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Who Could It Be Now? – a look at potential targets for Blues

With the last week of the transfer window upon us, I thought it might be an idea to look at some of the potential candidates for a move to Blues – either permanently or on loan. I’m not saying in anyway that these players will come to us – just that they are players I believe we will have looked at who might be able to do a job. For this first piece I’ve looked at a couple of players from Spurs, a club where Chris Hughton spent thirteen years as a player and ten as a coach.

Tom Carroll

image courtesy TottenhamHotspur.com

Tom Carroll is a nineteen year old Tottenham Hotspur youngster, who can either play as a left midfielder or a central midfielder. He has one cap at the England u19 level, and has been an unused substitute at the u21 level.

Tom spent the second half of last season on loan at Leyton Orient, making 12 league appearances (8 starts), and 2 FA Cup appearances (1 start). He has made seven appearances for Spurs this season, and although none of them have come in the Premier League, he has started five games in the Europa League.

Leyton Orient fans are very complimentary about the young midfielder, praising his clever passing and his demanding of the ball. There was some discomfort this season that a loanee of a similar standard to Carroll and his Spurs compatriot Harry Kane (who is now on loan at Millwall) wasn’t made and that Leyton Orient were going to suffer for that.

Danny Rose

Image Courtesy tottenhamhotspur.com

Danny Rose hardly needs much introduction; those of you who will remember his Spurs debut against Arsenal will no doubt remember this goal. However, the 21 year old Doncaster lad hasn’t played that much first team football for Spurs this year; just four Premier League appearances at left back, and five games in the Europa League.

Rose can play at either left back or left wing – both potential problem positions for Blues with the seemingly impending departures of Jean Beausejour and Ridgewell, and is more than ready for the level of football Blues play at, having made seventeen appearances (thirteen starts) at this level for Bristol City last season. Rose also has twenty under 21 caps and three under 21 goals for England under his belt. Indeed, the question might not only be “Would Spurs let him go?” but also “Would Danny Rose want to go out on loan again at this level?” However, if Blues are to improve the squad and Ridgewell and Beausejour did leave – Rose would be a player who would most likely do that.

With Spurs now out of Europe, and having just the Premier League (and the FA Cup) to concentrate on there is a possibility that they may let fringe players go out on youth loans to get more experience. Unfortunately, being 21 years of age means Danny Rose would only qualify for a standard loan and Blues would have to use their excellent relationship with Spurs to convince the management there that the remaining half of the season would be better spent at St Andrews – and with Rose featuring in and around the first team at present I don’t think this would be possible. Carroll on the other hand could be loaned on a month to month basis, with an instant recall option which would probably favour both teams more.

As more potential loanees/transfers become possible, I’ll look to update the blog with further articles detailing who they are and what chances we have.

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28 Responses to “Who Could It Be Now? – a look at potential targets for Blues”

  • pierre says:

    considering the situation at Portsmouth is there any players we could cherry pick to help our cause, admittedly i do not know the players that well.

  • GHors says:

    Another great update almajir. Think both of these would be great options. Rose would be a masterstroke especially being so short at the back.
    PS- I’ve realised in the past couple of days how much I rate this blog now. Its like the old thought of how did we ever survive without mobile phones. Now its how did I ever surve without OP?? So much useful thought and information. Cheers!

  • rugbybluenose says:

    i think we should go for Peter Lovenkrands he can play as a winger or as a striker very fast and he would be cheap if not free

  • AL LAD says:

    Forget about potential players coming in (it’ll be zero) i’m more concerned with how many we will let go, looks like Zigic is being offered to clubs in Spain, Ridgewell has now stated he wants out, Beau close to joining Wigan, Bolton and Blackburn eye’ing Davis, this transfer window could wreak our season after all.

  • Macca Salop Blue says:

    I completely agree with AL LAD–Another danger is the value of Hughton, I understand his contract runs out June , should, Wolves, Blackburn , Wigan, etc decided to dispense with their mangaers he is a prime candidate and could basically walk for no compensation whatsoever. Pannu needs to wake up!

    • almajir says:

      Hughton’s contract doesn’t end in June. It’s been done several times, but he has a one year rolling contract – meaning at any point, he has one year left on his deal. Thus to buy him out of it costs one year’s salary, and for us to sack him costs one year’s salary. It’s a good deal for both parties.

  • BluePenguin 76 says:

    I do fear that we will have to sell three or four players and have to replace them with reserves / yth players!. If that is the case it will be crushing for the team’s season, CH (who has put in a fantastic effort) and US the fans.

    The “fresh injection” of capital (mentioned over the last weeks) may well just be pie in the sky to keep us happy, while the squad is further dismantled to aid Carsens crisis!!!.

    I don’t feel that Ridgewell, Zigic or Beausejor would be massive losses if they left, but If we don’t get the right TYPE of replacements we are truly in the brown stuff!. Also if we start selling core players like Davies, that’d be a bad, bad sign of our current state!!…way before the accounts are out.

    I’m just hoping we can muster some funds together for Chris Hughton to work with!!, he’s good but if we don’t, we can kiss goodbye to the top 12, never mind the top 6.

    I pray for positive developments!!


  • Alex T says:

    I cant stand all this ‘ooh what if this happens, what if the other relegates us’

    The fact is, last summers transfer window wasn’t as bad as we expected and so far we have sold no one with only a week to go before the window shuts in this transfer window. Add to that we are 6th and are the form team in the league, we have an FA cup run coming up and we have not heard many rumours about selling our young’uns off of late.

