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Carson in Court

As you may well know, Carson Yeung was due in court this morning for a pre-trial review in connection to five charges of money laundering.

The largely procedural hearing was barred to the public, and as such there is very little detail at the moment, but Carson’s lawyer has confirmed outside the court that Carson intends to fight the charges. I’m still waiting for further comment in the Hong Kong/Chinese press.

It should be confirmed shortly when the trial will be heard; although initially the dates were supposed to be in February there has been no confirmation when the case will be back in court yet. As more detail comes in, I shall endeavour to keep this blog updated. Please be aware when commenting on this article that the club does read this site and that libel laws do apply to comment on blogs.


60 Responses to “Carson in Court”

  • JohnR says:

    BBC WM’s reporter in HK said that the trial may be brought forward to sometime in December.

  • Mez says:

    Mentioned December in the Bangkok newspaper as well

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    Let’s hope the trial is soon. Carson can then get back to St Andrews where I’m sure he’ll receive a reception from us all to remember.

  • mickey07 says:

    Hopefully the farce with this crowd running us will start coming to an end now, and they can go back to hong kong/far east where they belong….as for pannu,,he just winds people up with his non comments all the time which just goes to show how much out of touch the guy really is……all you ever hear from this shower of a crowd is “court court court” be it on these shores or over the far east and they are becoming very boring,i just want them out of our club and get back to being a football club again…….go and wreck some tinpot club over the far east or something will you, but get the hell out of england as you are not wanted by most of our fans… mr pannu you have had plenty of time to say something to the fans and a certain mr tom ross in doing a phone in but you choose not to,whys that?????cant wait till all this is over with them as its like a big millstone round our necks with this crowd…

  • bassman says:

    How can Pannu tell us something if there is nothing to tell, CY is awaiting trial his assets are frozen, when he is found not guilty he will continue raising revenue to support the club, i dont see the need to leap up and down ,we’re no different to many other clubs that have been relegated and in better shape than leeds ,southampton and portsmouth were, it would seem that the minority of fans wishing cy bon voyage might yet be be wondering where to go next if cy does get cleared.

  • Sussexwill says:

    Look I don’t care either way for Carson but If he gets off and comes back to Brum and gets the club out of danger from bankrupsy I will be happy. I don’t totally blame him for this situation I think he and the board were very nieve. He has put a lot of money into the club won us a cup, taken us on a European Tour and in true Blues fashion we have done it the hard way….. This situation is no where near the Sh1t we found ourself in with Wheldon or the Kumars. So lets all just it gets sorted out soon for the best and just think it could be a lot worse …… We could still have the Ginger twat as well…….

  • kev51 says:

    Well Mickey can you just let me know how you conclude that “That you’re not wanted by most fans”
    was it a scientific poll that you conducted can you please publish the size of the sample used, and the questions that were posed to that sample group?
    Or was it you jumping to a massive conclusion all by your own self??

  • BCFC4life says:

    well kev51 im sure its pretty obvious that there not wanted by the majority of the fans without needing to be patronising you muppet

  • BlueWestie says:

    Cheers for the updates, helpful as always Mayor.

    And Mickey, remember the old phrase better the evil you know…. The Pompey fans wanted something better and they are abut to get dumped in to Admin for the second time. We know CY is skint until the end of this trial, with luck he gets cleared and can go back to trying to build a future for our club. If you hate them all so much maybe you should try and find someone to buy the club, as you seem to think it is so easy to find a rich chap willing to piss money up the wall. They have invested money in us, they will want it back. IF you had put money in to a business and it was going belly up im sure you would do anything you could to save it and then be able to get your cash back. Why would they be any different?

    • Bluenosesol says:

      They will NEVER get their cash back because they paid £50million over the odds for the club. Thats why we wont see another penny for investment whilst they are in charge. The only way they will get anything back will be to sell the club, but they wont do that until all of this season’s easy income has been realised, then admin may be their best option!!

