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The comeback kids do it again – Doncaster review

Here are my reflections on the home game against Doncaster Rovers played today at St Andrews.

1) The right result

It was a bit of a grind at times, but the end result was the right one for Blues – three important points and a bit of a morale lift going into the final Europa League Group Stage game. In fairness to Blues I believe we deserved it; we had more than enough chances on goal to justify us winning and I think on the balance of play Blues were the better team. I know that there were more than a few grumbles when Doncaster took the lead but once we’d got the equaliser I thought that there would only be one winner.
2) Guirane N’Daw

I was pleasantly surprised to see our Senegalese on-loan midfielder given his first Championship start in place of Keith Fahey, and I thought the St Etienne man gave a good account of himself. Yes, there were a few misplaced passes, and he did give the ball away a couple of times but on the plus side I think N’Daw showed something we’ve been lacking in the middle a little – a big bruiser type who makes the opposition think twice about what they’re doing. Blues fans are always going to love a full-blooded player, and it was nice to hear the Tilton sing his name when he had to be taken off. Hopefully his hamstring isn’t too bad and we might see a little bit more of him.

3) Marlon King

King impressed me massively today; not just for his brace of goals but the effort he put in – he chased everything, harried the Doncaster defence and generally showed why Coventry were so desperate to hang on to him. King is looking sharper by the week and I think he’s genuinely starting to show his goalscoring abilities now; if we can keep the supply line to him he’ll power us up the table.

4) Keith Fahey

I didn’t see this personally, so I’m going on what other people said – but did he honestly get booed as he came on for Guirane N’Daw? Seriously? I think some fans need to have a word with themselves – as much as Fahey is seen as a limited player there is no need to get on his back before he’s even touched a ball. Are we really this fickle? As to his Keith’s performance – it was actually not bad, he kept it neat and tidy and he did what he had to do in the middle – nothing spectacular but nothing shocking either.

It could have been much better – really, we should be stuffing teams like this by a few on paper – but it could also have been much worse. It takes some resilience to come back from a goal down, especially when the team have won just one game in the last nine and I think Hughton should be applauded for changing it enough to get Blues the win. Onwards and upwards.

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33 Responses to “The comeback kids do it again – Doncaster review”

  • Peter says:

    Agreed, I thought N’Daw was excellent and just what our midfield has been lacking and King ran his socks off as well as scoring the goals. Nice to see Redmond getting a run out as well. A thoroughly entertaining 90 minutes. A pity there were fewer than 18,000 there to see it.

  • DoctorD says:

    Thanks for the game report — as ever, much appreciated by those who were not there. Three points are three points so a definite morale booster before Thursday’s Europa League game. Talking of which, funny how everyone’s now interested in the competition once the two Manc clubs are in it. Also if anyone else had had three away games in six days, as we did, we’d never be hearing the end of it. So well done to the players for grinding out a win.

  • chris says:

    N’Daw was brilliant. One particular highlight was when he gave the ball away and then produced a fantastic sliding tackle from behind to win it back. Unfirtunately yes, Fahey was booed when he came on, which I think is disgraceful

    • Shirleyblue says:

      I’m in block 15 and the treatment Fahey gets from people is absolutely disgusting now. One particular goon behind me does nothing but slaughter the bloke week in and week out. I really cannot understand the mentality of these people. He’s a trier, he doesn’t hide and maybe if they gave the guy a bloody chance he may just surprise them.

      Another good three points, but the negative atmosphere down there is getting way out of hand. What do these people expect?

  • tony says:

    As much as i think fahey is garbage i would never have booed him when he came on,afterwards then any fan is entitled to cheer or boo whomever they want as they pay their money.On the game itself i think it was pretty poor at times but the result hopefully will give the players more confidence.

  • Blue Nose Daz says:

    A fine match summary as ever almajir. Glad N’Daw got a start, if ever a player has improved on a game by game basis, it’s him. Also good to see King stick a couple away & Redmond get a run. Don’t fall into the trap, though, of thinking we should be beating ‘teams like these’. Donny beat Southampton last week, and you don’t win anything on paper. Well played Blues & good luck for Thursday, see you all there! KRO.

  • BeeGeeBlueBoy says:

    I think Keith Fahey is just playing to the game plan. Before today it was keep the ball moving whether it be forward, sideways or backwards. Today under the higher tempo Calderwood style he was moving fowards and wide with greater gusto.

  • parkp says:

    Keith Fahey is not one of those players that asked to get away from the club following relegation. Roger Johnson did, Ferguson, Larsson, oh and our bluenose buddy, Gardner! Dont forget Ridgewell is desperate to get away. They dont want the shirt so good riddence! Fahey? He does want the shirt and if you understand the game and watch it properly, Fahey does a lot of good work for the team. Those booing him should stay at home or in the pub, cos they dont understand the game. How odd some people are. Yes N’Daw had a good game today, he deserved his applause but Fahey does not deserve boos from idiots that cant quite grasp the game. Great to see Marlon King get his brace today.

