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Mixed Zones and Mixed Messages

Having a quick flick through Newsnow this morning shows an absolute dearth of stories regarding Blues and transfers – this is despite journos like James Nursey tweeting about how definite it was that Dann, Ridgewell and Carr will be off before the end of the transfer window. I’ve spoken about it before, but I thought I’d touch on it again.

First of all, let’s look at what James Nursey tweeted. What he is referring to is the so-called “mixed zone”, where journos can approach players and ask them for comments about the match and such like. For those who don’t know anything about what the mixed zone can be like, Janine Self wrote a good piece on the brilliant blog “In Bed With Maradona” about it. In short, in big games it can be a bit of a maelstrom. Of course, Blues against Cov isn’t a big game – but the same rules apply. Players hate the mixed zone – some will walk through with a phone pressed to their ear (sometimes with disastrous results, as Mat Kendrick notes about Emile Heskey in another good piece), some will have headphones on and some will just blank the press. In short, there is no obligation whatsoever for players to give interviews and most won’t.

I have my moles within the press corps, and I’ve been told that Stephen Carr rarely if ever stops for an interview. No one from the media asked Ridgewell to stop after the Cov game, and Scott Dann was obviously on the phone as he walked through. It’s pretty difficult to read anything about any of these three wanting to leave from them seemingly refusing to talk to journos post-match. So the question has to be asked, if this is the case why has James Nursey tweeted this?

The answer, as always lies with agents. It’s in the agent’s interests to get their player a big money move away from Blues, and it’s in the agent’s interests to ensure that it seems that other teams are interested to try and rustle up some real interest. Both Carr and Ridgewell are represented by the same firm – it’s easy enough for that firm to call James Nursey and offer him an exclusive in return for maybe pushing through a move that is non-existent.

I’m not the biggest fan of Mr Nursey; I understand that he has a job to do and I think his stories are more down to the editorial line of the newspaper that he works for rather than anything he might have against Blues but it does annoy me personally that so many people read so much into these stories when there is little in them. There does seem to be a tactic at the moment that if enough muck is flung then some of it will stick and the story will actually happen; that’s not journalistic accuracy any more than throwing darts into a dartboard covered with story ideas is. It’s just hit and miss.

I’m not saying that it’s unfeasible that Blues will see more departures. It’s obvious that whilst we’re not in administration that finances are a little precarious, and that Blues could secure their future more by selling some of their more prized assets. In saying that, I think Blues fans should read all stories (including this one) with a pinch of salt, and question everything. When times are hard it’s easy for the more negative rumours to come out; let’s not make things worse than they are by falling for them all.

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10 Responses to “Mixed Zones and Mixed Messages”

  • Scoobers says:

    If Dann, Jerome and Zigic are sold (and I believe they still will be at low prices) it won’t affect the team as they haven’t figured this season for differing reasons.

    Mr. Nursery gets some Blues news first and accurate, others are wide off the mark and it’s the latter that makes his reputation IMO.

  • Bluehobba says:

    So Dann is fit and can’t get in the side yet, although may be used in the Europa league, Jerome assumed light training and could be fit in 3 weeks – maybe after the window has shut, but its gone quiet on Zigic. Surely no one will “buy” someone injured. Is he now training and will he be “fit” enough in time for a transfer.

  • Midleton says:

    Let’s face it most of the things players say is bullshit anyway because most of the time they are asked banal questions-how did you feel when you scored the goal? etc etc.On the thorny issue of finance it is obvious that Dann wil go as will Jerome.Good luck to both of them.The club needs money and it is obvious that they have serious cash flow problems and this is something that has to be addressed but as long as Yeung is there the financial problems will persist.Am I the only person who thinks Tom Ross is in for the apologist of the year award as far as this board is concerned?

  • Poppa999 says:

    I think that most fans focus on the transfer fee, but when you consider a player on £25,000 a week, that is £4m over a three year contract. That is the reason they are off, whether they want to go or not. I bet in certain cases Blues are paying in instalments for players and have to factor in sell-on clauses, so it is not so cut and dried. Players coming in are going to be on much smaller wages and the club needs to get it’s wage bill down. I believe the recent £6.1m injection from China was to keep the club afloat and solvent with the bank.
    You mentioned Carr in you post, I thought he has said he wants to stay?

  • Tilts says:

    Thing is even if they speak to players they are all well versed in how to answer media questions… In the modern media trained era any interview with someone is football is full of cliches and full of not saying the wrong things… They are now boring.

    Are you staying at blues…… I am a blues player and under contract until they tell me otherwise, blah blah blah

    PS.. The money (£6m) generated was for BIH and blues only gain there is it’s £6m less they have to take from us to keep their DEATH ROW business from folding!

  • bluesaremylife says:

    Love the positives, but lets face it guys,Zigic Dann,Jerome will be sold.

    Its a crying shame as we need them and I believe they can hit it off in the Chumps league

    Oh well..onwards and upwards ..in Hughton we trust


  • Carl says:

    Nursery really irritates me. To say he has a job to do is a cop out. He wants the best story and most of write he writes is twisted and becomes garbage. I think he’d love it if we went into administration, what a story.

    The thing with journos writing garbage is that the media – and potential players – believe the whole lot. It’s counter productive to the club being progressive – and CH getting us promoted!

  • Soothsayer says:

    Amazed that so many people think this twot Nursey knows what goes on.He peddles bull and rumour and doesn’t give a hite about Blues. He is desperate for Blues to go into administration and is only interested in gobbling off his paymasters

  • Brucie says:

    Nursey accurate?!! don’t make me laugh. no credibility, no football knowledge, upper class twit

  • Blue In Murcia says:

    you mean upper class arse licking vile twit

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