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Late night in brugge…

What a result, eh?

Normally I’d write a full post match review, but as I’m full of Belgian beer and on a mobile it’s difficult. There will be one tomorrow complete with pictures but I wanted to share my absolute joy right now.

I also should mention post match beers with dgreenmarine, the fafman, Jim, Danny and Connor as well as my travelling companions IPF, Mo and SHA Andy.

Enjoy it bluenoses.

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9 Responses to “Late night in brugge…”

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Brilliant – I’ve been up since 4am to watch the game like all Aussie Noses have been and it’s a magic feeling.

    It’s hard to concentrate at work today – such an exciting and proud feeling.

  • Boy from Oz says:

    I know exactly how you feel Aussiebrum. I tried to go back to bed for a couple of hours but I was too exited so I watched it again (recorded obviously).
    After their goal I thought here we go, but to the teams credit they kept at it and brilliant timing for the subs, all credit to CH he only had a win on his mind. I’m beginning to expect the unexpected. KRO.

  • Bongo says:

    Same here in Japan, lads. Tried to go back to bed but was too excited. Managed to show some self-control when Wood popped that one in but I wanted to scream the walls down.

    Look forward to the full report and photos

  • Bummie in south africa says:

    fantastic night (or morning) for BCFC fans all over the world, well done lads you made us proud.From all in S/A, KRO

  • Oldbluenose says:

    From a Bluenose in Brum,!! What a fantastic night for the club, fans and supporters,!!.

  • chris says:

    Fantastic night in Bruge even without tickets, thanks Bruge cops for nothing, stadium five thousand short of capacity, so they could have given us more tickets.
    Though screw them, we still revelled in the euphoria during and after the game, the squares were full of Blues fans dancing & singing and the bars must have made a killing, which Club Bruge could have done, but instead lost out on about another 100,000 pounds.
    Team and CH got it right and though we start slowly in each half we do finish strongly in each half and hopefully the season will pan out this way as well.
    Would be nice if we didn’t give the ball away as quick as we do sometimes, though it’s a fine balance to pass a quick ball or pass it round and have some patience.
    The spirit in the team seems as good as last seasons squad which bodes well and it was great to see couple of players going to N’daw to get his head right for the last ten minutes
    Whole team is pulling together and i still think they can improve a bit more.
    Thanks for another great day out lads.

  • Albert O'tarantini says:

    Great night for the Blues, and a relief to hear that Pablo is OK.
    It was a brave header, maybe the Brugge striker should’ve been more aware, but these things happen.
    Thought they’d have to take N’daw off, credit the way he carried on for Blues,
    I thought N’daw had a really good game, a formidable player with a sensitive side. -I’m a fan!

    I’m enjoying this season. We’ve gone from a side who couldn’t buy a goal, to a team with Goal options, goals on the bench, goals from defence!. and we’ve still got Redmond to look forward to.

    A word for Boaz -Immense!

  • m says:

    Great win. In consideration of the ticket allocation the Belgian experience of English fans is Heysel and the European Championships which were shared between Belgium and Holland (water cannons in Charleroi) so the police in Bruges are entitled to be wary. Hope that Blues fans behaved themselves and set as good an example as the team did.

  • kentucky blue says:

    From the usa, well done lads kro

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