do go back up, we stop yo-yo-ing between the Premiership and Championship.
    So what are we protesting about really? The price of pies at home games? Seems that is the only thing up for debate at the moment!

    • almajir says:

      I’m frankly amazed how many people don’t like the pies at Blues currently.

      I think they’re pretty good myself.

    • ALAN JONES says:

      I have never been on a site before,and have been reading my fellow bluenoses opinions with great interest. I am getting on a bit now and supported ( season ticket) longer than most, 57 years to be precise! Like most of you blokes Blues have been a great part of my life,enjoyed a lifetime of ups and mainly downs! If youre actually questioning wether we should start some sort of fans protest i really feel that you do not realise the peril our beloved club is in! I will not part with my £570 whilst the Chinese are there,its cash down a big black hole. The club is not selling in response to relegation,what is actually going on is called assett stripping,and i know the ridiculously cheap prices that we are selling players for, is to clubs who can pay most of the fee upfront,there was a doubt the players wages were going to be paid at the end of June! I do feel the receiver is almost on the doorstep,and we may have no club to support at all, sooner than you think. So do we just stand back and watch it all collapse around our ears or do we attempt to rid ourselves of these crooks and start a properly organised fans protest? KRO AJ

  • Trench49 says:

    every penny you sad lot spend at St Andrews goes into the pockets of a potential criminal money launderer if he asked you stump up his bail money some you slap heads would do so

    • Meefee says:

      Trench, surely expressing your opinion on the internet isn’t the right way to have-a-go about something you feel so strongly about. Have you not got a spare sheet and two litres of black gloss handy?

    • hammy says:

      trench, dont come on here trying to take the piss my friend, after all, we just took £3m off you clowns for boring half wit mcleish, who the majority of us blues fans jumped for joy when he went!!! and then we find out he’s gone to you wankers…..well…..it was worth going down just to know what he’s gonna do to you….SOTV…..

  • Blue In Murcia says:

    Trench49….sad, so the gate money doesn’t go to cover wages, transfers etc……Pillock!

  • joe king says:

    Great article and a good reply John Edden. You sure the facebook page isnt being run by closet vilers? lol. Just to put things in perspective Albion (premiership team) have so far only brought in bosman deals and are only looking to spend up to a possible £8m. I don’t think its all doom and gloom at stans. Strongly considering purchasing a season ticket again after a couple of years without one. (before anyone has a go ill health and commitments prevented previous 2 years)
    Though the way be long let the heart beat strong KRO

  • joe king says:

    Trench, where else would we get our money cleaned :P
    go back to vile park

  • AR says:

    Thank God once again for almajir. He expounds what is the mature & sensible view of how I hope the majority of Blues’ fans see the present situation. Buying out Carson by the fans is so naive. By the way, where have our fans disappeared to in the last few seasons? Is it the recession, is it the assumption that we will never win the EPL,is it the type of football? I had always thought that fans didn’t mind the type of football as long as their side won; Stoke fans are apparently the noisiest & look at what they see week in week out.

  • delboy says:

    Well written, completely correct and I support what you say 100%. We sell Gardner, he didn’t want to stay,and got a good profit, then we agree to sell Johnson for 7m, who made 3 requests to leave and as far as I know is on his last year of a 3 year contract and everyone thinks we’re done for, finished, doom and gloom, we’re crap, we can’t possibly survive, all the board should be put before a firing squad. Oh get real, relegation is our biggest problem along with huge wages for loan players that everybody wanted but were either crap or McTraitor didnt want to play.
    Stop it now, get behind the team and the new manager and save the doom and gloom till we see how the season starts to pan out.

  • sarah says:

    typical villa wanker,why cant you find something interesting about your own fucked up club,wait till mcleish starts playing his boring football then maybe you;l have something to worry about,stick to your own shitty club sites

    • kimberley blue says:

      With RJ going I just looked at the Squad left and only 9 players are left who started more than 5 games for Blues last year.
      If you add Fergusson, Ridgewell, Jerome,Foster, Dann, Zigic who have all been touted as leaving we might end up playing some of the ladies team to get some experience !!!
      Kimberley Blue

  • Billy Blue says:

    Well said almajir.

    Like you, everything I say is in my opinion only, although it seems to be a similar opinion to all other Blues fans I know personally.

    I have to admit that I’ve treated it all with a pinch of salt all mention of a protest and/or the laughable fan’s buyout.