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    they can go back to hong kong/far east where they belong…. Not happy with that comment but agree 100% about Pannu who should be at least communicating on some level even if he has nothing major to say cos it just gives a perception that we’re not on his radar and unimportant.

    Carson has bought good fortune with him to the club in the form of a cup run and a european adventure so I wish him all the best, unless of course he is guilty then he gets what he deserves.

    One thing I want to know is the breakdown of who owns this club. If it involves a company then who owns the company etc… To me this is the minimum the fans should know and also something the FA should know who have admitted they don’t know who owns half of Englands clubs. A very dangerous situation.

  • BCFC4life says:

    plus i dont get why everyone are crediting the board for the carling cup win and europe? sure they provided funds from the club to the ginger one for the players, but im sure thats about it

    • BlueWestie says:

      Would the previous board have backed AM with the purchases of:

      Foster and Zigic? Both instrumental in our cup run?

      Pannu appopinted CH who is IMO the main reason we have enjoyed our European jaunt?

      If you want to credit the players of last season with the cup and not the board then you also need to blame them for the relegation and subsequent financial crapper we have landed in.

      You cant have it both ways.

  • AR says:

    I agree with Sussexwill. I believe the board did put in a lot of money, we won a major trophy & have been back in Europe. Undoubtedly they were financially inept, but to compare them with Wheldon & the Kumars is not remembering the facts. Wheldon even sold the Garrison Lane gates! The present board meant well, they have made tremendous financial mistakes; but don’t forget it is their money that has been lost. I know it is our club, so let’s hope CY is innocent & that a bit of money might allow us to buy or borrow some players. If he is guilty, where is the “White Knight” coming from? There aren’t many around for a club our size.

  • Sussexwill says:

    I really hope Carson gets off and puts some money into the club, as AR is right. Who in there right mind will invest in BCFC. I don’t see anyone else even thinking about investing in the Blues as no one at any point, in all of this upset has come forward and said if Carson wants to sell I would be interested if the price is right. Has anyone else heard of interested parties?

  • Glynn says:

    We dont care about chicken, cause it dont care about us! all we care about is steak & kidney

  • Glynn says:

    Sussexwill I totally agree. Carson is the only man at the moment “if he is cleared” who can sort this out. Lets remember although the club is a mess at the moment he DID actually plough money in.
    I for one cant abuse him until I know the facts. Hopefully he can work with the supporters trust and we can get back to moaning about events on pitch… whoops meant praising events on pitch

  • hammy says:

    i cant believe what im reading here lads….

    now were all blues fans….god bless us….but come on….

    these clowns came in, promised 20-40m the 1st christmas….to be followed by another 80m the following summer….FACT….

    we havnt a clue whats happening financially, but were selling just about everything we can….

    and the main man carson capone is up for fraud or whatever……and personally, i dont think we’ll ever see him again……

    as for this lot banging in a few million to get us to where we want to be, i.e in the prem with a stable team, i just cannot see us even coming close….crikey, i’d love to be proven wrong, but, i honestly believe were in serious trouble….and it brings me no joy to say it…

    KRO and have a bloody great xmas to the lot of yer…….

    • BlueWestie says:

      Actually i believe he promised 20 million including wages in the jan and then the same again the following summer…. we were then swiftly hit by a global recession. Now obviously CY wasn’t putting 40 million of his own money in as he clearly does not and has never had that kind of capital available. I would assume he had investors lined up who took a bit of a hit when the US sub prime market fecked up the world.

      The bottom line is either CY gets cleared and we recover, push for promotion and he does not sell us as until his original investors can get a large chunk, if not all of there money back should BIH sell up. Or alternatively they push forward with the original plan A and never sell us. OR he gets found guilty and we go in to Admin and get purchased at a knock down price. Until one or the other happens nobody is buying us as BIH wont voluntarily take a hit on the original purchase (I’m assuming, because i know I certainly wouldn’t).

