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N’Daw called up for Africa Cup of Nations

Senegal have confirmed that Guirane N’Daw is in their squad for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations.

This news presents Chris Hughton with an additional headache as he decides whether to renew the Senegalese midfielder’s loan from St Etienne which expires on January 5. The midfielder has been in good form for Blues, and his versatility (he can also play at left back and centre back) would be missed if the decision was made to allow N’Daw to return to France.

The Africa Cup of Nations will be held between January 21 and February 12, and takes place in the Central African nations of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.


18 Responses to “N’Daw called up for Africa Cup of Nations”

  • Violent Pacifist says:

    To be fair if he’s fucking off and not available for selection then no point in renewing.

    • will says:

      Unless we reckon that keeping one of the best midfield destroyers we’ve ever had at Stans for the run-in would be a good idea. Sadly I expect the club to take the same short-term view as you.

  • parkp says:

    This all depends whether CH has any scope to move in the transfer market, if not, which is the more likely scenario then Blues need to hold onto N’Daw until the seasons end.

  • BlueSteve says:

    I would persoanlly not re-new his loan. Particularly given this revelation. He has had a few decent games in Europe but has not really been as dominant as I would have hoped in the Championship. I would guess that N’Daw is on a reasonable wage at Saint-√Čtienne. Therefore I would put this spare cash that has been freed up (Providing it is not trousered by Carson!) onto the loan signing of a forward with pace. KRO.

  • jeff says:

    not much point renewing if he,s going to be away for a fair chunk of time.shame as i think he is starting to shape up.

  • daddyblue says:

    Its only 3 weeks , it will be a nice rest for him and it might even get him fitter for the run in . I like him lets go for it.

  • WhooKed says:

    How unfortunate. However, if we do decide to keep him, there are still 16 games left to be played in the championship from the 14th February onwards. If he keeps his current form and doesn’t get injured in Africa, I could see him pairing up with Jordan Much rather nicely…

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Daddyblue;, 4, weeks at least mate, make allowances for his travelling both there and back,!!.

    • almajir says:

      Totally dependent on where Senegal come. If they get knocked out in the group stages, it would be much shorter

    • chris says:

      they will meet up at least by the 14th of jan and he will probably have a week off after he is back so i would say about 5 weeks.
      will our board pay our portion of his wages for 5 weeks and take the risk he comes back injured and still having to pay his wages for the remainder of the season or just find another player in jan window who will be available to play for his wages?

  • Adam says:

    He’s been a tank but maybe if we got Jake Livermore on loan from spurs till end of the season as cover or some free agent out there

  • skareggae72 says:

    They have got Senegal down as around 8/1(4th favs to win it)so its likely they will have an extended run in the comp,with sales likely we could be left very short.

  • ScudMuffin says:

    We need Ewok to stay, solid midfield anchorman. If he can do the midfield general role like Fergie did then even better.

  • Graham says:

    Let him go off to Africa we can’t afford his wages while he’s off sunning himself

  • Danny says:

    He’ll only miss ive, or six games depending on whether or not Hughton can keep him for the Millwall game out of twenty six games remaining. We should keep him!

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    Keep him if we can I say! This guy is solid and compliments Fahey better than Spector. Mutch is still a prospect and its unreasonable to think after being out for half the season that he is suddenly going to start pulling up trees in the second half of the season. tWe need to conjure up a player who is a threat in front of goal from somewhere. That’s the real challenge or else we will draw more games than we win

  • viperblue says:

    Keep N’daw,he has only played 5 games in Championship,so to miss max of 5 more will not matter.
    We have only won 2 games with him but he is improving and he scares the opposition

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