    Are these the same fans that have moaned how expensive it has been to watch Blues over the years? If they are then they are just fantasists and if not, they are still just fantasists if they believe enough Blues fans will contribute anything more than would possibly pay a single players wages for a week!

    Unfortunately almajir, I feel you may be giving ‘this group’ more publicity than they deserve, and a significant proportion may even be supporters from the dark side, trying to do the same that made the dark side such a laughing stock. Of those that aren’t, it could be significant that schools are now breaking up for summer holidays. Given the level of intellectual thinking, it does seem difficult to believe that ‘this group’ can have reached GCSE level.

    Blues will always be here, and that’s the only thing of importance. People talking about protests now, are obviously not old enough to be aware of how bad things have been before at Blues, even as recently at 15-20 years ago, and that further highlights their average age and awareness of reality. The problem is that they feel powerful behind a keyboard, just like the thousands of keyboard warriors calling for a protest against McLeish at VP – yet less than 500 actually turned up, whilst the thousands of keyboard warriors remained in their bedrooms

    The current situation demands that Blues supporters get totally behind the Club. BCFC is the Club we support. We do not support transient; owners, managers, players etc., we support the football Club first and foremost, and the 11 players on the pitch, whoever they may be at any particular time. Anyone who feels differently seem to be just self indulgent imo, and don’t seem to get what it means when it comes to supporting a football club. I even read one person saying, that now Johnson was leaving he was not going to renew his season ticket! That type of attitude is just sad, and imo, says a lot more about that individual then it will ever say about the situation at Blues. .

    Do not waste your time almajir by giving this any more credence than it deserves. I’ve already just wasted much more time on the subject than I should, or can afford.


  • alan G says:

    With present owners we will go in to adminstration at best could be even worse. we need as united front to show the current board they are not wanted. This means by showing our comptent with then at first home game at end of game however need to support team and manager 110%

  • bluehag says:

    Almajir spot on as usual, I’ve seen a lot worse situations than this watching the blues, leave the crying, whining and bleating to the vile pricks its the only thing they are good at we could never beat em at it. Trench try and get a job and a girlfriend it will make you seem less sad even if you do still live with your mommy. Stick to that brilliant high pitched veeyla veeyla chant you sing with the rest of the farmers and yam yams at vile park you knob.

  • Gazza says:

    Finally, someone who is talking “Real Sense”. We’re all pissed off but at the end of the day – as we all know. Owners come & owners go. One thing that is certain, us – those loyal bluenoses, who have kept right on, will still be there when the next owner of our beautiful club comes along. So forget demonstrating in the car park, or removing all the stock of white bed sheets from Perry Bar One Stop to hang from the gates of our hallowed shine. KEEP THE FAITH. CITY TILL I DIE. KEEP RIGHT ON !!!!!

  • SussexWill says:

    I am not unhappy with the owners, as I thought, from the day that they bought us we were Triad owned and they were more than possibly using Blues to Launder money. So not really suprised be the current events.

    So I am starting a campaign to “FREE THE HONG KONG ONE” as he is the only looney who wants to own Birmingham City who has anywhere near the amount of money to keep us afloat.. Maybe a counter demo in the other car park, Who’s with me?


  • Griff says:

    We the fans are the club, nobody else can lay such a claim. If we continue to support the club and get behind the lads on the pitch (if indeed we still have 11 players when the season kicks off) we just might stand a chance of one day digging our club out of this mess. If we turn our backs on the club and get all bitter about things, we are doomed!!!

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    I’m joining the counter demo in support of the HONG KONG ONE! Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Hong Kong One!!! (don’t think it quite scans as a song but there you go; there again song rhymes with Hong Kong so there are possibilities!) On a serious note this protest against the owners is plain daft. Will is right; who in their right minds would buy BCFC at the moment? The Carson Yeung thing is a distraction at the present which none of us can do anything about. We need to get behind the team and the club since THAT is something we can influence.

    Keep Right On and Free the Hong Kong One ;-)

  • BearwoodPenguin76 says:

    I think the protest element amongst us are fired up by the media and are engulfing themselves in all of the negative hype (god there’s been a lot) and getting carried away with it!!. Theres a lot of fear amongst even reasonable fans, so although personally im not one of them ,I understand why people may be talking about such action…..Its a worrying period!.

    I would say like you almajir,that it wouldnt help at all (protesting),lets not get carried away and get behind the squad and Hughton, I’ve said before I dont think the team even with all our “Big Names” sold willl struggle,frankly I dont know whats going to happen but lets try and be positive. Im sure CH will have a few more signings up his sleeve and hopefully we can compete up the top end of the table.