  • BlueWestie says:

    And also… Just regarding the £20 million that never appeared last summer (remember it was always said it was for players and for wages)

    Zigic £6m + 3 year deal @ 50k per week = £13,800,000
    Foster £6m + 5 year deal @ 30k per week (this is a guess, i dont know his length of contract or wage but it must be similar to this) = £13,800,000.

    Plus the loan fee of Hleb (i have no idea what it was, say £1,000,000? and a chunk of his wages, say £40k p/w for a low estimate) = £3,080,000

    so for those three players alone invested last summer including wages (no signing bonuses or fees paid to agents included) is an outlay of £30,680,000.

    There is a big chunk of your £40,000,000 and thats not including the previous jan signings of gardner et al. and this jans signings of Beauseour et al (as well as other loans).

    It’s time people realised that on top of the £80,000,000 odd they paid for us they have actually put a hell of a lot in and as such have a hell of a lot to lose.

    • hammy says:

      it was quoted in the villa wrag, by yeung himself mate…..20-40m the 1st xmas….and a 80m in the summer……

      i read it over and over cos i really couldnt believe what i was reading….

      i shouldnt have bothered, i was right….

      • almajir says:

        No it wasn’t Hammy.

        It was 20-40mil in wages and transfers in the January Window, and the same again in the summer window. Tatts has consistently said this.

        • hammy says:

          get him to check back and find out…..i remember reading it….

          • almajir says:

            Is it possible you read it wrong?

            Have a read of this on the official site: http://www.bcfc.com/page/News/NewsDetail/0,,10412~1827257,00.html

            I’ve been talking to Alex about his need for players. My first plan is to support the club with about £20 million to £40 million in January, including wages.

          • hammy says:

            almajir, im sure i didnt read it wrong, it was in the evening villa…..almost straight after they took over….there was about about 3 pages (mainly on the back) and of all places, i was in a chinese takeaway….cant remember the dates tho…. ;)

  • Barry says:

    Almijar, thanks for the update. Factual info always appreciated. In your opinion, would a trial starting in Feburary or later put additional pressure on the club to sell existing players? My guess is it doesn’t help our financial situation

  • i for one hope carson yeung proves every one wrong and is inoccent and sends us a nice big cheque for ch to spend he only needs one of his charges to be in dout then the rest fall like dominos plus hes on bail if that bad hed be locked up i know hong kong law i lived there 2 yearstells me there looking for stuff that not there

  • hammy says:

    we agree on the 20-40m at xmas (or jan window) quoted spending…its the 80m im interested in finding out about…..if your pal tatts can check back on the evening villa around that time, that would be great…..

  • biggun_BCFC says:

    All im saying is,. you get what you wished for…. I was not one of those who chanted for the Gold’s n Sully to be sent packing……. ! I am not sure the answer is begging these to go, let them come back if they can and prove us wrong, if we sell again, it will be a fire sell to raise assest to pay fines / debts, therefore the club will be sold for a quid and then can fall into anyones hands – and thats not what we want at all – …….

    CH is a great manager doing a great job… so lets get behind him and let the board sort themself out –
    KRO –

  • mickey07 says:

    surely carson and co knows the end game is near, so why dont he just hold his hands up,because they will know people will be waiting to pick the club up for a pound if they go into admin or even if someone wants to buy it from them they are only going to offer mickey mouse money…Hes in a no win situation and i cant see what he is gaining from it.

    • biggun_BCFC says:

      prob because he dont want to be found guilty… thats if he is…. if he is not… then why do we need to get rid… the only reason we want him out as assets are frozen and club in debt… if he is cleared, and we can buy and run the club and service debts then let him do it… also with Panu, whats the point of him saying anything, id rather him say nothing until he can tell the truth, no one actually knows whats going on even in the chinese media, its only hear say… so whats the point on him either making false guesses, or false promises – let them be support CH…and we can deal with the rest when a verdict is provided…

      CH is doing a really good job… I bet there are 100’s of clubs out there who are in a worse financial state than us….

