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Chinese Media – He’s not coming home?

News has emerged in Hong Kong overnight that the HK attorney general has applied for a review into Carson Yeung’s bail conditions, with the hearing to be held tomorrow morning.

There isn’t a massive deal of information on the hearing, but Oriental Daily reports it should last around 30 minutes, and that the nature of the case is “Application for review of nature of bail decisions”

No doubt we will find out tomorrow if Carson Yeung is to be blocked from his trip to the UK.


11 Responses to “Chinese Media – He’s not coming home?”

  • Mark says:

    Lets hope he is allow to return so the boardroom mess can but sorted out and as a club we can move forward without further disruption…………………And we the fans are given honest answers on his return????

  • Mark says:

    To further my response earlier if Carson cannot fulfil his promises of investment then he must go…..

  • Masaccio says:

    Is it something Cameron Jerome said?

  • Bubbler says:

    When will this nightmare end ? Cameron Jerome is right,we need people in charge at the club with a football background……. The worry then is what they might have left behind ! KRO

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Is it possible that they may lift his travel ban completely? Are his frozen assets a bail consideration or a seperate court procedure. (I am clutching at straws here!!)

    • almajir says:

      If I’m honest, the way I’m reading it is that the HK attorney general doesn’t want CY to leave HK. The frozen assets is a completely different procedure, and a different court case – the frozen assets one is HCMP 1254/2011, this one is HCMP 1715/2011

  • glyn rees says:

    I would be very pleased if CY was prevented from flying to the UK . My reasons are that if he ever attended Stans there would be major trouble from the fans. Ending in a massive fine , have we not got a suspened fine hanging over our heads. Kro

    • chris says:

      Glyn , i did read somewhere that he was only going to london to meet Chris and other club officials, might be true or a bluff to put us of the scent, who knows.
      i think he is due to arrive the day before the Braga game.
      keep a custard pie handy for the clown!!

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Toss up who would be the most unwelcome with the fans; CY or McJudas.

  • Bluehobba says:

    I think it’s important now that CY comes over and makes a statement of his intentment of what is going on and what his ambitions are. A few months ago Peter Pannu talked about the previous regime and the arrests and said something along the lines of “innocent until proven” and although everything seems to stack in favour of the courts or media (cos they are making the most noise), as yet nothing is proven. Shame CY chooses to stay quiet but as I have said previously, maybe it’s the Chinese way.. Not the Blues way tho.

  • John baiks says:

    This is a load of tosh

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