    As for Carsen, put it out of your heads until something solid comes about,its all rumour and panic mongering from the media who are looking for a “crisis club” to write about.


  • Jamie b says:

    Protesting against the board is only going to make things worse these
    Protesters have had to many cocktails nights with there villa friends,we ain’t pink wearing fairys like trench and his lot were blues real men working class let’s get behind the club and show our support on our day no one can match our fans let’s go and have a laugh and sing our heads off. Marlon give her a slap marlon marlon give her a slap, Alex dig us a grave alex Alex dig us a grave, leave the bitchin to the team in pink.

    • Jay Sidney says:

      There may well be a heck of a lot to be concerned about right now as far as Blues go (but the appointment of the impressive Chris Hughton is certainly not among them). However, and irrespective of the widely differing views being represented on this (and quite a few other sites), the sort of puerile comments offered up by Jamie b (12 July) amount to foolish, ignorant, woman-hating filth and no better than the childish garbage posted by witton sheds infiltrators like trench.

  • Spot on almajir, I totaly agree with your comments. We (Supporters) are the heart in our club and need to show it, and that is to stand 100% behind Chris Hughton and the team. The Carson Yeung saga will end one day, good or bad, but we will Keep Right On to the end of the road in style.

  • Dean Giblin says:

    To be honest Johnson and Gardner wanted to go. I can see CJ BF and Michel going. I can see the rest staying. Hughton come out and said none of the others want to leave. I think with the McLeish money and the 3 I mentioned going will make up the 20 million deficit. Looking forward to seeing good footy down there the 1st in a long time…. Think we need a squad of about 26 (excluding kids) for championship/Europe. 3 Gk’s 9 Defs 9 Midfielders and 5 strikers, so assuming the 3 mentioned go think we need 1 r back 2 centre halves 2 attacking mid central and 1 striker then I think we have a chance at automatic promotion.What does everyone else think to the 26?? . Put the CY saga to the side its just speculation at the moment. KRO

  • bluemaximus says:

    I think I would be behind a protest if it was properley organised and didnt make us look stupid like it did with that lot down the road. The idealogy that we will all stand behind our team, is a dream. We all the club and that is the only reason we get Irate. BUT, if we dont say anything, if we dont make this board aware that we are disgruntled, we may as well just be called ostiches. Putting our heads in the sand, and pretending or just hoping everything will be OK and go away is not the way to settle any disagreement, so this should be no differnt.
    I am upset by the signing of King (Dont make comparisons to Bowyer) a CONVICTED (see earlier brackets) women beater. I am upset about players leaving, but id rather they leave than us go under and into administration. But I think that is the point. The board have ran the club poorly, and are in denial. They obviously cant afford to run the club, so they should sell the club. BUT, they will only do that when they have asset stripped, make some big bucks, then stave off administration and sell. Crooks. Make your voice heard, dont bury your heads in the sand!

  • ben sotv says:

    guys if you honestly think Yeung has the clubs best interests at heart im afraid your wrong. As supporters we have a right to know what is going on, at all occasions where they could tell us how bad it is they fob us off with lies and bamboozal us by bih owns this that the other bcfc is sound. well i tell you now if we do not act now it could be too late. people are not saying the fans will buy him out, what we want is to force him to sell. the guy brought us for far too much. Blackburn who have a similar ground capacity have won the prem sold for £23 mill. i love bcfc but £80 mill get real he paid too much and only way he can recoup monies he borrowed is to asset strip, ie johnson, jerome,zigic,dann, foster etc some of these have not left but its in motion. i never wanted him and was sorry to see sulli and gold go now all the guys who wanted them out should have enough reasons to get these clowns out. a protest on the 23 rd is a pants idea however the suggestion of protests against the board prior and after home games is the only way we can get them out. if we turn up to home games support the club, the players and staff but let them know after and before matches theyre not doing right by us the supporters who plough our hard earnt cash into the club. generations of my family have followed the blues, its not the easy option it makes us who we are never giving up never getting carried away but if bcfc went under all that would change keep right on guys and even if you do not agree with action remember some people believe this club is in danger and they believe they are taking part in peaceful positive action to ensure we are here for future generations to follow

  • […] Bluenoses who have set up a Facebook group demanding the exit of Carson Yeung from BCFC. I’ve spoken about this protest before, and I thought it would be a good idea to watch what they had to say and […]

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