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The Class of Curtis

I thought I’d take a look today at one of the players I think has shown their class this season – central defender Curtis Davies.

It’s hard for any player to cross the expressway from our brethren in pink and baby blue to the team that proudly bears the city’s name, and I think for Curtis Davies it was harder than most. At the time of him signing we’d got quite a few players with links to our cross-city rivals, so you might think he’d get an easier ride than most but it was a time when our once-strong defence was slowly starting to creak and fall apart.

His debut against former club WBA wasn’t the best; Curtis seemed ring-rusty and in comparison to Martin Jiranek who’d been pretty good up until that point it left a few people wondering why we’d signed him. His second league game was the away defeat to Wigan Athletic, where once again Blues proceeded to throw away a match they could quite comfortable could have won. Poor old Curtis must have felt a bit of a Jonah as Blues proceeded to only take five points from their last eight games, and Curtis sat on the bench for the only two games we won after the League Cup Final meaning he wasn’t on the winning side once for Blues in the Premiership.

However, in the last of those defeats – the heartbreaking 2-1 loss to Spurs that condemned us to relegation Curtis showed us what he could do. I can still firmly remember the two absolutely breathtaking tackles he made in the centre circle to prevent a Spurs break whilst Blues were still in it. Having just re-read through what I wrote that day and I can remember why I thought Davies had a good game – he actually wanted it, unlike some of our other players.

Fast-forward to this season, and Curtis is now a first-choice centre back. Yes, it’s a tier lower, and thus mistakes aren’t going to be punished as ferociously as they are in the Premiership but Davies has looked comfortably a class above. What helps is that Hughton has instilled in the team the need to pass and play the ball properly – instead of mindless hoofing, you see our defenders win the ball and then lay it off simply – which to my mind helps a player look classy.

Unlike some of former players who pissed and moaned until they got a transfer, Curtis said nothing and got on with it. I think he comes across as a decent bloke – you only have to read his twitter feed to get the impression he’s a regular guy who’s lucky enough to play football. The thing is though, because he’s got on with it he’s shown up against the mediocrity in the division – and I could see another team coming calling for Curtis if they wanted an experienced centre back. He’s a player I hope we can hold on to, for if we’re going to push up the division we need players like him to be the spine of the team.

So there you go. I’ve not really spoken much about Davies this season but he’s on my personal list of players who have done really well. With a bit of luck he’ll continue to do so, and our rock solid back four will be the basis of a charge up the table. Onwards and upwards as they say.


8 Responses to “The Class of Curtis”

  • BowThai says:

    spot on.along with center back partner(Mr supprise,Caldwell) Curtis has given a level of consistency required to obtain promotion.I just hope,as you say we can keep hold of him in Jan.

  • Gareth says:

    I’m happy with our centre backs now, oviously Caldwell and Davies have been impressive, but Ibanez (or Pablo as some like to call him :) ) has really caught my eye too, he reminds me of Scott Dann, doesn’t ever seem to make a tackle, just makes sure he’s in the right postition so that he never has to.

    Let’s face it, we might’ve lost Johnson at the end of the season, but for the last 4/5 months of his time at blues, he was unrecognisable. He went from being somebody who gives 110%, gets stuck in and comes off better to somebody who gives 110%, goes in recklessly and became a liability. From what the Wolves fans I know are saying, it looks like he’s carried on in that vein of form.

  • Masaccio says:

    Johnson appears to believe his own press, Curtis looks like he’s just getting on with the job.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Curtis,s stats work out at about 22games a season since he began his football career which indicates that he has mostly been on the fringes of 1st team football.It would be mad for him to move to a Premier side in January,as we can offer him 1st team football,a Premier club probably couldnt.Im sure Chris H will tell him this.

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    Living in Bedfordshire I know Davies is a legend at Luton from the days they were in the Championship and he was also regarded as top notch at Albion. It was when he left for that lot in Claret and Blue that his career went downhill for some reason. in truth he had some stinkers last year but people down here said wait and see you will see how good he can be. I agree he has crept under the radar this year improving with every game and he now looks very much the part. He seems an ideal partner for Caldwell who in my opinion is unrecogniseable from the player that started this year and for me looks a natural captain. I also rate Pablo too so we at present are bessed again in central defence. I met Curtis very briefly at the players awards do at the NIA this year and while most of the players (now gone) were being hounded for photos he sat in the background being unassuming and was polite when approached. I very much hope he is allowed to stay and continue to show us how good he can be.

  • Adam c says:

    I think that Davies has done brilliant this year with Caldwell at the back although I think we need another centre back as it puts less pressure on Spector at right back and means if an injury occurs then less of a crisis. So if we brought in either Matt killganon from Sunderland or mike Williamson from Newcastle(maybe in exchange for ridgwell) this would be cheap also as they are like Davies was at the villa a 1st team fringe player.

  • jeff says:

    curtis wasn,t match fit when he first donned our colours,he,s a very capable defender.a better one than r.j.cauldwell is a natural leader who can read a game to offset his lack of pace.pablo looks a class act.we,re blessed with these three at the moment.williamson did well for c.h at the toon

  • Mark says:

    i agree with whats been generally said, I believe curtis will get better and having caldwell to kick his backside if his levels drop, Obviously with still many games playing each week and european football we appear to have better options than first started, and other capable defenders to come in if need be. For blues it about defend first keep it tight, then hopefully our boys upfront can kick on and get the goals to win the matches…………kro

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