  • Sussexwill says:

    Well we seem a little split in our thinking don’t we! SOme people just don’t like Carson and BIH and others don’t care about Carson and BIH just as long as they keep us a float and support us a little more.

    The opions of those who Just don’t like the current board will never change I am afraid and we shall remain a divided club, which is not good… Does any one have a sensible answer to solving this proble I would love to hear it.


  • BBN says:

    Why do most fans act as if Carson decided to get arrested one day and have his assets frozen and lines of credit limited? He didn’t do it on purpose and when he was able he has backed the club. I personally hold no ill feelings towards him and if found innocent will be happy to see him return. If found guilty then the other BIH board members need to do what is necessary to secure the future of the club be that find new investors and buy out CY or sell the club. I suspect a lot of fans like myself don’t particularly care if Yeung stays or goes as long as the club has the finances to compete.

  • Peter1875 says:

    Yeung said £20m to £40m on players, including wages, length of contract. Then another £20m to £40m on players, wages, contract etc. He did not promise £80m to spend on players. Lazy national media and lazy readers thought that and he has actually spent far more than Sullivan and Gold in 18 months than in their last 5 years.

  • Paul Hawker says:

    It’s time people got real re the filth

    They need wiping out and soon

  • Arthur says:

    never mind CY what about that shambles last night. I travelled up to Huill with my 2 kids only to find Marlon King playing up front on his own and us parking the bus – not at Chelsea, not at Man U ……at HULL??? Is this what we have been reduced to. Why oh why do we persist with Myhill when Foster is still our player? I think the cracks are now showing with this manager, who doesn’t seem to realise that our best form of defence is to attack, and it’s better not to loan out players who are better than the ones you actually play!!!

    • almajir says:

      I hate to say this, but wasn’t Wood playing up front with King? Didn’t we finish with three strikers on the pitch (Zigic King and Rooney)? It also may have escaped your attention, but we can’t play Foster – he’s on loan at the Albion… and before you ask, we cannot recall him.

  • mickey07 says:

    Mayor do YOU think we will go into admin????

    • almajir says:

      Tricky question there Mickey, cos you’ve not given timescales.

      Do I think we will go into admin before Christmas? No
      Do I think we will go into admin before the end of January? No
      Do I think we will go into admin before the end of the season? It’s a possibility

  • Arthur says:

    Yes we had 3 strikers on the pitch at the end when we were losing 2-1, what a great strategy. Have you ever considered how Foster ended up at the Albion – because we loaned him out to them-hence we are unable to recall our own player. Do you think it is a good strategy to loan out players who are better than the ones in the team – could you see Ferguson loaning out Rooney? If they want to go, sell them, and use the money to strengthen – sound like a better idea?

  • Glynn says:

    Arthur, I also travelled to Hull last night & we did play 2 up front. I think it was a case of us throwing the game away not the other way around. We coped with Hulls 5 man midfield well. Hull played with such a high line last night if we had had someone like Mark Ward in midfield and a Stern John up front we could quite easily have won. All in all apart from a glaring mistake from our keeper he only had 2 other saves to make. Lets not forget Burkes miss or N’daw at the end.

    I think once again the team showed the are just lacking a little quality in places that would see us in the top 6. FACT!!

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    We are slowly finding our level which, as I expected it to be, is just under halfway in this league.

    Inputs to our problems are: wrong team selection/below average personnel/extra games/inferior squad/no money to improve the quality

    I’ve observed lack of commitment from a number of players in recent games and fan resentment will increase once we’re out of Europe. Crap atmos at games in the cold coming up and dwindling crowds.

    All in all it aint gonna be happy times ahead.

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    I’m ambivalent towards our situation, there will always be a Blues.

    Just hope the filth go down

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