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Confirmation of Directorial Appointments

Today I have received confirmation from Companies House that BCFC plc have appointed two new directors.

As reported previously, 17 year old Ryan Yeung (Yeung Tsz Tsung), son of president of the board Carson Yeung and acting chairman Peter Pannu have been appointed to the board as of July 11th 2011. Both are now listed on bcfc.com as directors of the football club’s holding company.

I’m not completely sure, but I suspect that Ryan Yeung is now the youngest ever director of a football club in the English league system.

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8 Responses to “Confirmation of Directorial Appointments”

  • JohnR says:

    In my view the appointment of Ryan Yeung to the Board makes the club a complete laughing stock Michael Wiseman should have been retained as he at least had experience and knowledge of running a football club. Pannu is out of his depth and is just Yeung’s puppet. I do not trust a word he says.

    Yeung is going to be fighting a legal battle for months (if not years) to come and in the meantime the club will be drifting aimlessly along. The question that has still not been answered is where has the money gone. We have made massive savings on wages, brought in substantial transfer money and had a big parachute payment. Why are we still in difficulty? This is the question the Board should be answering.

  • bluesbot says:

    Is Ryan Yeung paid by the club for his turn as a Club Director ?, if so then its a disgrace considering good people have lost important jobs at blues due to the relegation – he also brings nothing to the table – for sure let him have some work experience but giving a directorial role is embarassing

  • Blue Steve says:

    From the interview he gave to the press following his exit. I sounded like Michael wanted to persue other business interests.

  • mark says:

    Really it does not matter who is a club Director as long as they have birmingham city at heart. Wiseman’s departure is sad but we got to move forward.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    “son of president of the board Carson Yeung and acting chairman Peter Pannu” tut, tut and out of wedlock too!!

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