    • daddyblue says:

      Parkb i do understand the game and have avery good grasp of most things , including human nature. Fahey is and never will be anything more than a very average championship play at best. Where i totally agree with you is that no real supporter would boo there own player before he even got on the pitch, that was disgusting. To be fair i go on 3 sites , this 1 SHA and BCFC freeforum and nearly all have condemed very strongly the action of booing Fahey. Afterall he does try his best and he may be under orders from Ch. Kro4ever

  • skareggae72 says:

    I didnt realise it was only 1 win in 9 before today,so a much needed win.
    Booing Fahey is only going to get 2 possible outcomes/Option 1-it motivates him and his performances become more dynamic/or Option 2-his perfomances get considerably worse & he drops out of 1st team action,in what could be a very limited squad by Feb 1st.
    Only time will tell which way it goes,but hopefully option 1.If he wasnt up to it then surely Chris H wouldnt play him.

  • jeff says:

    whilst i thought n,daw played well its was only when he went off that the tempo picked up.the tempo was changed by fahey and redmond.to the bellendds who booed fahey you really should have a good look at yourselves.just before the subs the crowd was moaning as the centre backs passed the ball around then went long because no one in centre mid wanted the ball.then when a lad who always wants the ball is brought on he,s booed.crap for brains.if we had forwards who could run in behind defences it would suit fahey..i challange any fahey haters to get his stats and see his ball retention figures.i would imagine they are good.

    • daddyblue says:

      I would imagine that they are 95% sidewards and backwards certainly not good, i dont hate him Jeff, i just dont think he is very good as do 95% of the supporters and if you cant see that N’daw has the ability to head, pass and tackle let alone shoot much beter than Fahey perhaps its you than needs to have a brain scan Kro4ever

      • jeff says:

        whether the balls are backwards are sidewards is not the issue.if we have the ball the other team cannot score.fact.yesterdday n,daw did put some good tackles in and i would agree he has a shot on him.some of his passing went astray yesteday though i wouldn,t use that as a stick to beat him with as the lad was trying to make things happen.regarding fahey i think c.h has played with and coached some top mid players so the inclusion of fahey would indicate he see,s stuff a lot of fans don,t.thankfully fans,me included don,t pick the team.yesterday we increased the tempo when fahey came on .iv said on here before that fahey is bound to be under instructions off c.h.i would like to see him in a more offensive manner but the boss must feel the need for him and another to sit tight a .no doubt due to having wingers who go at teams and full backs pushed on.so c.h can come with me for a brain scan.lol.joking aside i feel whoever pulls our shirt on we whould be cheering them not booing them.we are all in this together.for the use of the word bellends in earlier post ..i apoligize.just back from church and have saw the error of my ways.

  • Blueking says:

    I never agree with the booing of anyone in the blue shirt but people pay their money and are entitled to say what they want.

    Personally I don’t recall seeing Fahey have a good game since we were last in the championship, this season he has been sub standard and I don’t see how anyone can say different. He gives the ball away too often and his passing has been awful. N’daw was immense today let’s hope he’s not injured too badly. It was a nice change to see a midfielder getting stuck in properly, unlike Fahey and Jonathan “the crab” Spector

  • Gavin Harrison says:

    Someone made a good point about Fahey being one of the only senior Birmingham players not to agitate for a move in the wake of their relegation. And he gets booed? Are Birmingham really doing that badly? Are Birmingham supposed to be a big club?

    I’m sorry for the booing morons that Keith Fahey isn’t living up to their deluded expectations but the guy was fantastic in his first season, in his second and third, he was played out of position but still done what was expected of him. He played marvellously against Arsenal in the Carling Cup win. Sure, he has a few off days but everyone has them, even Lionel Messi.

    To the booing retards – Please cop on and support your players and stop spewing verbal diarrhea because Fahey isn’t singlehandedly guiding ye back to the Premiership above myriad teams with superior squads and resources.

    Christ, some people..

  • chris says:

    Viper , he said one win in nine, not nine without a win.
    part of the reason i don’t go is the morons who pick on individual players and also sit there and never sing, the atmosphere is a big part of why i go and without atmosphere it’s a dull experience. that’s why the euopean games have been so enjoyable, with everyone getting behind the team in voice and in numbers and for a very decent price, £5 too cheap to be honest.
    also the prices don’t help, leicester £27 and it was on tv and now west ham the same average price of £27 and that is also on tv. wolves also on tv prices nearly correct, though £25 on the day is too steep and because the weather may change by then i would’nt buy till the day of the match or day before as i can’t make evening games (if it’s postponed) except by booking holiday, but i won’t go at £25
    it’s too much for championship football especially now it’s christmas and now being in another recession and fear of job losses around the corner.

