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Substitute Changes

The Football League has today made an announcement that I think bodes well for the new season at Blues. The rule regarding matchday squad size has changed, with clubs now only allowed to name five substitutes.

A Football League spokesperson said

“This was felt to be a sensible and prudent step given the financial challenges facing many football clubs and the commitment made earlier this summer to adopt UEFA’s Financial Fair Play framework.”

For Blues, this is very good news. What it means is there is now less pressure to build a big squad; more importantly it’s going to save the club money. Players contracts stipulate appearance fees, and believe it or not but there is a small fee payable if a player is on the bench as an unused substitute. A move like this one will save the club (and other clubs in the FL) much needed money.


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One Response to “Substitute Changes”

  • chris says:

    i am disappointed by this, it means the manager has less players to choose from to vary / change his tatics. i love to see managers using their many subs and choosing 3 of them to change a game.
    hodgson was good at this at fulham and wba.
    take out the goalie and you only have four options two defenders and maybe two midfielder leaves only one striker, which would suit mclies but if both your strikers are injured your stuffed.
    it also is bad from the point of blooding younger players they won’t get on the bench of many teams now.
    the rule should have been left at 7 but two of them must be under 20 yrs of age

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