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Selling Dann

Stephen Carr is still a Bluenose, and no doubt he still hates the Villa fans. But what of the man at the other end of that particular ditty, Cheryl Cole’s dream beau Scott Dann? With only 11 days left of the transfer window BCFC’s scouser centre back is still with the club, and there doesn’t seem to have been much movement towards his transfer. Furthermore, Scotty seems to have gained a habit of picking up little niggles that rule him out of games, such as the one against Nacional (which potentially left him cup-tied for European competition). It’s not the best situation.

I have to admit, I was openly sceptical of Dann’s injury prior to our first leg game out in Funchal. I went so far as to say to BCFC social media guru Andy Walker that he should feed back to the management that us fans aren’t buying it any more; furthermore after taking a quick straw poll of some of the twitterati who follow Often Partisan it didn’t seem that I was alone in my scepticism.

I accept that Scotty Dann is going to have to leave the club. I’ve heard for the last umpteen weeks how much we’re in the toilet financially, and if the sale of Dann is going to go a long way to alleviate that (which I believe it would), then for the sake of the club it has to happen. What I don’t like is that Blues are seemingly not playing Dann and making excuses for it. Fair enough, Davies and Caldwell are building a good partnership but if Dann wasn’t fit, why take him to Madeira?

It’s not even financially sound to put Dann on the bench – fans may not be aware but players are entitled to some appearance money as unused subs. If Blues are going to shove Dann through the exit door, then surely it would make sense for the long term future to stick Fraser Kerr on the bench? It’s not as if Hughton even uses subs at the moment (2 in the first three games), so why bother putting Dann on there?

I guess this might be me sounding a bit pissy and annoyed, but I’m tired of it all now. Tired of the media speculation, tired of which team are supposed to be watching him to line up a bid – I wish Blues would just push it along a little bit and get it over and done with, and more importantly ensure that we have a covering player to replace him – even if it’s just an extra body in the squad. Moving him on quickly would remove one of the last uncertainties hanging over the squad this window, and surely would enable Chris Hughton some room to bring in a young centre back. If he needs any ideas, Thomas Cruise has been released by Arsenal; he was a highly rated left sided centre back once upon a time and I reckon he’s worth a trial…

I’m waiting to hear now that Dann “has a slight niggle” that will keep him out of the team for the trip to the Riverside stadium on Sunday, and that Hughton “won’t risk him”. I’ll do my best to look surprised, but I don’t think I can fake it any more…


20 Responses to “Selling Dann”

  • soothsayer says:

    Erm what if Dann is injured? Too many conspiracy theorists and experts on Twitter. What if nobody actually believes Dann is good enough to play for a top 10 club apart from him and his agent? That might explain why noone has bought him. Same with Roger Johnson. He’s only good enough for a relegation battling club. He don’t know what he had here and will regret going to the Dingles

  • Bombo says:

    Peter Pannu has never said that we have to sell Scott Dann of course if an outrageous bid came in for him then fair enough he’d be gone but I think that’s unlikely. Sky Sport’s tout teams like; Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, to be interested in him but that’s laughable. He is a good player but he’s not a top Premier League player. In order to be a top Premier League defender you need to score goals Dann doesn’t never has. Look at Gary Cahill’s goal from last week v QPR that is what you call a top defender in this league.

    • Jordan Poole says:

      So if you was a manager of a top 4 team you’d only sign a centre back who scores goals :/ get with it mate Dann defensivly is one of the best i’ve seen, you don’t sign strikers to defend and make last ditch tackles :/ He’ll go to a top 4 team because he’s QUALITY! Enough said.

  • AR says:

    I don’t understand when ‘soothsayer’ states that Dann & Johnson are only fit for fighting relegation. These two were almost the best pair in the Premiership for the last 2 seasons. Wenger is too pigheaded to buy him & that goes for Shay Given too. I bet Arsenal fans wish they had both of them for the coming season.

