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On a coach…

As I write this I’m sat on a coach chugging along the m42 on the way to Braga. It’s a bit of a road trip and thus I’m going to do my best impression of Jack Kerouac and write on the road.

It’s weird really as quite a few people I know thought that the idea of a coach trip to Portugal would be insane but the truth is I see it as a bit of an adventure. Away trips on the coach in the league can be lots of fun with the right crowd aboard and I’m hoping we’ll have a bit of a singsong on board.

We’re due to be on the ferry around 8am and I’ll hope to update some more then.

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5 Responses to “On a coach…”

  • RenalBlue says:

    Good morning Almajir,
    Hope you have a great trip and help bring us back the win we need.
    Not sure if you have your sea legs so take my advice as a frequent traveller on the Irish Sea (rough most of the time). As soon as you get aboard, find you way to the food hall and eat while you are still in port. The route you’ll be taking is just as notorious as the Irish Sea and as you know the last few days have been a bit on the blustery side. Those not used to being on the sea will do the usual thing, out on deck breathing in the sea air, watching everything that’s going on and then frantically waving at anybody ashore as the ship leaves port.
    Your stomach is like a washing machine. Eat while you are calm and you’ll be digesting your food before the ship starts moving about.
    The others that come in after leaving port, windswept hair, rosey red cheeks will then chuck their grub into a stomach already slopping around. Keep well out of their way in about 1 hours time!!!
    Hope you don’t mind my advice.
    Looking forward to further updates of your journey.
    Keep Right On.

  • prewarblue says:

    As one who has fed the fish on various ferry,s heartily agree with this,,,,even such ferries as the Swanidge,,Torpoint and Isle of Wight

  • Boy from Oz says:

    Good luck on your journey Almajir and that goes for all the Blue Noses travelling to Braga. I will be watching live coverage on Fox starting at 4.30am Adelaide time.My family may as well watch it with me because when the lads score everyone in the house is going to know about it. I will be wearing the Carling cup scarf our kid sent me along with the silly jester hat.

  • Bromsgrove Blue says:

    HI there, i think my son Jamie is on the coach too ???? massive blues fan. only 20 – big adventure for him. forgot to take his sandwiches – i don’t think he really cares !!! enjoy the road trip.
    KRO the Road.

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