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Mick Rathbone book Competition Winner

There were lots of entries to the Mick Rathbone book competition, but as it turns out, only one with the correct answer…

It seems that a few of you went down the wiki/google route, and came up with Tottenham Hotspur. Mick Rathbone did indeed make his Birmingham City League debut against Spurs, but he played for the club once before that. From Mick’s book:

“Looking back I must have been an extremely talented player because – despite my severe neurological condition which manifested itself around TF, the disastrous performances when I trained with the senior players and the latest realisation that if anyone shouted at me at half time I would completely crack up – at the tender age of 17, I was called into the first-team squad for a mid-week League Cup game at Second Division side Blackpool.”

“Here goes. We lost and I played crap – I was at fault for both the goals and, as such, found myself on the receiving end of several tongue-lashings.”

That’ll teach you to trust Wiki!

The winner is Steve from Castle Brom, who fittingly was at that league cup game on 31st August 1976, 2 months before the Spurs game where Mick Rathbone made his league bow.


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  • viperblue says:

    I got my answer from my programmes from that era but although I was at that match I didn’t for some reason got a programme.
    I do remember they used to sell out at low attended games.

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