  • glyn rees says:

    Who would buy him? He has not proved his fitness, so after such a bad injury who would take such a risk.Here till Jan no doubt. Then he can prove how good he is for half a season. The only reason they looked so good was that we defended with 8 or 9 players.

  • Aj18er says:

    I wouldn’t have thought Danns appearance money is going to be massive, he’s still on the same contract as when we signed him from Coventry so is not likely to be on a massive amount, I’d have thought we could sustain his wages for 1 season at this level, it’s the fact that he’s our most saleable asset that he’s likely to leave… I doubt anyone else in the squad would bring in £5 million plus now…

  • alexjhurley says:

    for once I disagree ! I think that benching dann is the right thing to do right now. I’m sure the club are working hard to find a buyer but, as has been rightly pointed out, the market for him is relatively small – maybe 2 or 3 mid ranking prem sides with cash.

    I actually think there’s an even money chance hell stay. Largely cos he’s not played for so long I’m not sure he’d pass a medical…..if the club was as financially knackered as some people would have us believe he’d have gone to stoke already. But keeping him away from further injury in case a big bid comes in whilst allowing caldwell and Davis to form a partnership is the right call undoubtedly. Realistically the club can’t admit to this publically not least because it would breach rules about playing your strongest 11. Theres also merit in hughtons arguement which says on form caldwell and Davis are the best 2 anyway.

    As for dropping him entirely, that’s fact. If caldwell or Davis did get injured in a game the last thing we need is a rookie centre half comiing on from the bench.

    Personally I think zigic is the elephant (or should that be giraffe) in the room here. Getting him sorted out one way or the other is crucial given the money he’s costing and the return were getting.

  • chris says:

    i also get frustrated, angry and depressed by the board then excited and proud by the team and manager and i am sure many of us feel the same with the whole debacle.
    maybe chris isn’t playing him because he knows no one will buy him without seeing him play.
    this means he can keep him till jan and if we need to sell i think we cluld get more in jan as teams are usually more desperate to buy players to stay up etc and pay over the odds.
    plus if the offers coming in are paltry them blues are correct to say no and keep him.
    the big wage earner we need to get rid of is zigic and considering he hasn’t contributed since feb,
    it would be nice if he said to the club he’d take a temporary wage cut till he’s fit, but i know footballers have no morals just greed like our mp’s, council leaders, bankers and business people like the ceo of stagecoach.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    “I guess this might be me sounding a bit pissy and annoyed, but I’m tired of it all now. Tired of the media speculation, tired of which team are supposed to be watching him to line up a bid – I wish Blues would just push it along a little bit and get it over and done with….”


    That is frustration brought about by living in the cocoon of social and open media.
    Places where repeated rumour becomes fact, if repeated often enough.

    Pannu said “No Fire Sale” and that Blues would stick to their valuation.
    He has done that. Fans might have expected RJ to be worth £10million .. :-) So selling Johnson is a “fire sale” at the price he went for.
    We have a £40 million deficit to make good – and fans asssume that Yeung and company are taking the money, because actually thinking about the why’s and how’s seems to be too hard.

    Up until now I’ve been 99% agreeing with your views.

    But not on this particular blog.

    How do you expect blues to move the sale along ?
    By reducing the asking price?
    By keeping or getting him fit?

    Dann in Maderia trained with the physios. As he has been doing for a while apparently.He was there as emergency back-up I’d think in case anything happened to Davies-Caldwell.


    I think that Blues’ biggest problem is getting decent bodies in, before the sudden last few days sales.
    Not about if a player is still injured or gets £50 pence for sitting on the bench.

    We are all frustrated.

    But we don’t blame the club because of media speculation and twitter-nonsense.

  • Blue In Murcia says:

    Letsby Avenue, that is the one of the best comments I have seen for a long time. I am sick and tired of all the slanderous rubbish i see by certain commenters on the Birmingham Mail articles about the board. Where has all the money gone? The players and agents back pocket! Simples!