  • AR says:

    One pays one’s money & can therefore boo whoever one wants? The next question is by doing so, do you think it will help the one who is booed to play better? Do you think it will improve the TEAM? Anyone who boos one of his own is like someone fouling his own nest. It only achieves the wrong result. We might not like the way Fahey plays, but to boo him is only going to help the opposition.

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    We looked better once Fahey came on. Noticeably better.

    He’s a trier and a Blue and I’ll whack any fucker by me who boos one of own team so be warned.

    Saying that it’s nothing new at St Andrews is it?

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Fahey is fine, stop the bashing its getting utterly boring now.

    Let’s maybe focus on the lad who scored 2 for us today who has been in a trance for the last 5 games. He needs to perform more consistently and with his age/experience he should know – and DO – better week in, week out.

    The frustrating thing is the Marlon King we know and love is the one that won it for us today. I don’t want the one back who played at Hull and Cardiff. It was a joke.

    N’Daw will help Fahey get motivated not hinder him.

    Roll on Thursday and I hope we rinse N K Maribor then Braga do Blues a favour.

    You can decide whether drawing with Bruges or beating them is the favour we want cos I cannot decide!!!

  • jeff says:

    yes i hope marlon kicks on now.was thinking about n,daw on way back from game .i would agree that he could help fahey.i cannot decide either about bruge v braga.we need to take care of our end first .a win gets the spirit up so come on blues.whatever happens they have done us proud in europe

  • daddyblue says:

    Nice reply Jeff tend to agree with you and i would never boo any blues player Kro

  • daddyblue says:

    You are spot on their is always somebody get the boo’s. It is totally wrong it must destroy players we are all in it together. Kro

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Keith Fahey is not my cup of tea, I think he’s inconsistent, often hesitant, and not often runs himself into the ground, but having said that he worked hard against Hull, and he certainly doesn’t deserve a booing before he’s even lifted a boot. Criticise him if he puts up a poor show by all means, but not from the start. On a par with the moron in the paddock last season who called Larsson ” you f-ing bag of useless Swedish S***” when we were 2 down against West Ham in the cup! It doesn’t produce the desired result…

  • jeff says:

    thank you db.im hoping n,daw is going to be the real deal.and he.ll get plenty of time from me to fit in.lads like him,spector,myhill,woods,ibeniz and cauldwell are top fellows.they knew the mess the club were in yet still came.add fahey ,murphy,davis and the rest who stayed and they are stars in my eyes.the biggest star though has to be chris hughton who never moans and just gets on with the job.a few wins and we,ll have that feeling that anything is possible.like we had in brugge.

  • old blue nose says:

    As a season ticket holder for a number of years i have watched most of blues home games as well as a fair few away. In Marlon King we have a striker better than all the ones in the championship and better than a lot of the prem, however ,the service to him must be quick,and along the ground, as shown on Saturday, i personaly cant remember him scoring with his head for us so why is it that the majority of service to him is high. when Nathan came on on Saturday he kept the ball at ground level very similar to the way Trevor Francis used to play. Both our goals on Saturday were the result of the ball being moved quickly ,at pace for Marlon to run onto. Leave keith alone, and as for the pratt that got up and walked out when Zigic came on keep walking to vile park.

    • NooBloo says:

      Making a comment comparing Marlon King to Trevor Francis, you could pack out more arena’s than Peter Kaye, with such a hillarious comment. Ive seen Marlon King play since his days at Gillingham and have seen milk turn quicker tham Marlon King. Trevor Francis on the other hand was like lightning in comparison.

  • NooBloo says:

    The Fahe and N’daw could rage on for ever and ever but I think we have to face facts that the whole squad is very average and there is no one really consistently any better than or any worse than the other. We pick up points because we have a good manager and coaching staff who have the whole team pulling together.

    its like a tug o war team. Individually, no one is capable of anything out of the ordinary but the team spirit allows us to dig in and grind out results. We are never going to hammer teams with any regularity, so just support every effort everyone is making because they are all pulling in the same direction and thats all you can ask at this point in time.

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    Just below mid table and out of Europe by the end of the year

    It’s around that time you’ll see the real Blues in the ground

  • old blue nose says:

    Maybe you should learn to read noobloo ,i did not compare Marlon King to Trevor Francis i stated that when Nathan came on we started keeping the ball on the ground just like we did when Trevor played for us and that Marlon is more than capable of scoring when he gets that type of service

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