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News broke today that Birmingham City were to make yet another bid for Wigan winger, Charles N’Zogbia. This has whipped up more speculation on the messageboards, as transfer news is often wont to do. I’ve seen people moan about us “dithering” in our pursuit of the newly capped French wideman, and I thought I’d put down some thoughts about the whole deal.

Whilst it’s true we’ve been looking at N’Zogbia for a long time, I don’t believe we’re dithering in our pursuit with him. Indeed, on a previous blog post, I mentioned that we were playing hardball and not paying over the odds for him. I also said on that blog that I believed the time had come to take it to a conclusion – which is now what looks like happening.

It’s very easy for a fan to say – “just pony up the dough” – after all, it’s not really our money that is being spent. £10million for N’Zogbia is equal to an extra £769 on every season ticket (with a current level of 13,000 season tickets). It’s always startled me how people complain about how expensive football is as a spectator sport, and then in the next breath insist that club outlays an eight-figure sum for a player – not even counting wages, fees and bonuses. If we are not happy to pay an extra £20-50 on our season ticket, why should we expect the owner of the club to pay an extra £2mil on top of what he is prepared to for a player?

It’s one thing I don’t understand with football fans; and as I’ve said before, I believe is fuelled by 24 hour rolling news about football along with computer games such as Football Manager. I’m a big FM fan; I’ve played it extensively but I don’t beleive it’s anything more than an attempted simulation of football management. I like it for being able to check out quickly if a player is deemed by their researchers are any good, but to rely on it for any other reason is plain daft and sometimes I question if people are actually doing that.

I think Birmingham City are currently in a hard position. Gates of 21,000 against Blackburn in a season opener don’t point to us being able to properly afford a 10million rated player; yet without a marquee player it appears some fickle fans will continue to find excuses to not come to watch the team play. We’ve played some of the best football I’ve seen in the last season; we had our best finish in over fifty years last season and still fans won’t turn up to watch the team; yet messageboards are full of fans moaning that we haven’t spent the 40million that Carson Yeung promised us.

I know we need pace in our team; I think N’Zogbia would be an excellent signing and would probably offer us another attacking outlet; however, I am willing to trust in Eck and the board to do the deals they think are necessary, and not to allow themselves to be ripped off. I felt very impatient a week or so before the season started, but I’ve come to the conclusion that they must know what they are doing – and that if they are doing the best to keep the club on an even keel I should accept that in the long term. Whether others are prepared to do this, I don’t know.

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4 Responses to “Dithering”

  • gavin says:

    ‘I think N’Zogbia would be an excellent signing ‘ – really ? Excellent sounds a bit carried away. I don’t think signing him would get a single bum on seat either. There are better wingers in Spain for the same or less.

    Not impressed here.

  • almajir says:

    I think he could really do us a job.

    Actually, I was impressed by that Emilio Nsue playing for RCD Mallorca against us; I knew of his reputation from FM, but he looked really good – powerful, tall, pacy – and at 20 probably a saleable asset in the future…

    • gavin says:

      Couldn’t agree more. He will have a first class career. You would have thought Alex McLeish might have noticed him. Instead he traces the dream of the next big Wigan player a la Antonio Valencia.

      As Blues have some Spanish players on the staff they should look to strengthen by looking at La Liga. With £9m to spend another option would be to ask Valencia how much they want for Jordi Alba? Lightening fast, massive engine and lots of skill too. Limited chances at Valencia due to Mata /Pablo/Vicente/Joaquin. Will increase in value after one season, no problemo!

  • gavin says:

    traces s/r chases – muppet !

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