  • Blue Steve says:

    While its obvious that Dann is fit to play the club have obviously told CH that if a reasonable bid come in the Dann will be sold. Basically we need the cash to cover the financial deficit we face. I am a realist and am OK with this. Maybe if we get reasonable fees for Dann, Zigic and Jerome then we will give CH at least a small amount of cash. A loan fee for Nile Ranger would be a start. But we need these deals to happen quickly but by the same token not under valueing these players too much just because we need a quick deal so we can make our own moves in the market. Its a complicated compromise but one thing I do know. We can not afford to pay Nikola Zigic 50 k a week so he must be off the wage bill by the time the window closes. KRO.

    • Letsby Avenue says:

      “While its obvious that Dann is fit to play the club have obviously told CH that if a reasonable bid come in the Dann will be sold.”


      Dann trains with physios and has done since we came back from Ireland.
      Zigic also trains with physios.

      Neither train, full-tempo with the first squad.

      Jerome has only this last week started running (alone)..

      King – I’ve no idea where he is at mate :-)


      It is NOT OBVIOUS to any cell, outside your brain that Hughton is telling lies, or that the club have given undercover instructions.
      That is what you are implying.


      Dann went to Madeira as a member of the squad – he didn’t even make the Bench – so conspiracy theories about him getting “bench-appearance” fees or being protected for future sales are nonsense. Sorry.

      He went as emergency cover if either Caldwell or Davies stumbled. In the event – he didn’t even make the bench. Which to any sensible person would mean that full fitness is not imminent.
      i.e. A quick sale is not imminent.

      Zigic, Jerome and King didn’t travel – why? More conspiracy theories?

      Or just a simple fact that they are further behind Dann in match and body fitness.

      “lex parsimoniae” – better known as Occam’s Razor.

      When choosing between equal theories – choose the one that makes the LEAST assumptions.

      And you will be nearer the truth.

      Look at your post mate, remove the assumptions, and what do you believe?


      • almajir says:


        Okay bub, let me run something past you. Players are paid a weekly wage, plus bonuses, plus appearance fees. They get “x” appearance fee if they start a game, “y” appearance fee if they’re on the bench and come on, and “z” appearance fee if they’re on the bench but don’t get paid. I can tell you this is a FACT. No conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Appearance fees are standard within the game – the amount of money a player receives varies from player to player, and if you think about it they’re how “pay as you play” contracts work.

        Dann has been training with the physios since Ireland, yet was on the bench against Derby and Coventry. Therefore he had to have had some fitness – yet we go to Madeira and all of a sudden he’s not fit enough again which coinidentally means he can’t be cup-tied for European action. Funny, that.

        In fact, I’ve even seen a training session – the open one after the Everton game, and the only player training with a physio that day was Jean Beausejour (cos he’d just come back from hols after the Copa America). Scott Dann was indeed training properly with the rest of the squad.

        So you’ll have to pardon me if I look at your comment and treat it with the same scepticism you treated the post.

      • Blue Steve says:

        If my post intimated that CH is a liar I regret that but I don’t think it did. He is in a very difficult situation. He can only present to us part of the picture in interviews to protect the clubs interest and get the best valuation we can for these players. If the club are in a deep financial hole and it appears they are. Then getting good money for these players seems to be the right thing to do. You seen to be hoping that by virtue of these players being injured we therefore might be able to keep hold of them. I’d rather these players are sold and the club is less likely to go into admin plus maybe CH can put his own stamp on our weak squad. KRO

  • t davies says:

    spot on, just look at the other players that have been mentioned as leaving they all have got supposedly slight injuries? coincidence or what?? As things are they would sell anyone and anything, lets hope nobody puts offers in for floodlights etc.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Why oh why doesnt Pannu refuse to sell any other players? He can not tell us where the receipts to date have ended up. He doesnt understand the back ground shannanigans and ultimately the money will go to relieve CY of whatever post trial financial mire he ends up in the middle of.
    So I say keep the players we have as to sell them at any price is no different to the club or the fans as giving them away!

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