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Time for Valles?

I’ve been kicking around in my head a few ideas about what Blues should re players; it seems obvious to me right now the 4-2-3-1 formation we’re playing is suiting our first choice personnel well, but with Mutch in the treatment room still (is it a busted ankle?), Gomis unfit for the last two games, Fahey apparently ineffective against Middlesbrough and Beausejour out of position, are Blues going to have to change things to try and accommodate our threadbare squad?

However, with all that being said, I believe there is one option open to Chris Hughton he’s not looked at yet – and which has been overlooked by many because of the lack of impact the player has made on the club. I’m talking about our Spanish midfielder Enric Valles, who’s main position is apparently in the centre of midfield. Is it possible instead of playing knackered players out of position we could give a chance to a youngster who at least knows the slot well?

I’ll be the first to admit Valles is in no way the second coming of the messiah; he’s barely the second coming of Michel to be honest. I can recall fellow fans saying that Valles looked a bit out of his depth in the Carling Cup early rounds last year, and I remember that he wasn’t especially brilliant for the Senior Cup side either. However, I also recall that Enric had a good spell in pre-season out in China the year before last, and that indicates to me that there has to be some talent in there – after all, he was offered another year. We wouldn’t do that just to keep Michel company, would we?

The team against Nacional is going to be a massive call. Whilst European competition is going to be an added distraction, and the thought of another six games crammed into the season doesn’t appeal greatly, it has to be said that it would also be a selling point to pick up top loan talent from the Premier League. Friends of mine who support the Baggies are already very happy with the experience Chris Wood is picking up, and I believe the management at the Hawthorns would take a similar view. I wonder if we got on the blower to one of the big sides – Man City, Man U or Chelsea for instance – and asked for a couple of players who the respective managements rated , to give them European experience – how many of them would say no? Couple in with that the financial incentives, and to me it’s a no-brainer, let’s go for it.

But does going for it against Nacional entail with sticking with experienced heads on tired bodies, who got a decent draw out in Madeira but looked pooped against Middlesbrough in the second half; or does it entail throwing in some fresh legs to run at a team that plays poorly away from home and hope youthful enthusiasm can win the tie for us? Like I say, it’s a huge call – but my gut instinct would be to give a shirt to Valles and say – “here’s your shot at the big time lad, prove yourself.” It worked for Nathan Redmond after all. Maybe what Valles learned from nine years as a lad in the Barcelona cantera would stand him in good stead.


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7 Responses to “Time for Valles?”

  • JohnnyZulu says:

    Valles is terrible. end of

  • Bombay Blue says:

    Apologies for the criticism, but do you really believe Chris Houghton has not considered all of his options with the players that are at his disposal? I would be very surprised if all permutations have not been considered and tried in training. KRO

  • alexjhurley says:

    As per my comments re our young reserves yesterday, Valles is obviously not good enough otherwise he’s have been further up the pecking order by now….

    We have to go for the win on Thurs, and I agree that it will help to attract players in. Personally, I think we can go 4-4-2 and the team picks itself

    Carr, Cladwell, Davies, Ridgewell (or Murphy is LR injured);
    Burke, Fahey, Spector (if Gomis injured) Beausejour;
    Rooney and Wood;

    Alternatively we could go one up front, with Beausejour in the hole and REdmond on the left. EIther way nobodies out of position. And if we can’t turn nacional over based on last weeks performance, then we are in trouble.

  • Poppa999 says:

    I think Valles has always had players in front like Ferguson, Bowyer, Fahey etc. With his injuries last season it has been difficult to make a real assessment (unlike JonnyZulu). If he had been “no good” he wouldn’t have been offered an extra year’s extension. Enric looks a good prospect, but then again I thought Carlo Costly looked good!

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Interesting link to prove that we should not be in this mess in the first place,
    & if the referee’s had done what they they were supposed to, & are paid hansomely to do so,
    we would still be in the Prem……


  • Blue Steve says:

    Looks like he has opted for a new boy. Guirane N’Daw. Apparently he is a defensive midfielder but a bit different from Gomis. I think this is a good call as we don’t have a midfielder of his size and stature. We still need at least one more forward though. KRO.

  • John baiks says:

    Why don’t u join a forum everybody else has

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