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Davies at the Double: Watford Match reflections

Here are my match reflections on the game against Watford at St Andrews.

Easy Does it

I don’t think we’ll have too many easier wins in the Championship this season. Watford obviously had a game plan of pressing, getting in the faces of Blues players and maybe hoping to nick one on the counter, and once Blues had broken the deadlock they looked a bit lost. Admittedly, it was harder for Blues whilst the teams were even but once the first goal went in it was inevitable that they would score again; Watford seemed to lose control of their midfield and Blues looked threatening on every attack.

Curtis Davies

Two goals, a Man of the Match performance and a clean sheet for the defender; not a bad day’s work. In fairness to him, he is too good for this division and games like this show him up against the mediocrities. The last few games he’s become a real threat at corners and now we’re starting to find him with regularity Davies is getting in the habit of scoring. At the back, he’s unflappable; the amount of times you’d see a Watford player readying himself to receive a ball only for this long leg to reach round and boot it away – in short, he’s the real deal.

Keith Fahey

There have been many critics of Fahey this year but in recent weeks he’s turned a corner – he’s shown us the midfield maestro he can be and he did it again today. A beautiful cross for Davies to nod home the first; several surging runs in the second half to break at the Watford defence; artfully constructed passes to release wingers and to fool defenders – Fahey had it all today. My only teeny-weeny criticism is that I’d like to see Keith have the confidence in himself to have a shot more often – the way he played today I think he could well have pinged one in the top corner.

Marlon King

I sincerely hope his injury isn’t that bad; we’ll miss him badly if he’s out for a while. I felt a bit for him today because referee Trevor Kettle didn’t give him any protection at all and Nyron Nosworthy took it as a cue to climb all over King at every opportunity. Of the three strikers we have at the moment King is the most natural goalscorer; the best at holding up the ball and probably the quickest of the trio. Without him we look a bit more one-dimensional and I think if it’s anything more than cramp in his groin Blues need to move fast to secure either a striker on loan or to recall one of the two youngsters.

Thankfully, Blues now have a week to rest weary legs and to get players back to peak fitness before the trip to Bramall Lane. This was an important stage of the season – three “easy” games against bottom of the table opposition, and City did the job – three wins, eleven goals scored and only one conceded. If Blues can keep the squad spirit up and the injuries down we can really start flying as the season comes to an end.

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10 Responses to “Davies at the Double: Watford Match reflections”

  • skareggae72 says:

    Lets all just say that Davies is “total rubbish” for now,then come Feb 1st we can all admit that we are seeing the best of him, after a slow start,especially last season,his fitness is top-top now.

  • kentucky blue says:

    Blue moon of kentucky keep on shining KRO

  • Oby says:

    Davies is sure the real deal, his reading of the game and complete calmness is immense, and with these type of displays will only see the big boys come hunting, I really hope he stays with us for some time as we are witnessing one of the finest Defenders to have graced the St Andys Turf.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I am concerned that as Curtis proves himself to be the best defender in the championship and now a prolific goalscorer to boot, that we are more likely to lose him in the current windw than Ridgewell.

    • noobloo says:

      It doesnt matter who leaves. Every player at the club is mediocre. What B/ham have is a manager that all the players like so they go out and do their best for him. That said anyone who comes in to replace them will do an equally good job. If Blues can keep the manager then they will win the league because no side in the league is any better than the other. With the exception of Coventry who are absolutely awfull and them beating Boro yesterday helps the Blues no end but it is Southampton and West ham we need teams to beat and thats not that difficult because neither of them are that great either. This is the most open Championship for yeard but by the same token it is the worst group of teams for years and thats why I think B/ham will be leading the table by the end of March

      • Cleggy says:

        “Every player at the club is mediocre”? This years Championship contains “the worst group of teams for years”? For what its worth I disagree completely.

  • prewarblue says:

    Oh ye of little faith,,,,,dont you realise we are seeing the “Purple Patch” all players signed from the vile go through,,,Davies is no exception,,,,,,Ridgewell was the best thing since sliced bread at c/h and l/b,,,,,,Gardner walked on water as he was a self proclaimed “Bluenose”,,,,,,,the illusion was soon shattered,,,,,,,,dont worry things will be back to normal soon,,,toys out of the pram ,,,want away,,,,,,cant be bothered,,,,injured every other week

  • Bluehobba says:

    Lets keep the momentum going and get another win at Sheffield next week with a clean sheet. F A Cup is One for the fans so lets enjoy it. As for Ridgewell … better at Left back by far than centre half and anyway, all good things come to an end so while Davies is with us and wearing a Blue shirt lets make the most of it.. Stay positive and enjoy K R O

  • jeff says:

    curtis will be here in feb in my view.he has the look of a leader in my eyes.much praise too to our other natural leader on the pitch.stephen c

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    I agree with the positive performance comments entirely. Davies was outstanding and in my view has been helped by the nouse that is shown by Caldwell. The latter lacks pace but is a clever pro who organises things at the back. Fahey has improved a great deal recently I think initially helped by N’Daw and latterly by Much replacing Spector in central mid.

    Another positive for me was Chris Burke who had gone off the boil a bit lately but looked at the races again on Saturday.

    The rest of the team played OK except for the contributions of Beasejour and Zigic on Saturday who I thought struggled to get going. We will need all 11 on the pitch to produce if we are to get past Sheff U/Leeds and Southampton next!!

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