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Carsongate – Carson travel plans revoked

It’s literally a three line story, but news has broken in Hong Kong that Carson Yeung will not now be allowed to travel to the UK tomorrow.

This piece on the Radio Television Hong Kong website (a HK Govt owned broadcaster) indicates that the High Court has revoked Carson’s travel plans.

More as it breaks.

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5 Responses to “Carsongate – Carson travel plans revoked”

  • Mark says:

    I feel we need carson back to explain his plans now and for the future…………. so most blues supporters can draw line under this saga….. this will only drag this matter on further…………..KRO

  • simon says:

    This is all geeting very embarrsing

  • gary says:

    This matter will drag on for as long as it takes and unless we have invested millions into the club and are at risk of losing it I feel the only thing we should be concerned with is what we do on the pitch. I am a businessman and my customers can say what they like about how the business is run, but I take no notice and just continue to provide a service. I am lucky because I have had very few complaints over the years but some of the remarks I have had came from people who have no business knowledge whatsoever and if I had followed their advice the busines would fold. We have a club, we have acompetitive team and there has been nothing to suggest that w eare about to fold. What CY does in his business is no concern of ours and he certainly doesnt have to answer to us supporters unless we are big shareholders. He put his money in and put guarantees up meaning if the club failed he stood to lose a lot of money. Now holding onto certain players on high wages with a reduced income does not balance the revenue and as his assetts are frozen due to this court case he merely has his hands tied otherwise I dare say he would have put more money in. Villa and a lot of other clubs have had to do the same and they are still in the prem. Villa have spent minus £20 million which isnt far different to us, and their owner doesnt have any non football related cases against him. Is RL being asked to answer the fans? No! so why do some blues supporters seem to think that CY has to? Its a sad world we live in where some people think they are owed something. CY didnt get us relegated and if we had stayed up the sitation would have ben wporse because we had to get rid of players who were not good enough and CY would have had to find at least £100 million to keep us in the division.
    This situation is a lot better than people think because we have the opportunity to rebuild our squad without players wages dragging us down. Wages and inferior players were inherited from the DS and DG days and added to by AM with CY’s money. CY trusted his manager and allowed him to spend a lot of money. second highest spenders in the transfer market this time last season and we ended up relegated.
    Is this CY’s fault and how would you feel if you were in his situation, being hounded by people who seem to think you owe them something? imagine remortgaging your houses and spending the money on the club and players like CY has done, and then finding that your house is about to go inless the club sell palyers and reduce its liabilities. What would you do and what would you say to the supporters baying for your blood?
    How willing would you be to travel to the other side of the world just to speak to these henchmen? I for one wouldnt bother, so I think he is a brave and honourable man. Notwithstanding he had the b***s to take us on in the first place.

  • gary says:

    just for perspective!
    I am all in favour of scouring the news columns to find out if we are going to get some fresh investment but CY’s business problems are personal and nothing to do with football. We would have had to sell players regardless just like the Villa and a few other prem clubs have done. Perhaps its just human nature to look for someone to blame. Try DS, DG, SB and AM plus around 40 odd players who are all sitting pretty on the money they took out of our club and dont give a fig.

    We seem to have forgotten that If CY hadnt been forced to buy the club (Couldnt get rid of his original shares) for double its value from DC and DG, who by the way are enjoying spending his money on West Ham things would be very different now. DC and DG are laughing now because blues fans have got someone new to plaster in the hate columns.

    I wish CY all the best, and I am confident that he will do the right thing by us and the club, so lets leave him alone to get on with what must be a very stressfull time in his life. It isnt a case of him robbing our houses and raping our loved ones now is it? Its just football and a temporary loss of status. We have been here before and will no doubt be here again. Its what keeps us blues fans going. I would find it quite boring expecting to sign the most expensive players and win every game and no doubt be calling for the manager or chairmans head every time we fail to do so.
    Its great being a blues fan.

  • Matthew says:

    Gary I have to agree with you!!

    If anyone knows how to make money quickly it is the Chinese its just because it is BCFC that this has been blown out of perspective! If people could be bothered to look they will find that a lot and I mean hundreds of Chinese and Asian individuals have been in similar situations to CY in recent years as there are around 4Billion people in a country that made £Billions overnight and CY is just one of hundreds that has money everywhere! The business options they have in terms of sponsorship and continued investment are astounding and this is just a mere blot on an otherwise very thick copy book!

    I still believe as do many that CY will come out of this clean and clear as the Chinese authorities have always being known for being way OTT – just look at the Internet rules!!

    One things for sure – if CY is given a pardon come Feb/March next year and Hughton has a successful season BCFC will have won £80M and we all know CY has at least £59M cash burning a hole in his dads bank account!!! :-)

    I was excited to see what the Chinese could do and how far they could take us over their 5 year plan when they came and I for one hope they still get to do it……. KRO

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