    Come on people, I COULD die (theoretically, im not actually dying!) tomorrow but i’m not going to worry about something that I cant do anything about. I only say this because naysayers, when they get a loud enough voice often become self prophecising (i think I said that right!)

    • BluePenguin 76 says:

      “Alex T,” your right mate what I said is negative…I hope my fear are wrong believe me!!. I just cant push myself to trust CY and PP and the lack of ANY positive transfer news has worried me.

      I really feel Hughton the right man for the job and if is backed in the window(even if only with 1.5mill of any money we have) he’ll get somebody decent in and that’ll push us forward.The guy
      was fantastic when blessed with little funds at Newcastle.

      However,I think we cant just ignore the situation at St Andrews by sticking our heads in the sand and hoping it’ll work out, the truth is if we start leaking players out again, we’ll suffer..but you are right it hasnt happened AND things didnt end up all doom and gloom last window. We’ll see eh?.

  • Ben says:

    Zigic and Beausejour will be massive losses.
    Zigic is just getting up to full fitness and scoring goals, while Beausejour always works hard and is part of the reason Murphy has looked good all year.
    If we are struggling that bad then Redmond will step up and Jervis/Asante will come back from loan.
    Then we would need a back up winger and another striker – most likely RANGER/BEST from Newcastle for upfront and on the wing – someone like Albert Crusat/Maloney – on loan from Wigan as part of Beause deal.
    But more likely Redmond would be 1st choice and Valles will step up to join Elliot as back ups

  • skareggae72 says:

    Ryan Harley at Brighton,seen him a bit & the guy is a decent att-mid playmaker,free kick & penalty specialist,wouldnt cost a lot & he would definately enhance what we have.
    If you are reading this Chris then SIGN HIM!

  • leigh says:

    I just cannot bring myself to comment. Other than to say please don’t sell our quality, and bring in loan players…….that is not planning for the future, it is stop gap. If it bought us success for the rest of the season, we would have to rebuild all over again for 2012-13

  • AL LAD says:

    AlexT it’s not negative to look at the current state of the club and wonder who or what will happen next. If anyone heard the CH interview on talksport yesterday even Chris said Blues would do extremely well to remain in our current position. It appears Blues are looking to unload players, if it is Beau, Zigic, Ridgewell then so be it. My worries are can such a small squad continue with our current form and are we looking at a forced 4-5-1 as that’s all CH has at he’s disposal.

  • Spotlight Kid says:

    I would be greatly surprised if CH hasn’r seriously sounded out the possibilty of landing Andy Carrol on loan until the end of the season. Remember, it was CH who made this lad the star he was at NUFC, and maybe a spell banging in goals for Birmingham could restore Andy’s confidence once again, secure promotion for the Blues and help Liverpool recoup its investment by showing everyone this lad is a damned good player. More than a win+win, this would be a win+win+promotion..!!

  • Reeboh says:

    I’d love to see Danny Rose down the blues. He’s a pacey winger with good dribbling skills. Like a Redmond, but not quite as special. He’d be a very good beausejour replacement.

  • parkp says:

    The fact remains that if the club sell any player without the consent of CH then he would leave, one other fact is that CH wants to hold onto Curtis Davies and he will not deplete the squad. Offloading Zigic is quite understandable, the guy takes half the clubs gate money in wages and for a striker who has played for Valencia and is also an active international, his performances are poor. I dont like Ridgewells attitude and will be glad to see him go, im surprised blues aint took the Albion offer. If CH is happy then so we should be and he seems happy enough to me.

  • BluePenguin 76 says:

    Almajir, what do you think will be the outcome of the window mate?. Do you think CH will get the chance to replace any players on their way out?.

  • Blue Steve says:

    I don’t think the loss of Ridgewell, Beausejour or Zigic would be that great a loss. Particularly if CH is able to make a few minor moves for players himself (A Rose loan would be a great move if we can make it happen) These players have not contributed that much to our great run recently. KRO

  • Dom says:

    Is Blues’ ‘excellent relationship with spurs’ a sarcastic comment?

  • manicmac says:

    I heard that the excellent relationship with Spurs is because Carsen was giving Harry Redknapp tax advise

  • harry blue nose says:

    Just get dj Campbell and Danny rose and be done with it they would be great for us

  • parkp says:

    Harry has been very vocal about wanting to loan out his fringe players, so we should see some coming to blues then.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    1.5 million? I don’t thnk some fans really understand the grave financial situation that the club is in. There are NO funds to buy players. CH has even stated that he is looking at the loan market. Even by selling Ridge and Beau this money will not be made available to buy players.

  • chris says:

    I still think we should go for Owen on a loan. If Brighton are going for him, it must be worth a go

  • Denis Thwaites says:

    Based on the U Turn about CYs predicament and the fact he has been summoned over defaulting on a property loan he used to secure Blues finances last year (allegedly) then ithe financial position at Blues is undoubtedly precarious. Hardly surprising therefore that the transfer rumours and actions in Beau’s case are gathering momentum before next Tuesdays xfer deadline. I don’t like to wish my life away but I sure would like that date to pass without losing anyone more than Ridgwell and possibly Big Zig. On the loan front Trotta at Fulham 19 year old Italian who scored 8 in 8 at Wycombe and scores goals for fun in Fulham’s reserves is available I believe. Hughton was Jol’s assistant at Spurs so they presumably get on. N’daw should be back next week which will help but desparately need a left sided player as Redmond looks lost to me on that side of the park. Looking forward to Sheff U whoever we put out which I guess will be a 7 changes to the side team.

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