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Supporters Trust Update

I’ve received this today from the fans who are setting up the Supporters Trust:

The first meeting of the Blues Trust was held at the weekend to discuss how fans of the club may improve their say in how the club is run.

Blues Trust, made up of a cross section of Blues fans, aims to create a Supporters Trust along the lines of those successfully employed at clubs such as Swansea,  which is now 20% owned by its fans. Supporters Trusts are run along not-for profit and democratic lines and the intention and should it be successful, will buy club shares and see fans represented on the Blues board.

The Trust’s spokesperson Chris Sanderson said, ‘the current uncertainty over the club’s finances and future has highlighted the need for fans to take a more direct role in how Blues is run.

“The Supporters Trust offers fans a vehicle to increase their profile at the club and work with the board through the current uncertainties.

“As the Trust will be democratic, co-operative and not-for-profit, we aim to make a fundamental difference in how the club is run and the way it interacts with the fans.”

A public meeting for Blues fans to hear more about the Trust will be held over the coming weeks.

Further details can be found at www.bluestrust.org


7 Responses to “Supporters Trust Update”

  • Rags says:

    As predicted … an unrepresentative, unelected, sycophantic group of “better than you” fools buying into an unsuitable model and trying desperately to force square pegs into round holes.

    A Supporters Trust is NOT beneficial to Brimingham City as a business and not beneficial to supporters. The model DOES NOT work for clubs who are still financially viable.

    • alexjhurley says:

      apart from that, do you think it’s a good idea then ?

    • letsby avenue says:

      Agree Rags.

      These people / fans are no doubt 100% committed Blues’ fans. I’m not calling them.

      No way.

      What I want to say is that we are not in administration and “Won’t Be,Any Day Soon” as Pannu said to T Ross – who tweeted the comment with an completely different agenda.

      Barcelona are a supporter’s held club. :-)
      And Real.

      Same as Shamrock, Sligo and Bohemian.

      Same as Merthyr Town F.C. !

      Swedish clubs have been fan-owned for yonks – it’s in their FA Constitution.

      In this country – fans will never get to lhe level of purchase or even a place on the board UNLESS they can raise multi-millions.

      We’d need Blues to get into the Blue Square League, before such dreams of community ownership had any viable chance of succeeding.

      Fans at Barca and Real – they really run their club eh? :-)

      They vote for the loudest mouth with the most extravagent promises. The person who will end up selling their training ground to pay for Figo and Zidanne. People who can raise multi-millions on loans – which our Blues Supporters Trust would be hard pressed to do…sorry.

      But….imo…in this set up we need to be in Administration, bankrupt and in the Blue Square—Before we stand a chance of influencing – FINANCIALLY – OR – MORALLY….ANY owner.

      The emergence of a new pressure group is only going to be even more divisive….and that is all they can be – divisive and by inherent doctrine…anti-blues stability.

      When all that Pannu and Hughton are trying to desperately achieve is a foundation, a bedrock for some form of survival and stability.

      Their raison d’etre is anti-blues, by default.

  • Paul Hawker says:

    Totally against this rubbish for a variety of reasons. If it’s just going to be a talking or rather moaning shop then OK but if it’s going to agitate that will put off potential investors.

    Also are members vetted? Total undesirables and losers do not represent our fans.

  • Sam says:

    How would they be vetted?

  • Dean Giblin says:

    Swansea were financially viable, there are a few others that are financially sound. So I don’t know where you get your ignorant comments from. And do you think we are financially sound? As to sycophantic fools with a better than you outlook if you actually read the statement it states “cross section of fans”
    As for saying its rubbish that’s very constructive don’t you think? And as to potential investors it would put off some investors yes, but put off the ones whose sole purpose is to fleece the club and have a hidden agenda. A supporter’s trust will make a takeover a lot more attractive to potential investors who have the best interests of the club.
    No one is being vetted. Undesirables? Just the 2 it seems that haven’t got anything better to do than just bury their heads in the sand

  • reginald hardy says:

    reply to “rags”. undesirables,loosers- compared to who please? I have been called both and sometimes even together by someone who has a holyier than thou attitude. Co-operatives work for the good of club and supporters. If people are prepared to put their money where their mouth is as season ticket holders do. What is undesirable about that! You could say we are all loosers compared to Abramhovich but what did he have to do to get billions? is he a nice man , happy etc. I for one will support the idea.

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