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Gossip Folks – Week One

As promised, I have been monitoring transfer news for players coming into and leaving Birmingham City, and I have my first update for you today.

In order to make this a fair experiment, I have come up with some rules. Firstly, as mentioned before the rumour must come from a credible source – ie a newspaper (national or local) or a credible website (ie not tribalfootball or footballrumours.co.uk). Secondly, only the first report of the rumour counts – any rehashes by other journos only count if there is a significant addition to the story. Thirdly, the story must explicitly state that the rumour – ie “Nathan Redmond to Man City for £6mil” counts, “…and Liam Ridgewell is said to be interesting Newcastle United” doesn’t.

The current (and fairly sparse) spreadsheet is here. As you can see, the only stories that I have put in from the last week have both been from the Mirror, and concern Nathan Redmond and Jack Butland. I’ve not included the £12million rating of Nathan Redmond as it’s not a transfer rumour as such, it’s just a “response” – and I use quotes as there isn’t any from the club – to the original story.

One rumour that doesn’t count but is interesting comes from a Newcastle local newspaper, who mention that Curtis Davies was offered to Newcastle United last week – something I’ve not seen mentioned in our local newspapers at all. I have no idea as to how truthful that rumour is.

I aim to have the next update up on or around the 2nd of January.

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4 Responses to “Gossip Folks – Week One”

  • Tilts says:

    You won’t need one for inbound players lol

  • mickey07 says:

    davies offered to newcastle????if that the type of thing going on down there then,then i cant see hughton staying long (and i cant blame him)as hes swimming against the tide with this crowd in charge all the time…happy christmas to all blues fan keep the faith….yeung and pannu OUT.

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    Don’t be under any illusions people.

    ANYBODY who can command a decent fee will be off especially those still on their perm wages.

    Paradoxically we’ll probably keep Butland and Redmond cos of asking for stupid dough which is great for us

  • pierre says:

    only makes sense if ch has a replacement lined up, maybe matt killgannon

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