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More Carson Legal Troubles…

It’s typical, isn’t it? Yesterday I published a piece where I included something about Carson’s mortgage case possibly being resolved… and within 24 hours, I find out it’s back in court and what I thought was happening probably isn’t. That’s why it doesn’t pay to speculate.

Carson is now due back in court (subject to any further change) on 28 February 2012 at 3pm in connection to a loan defaulting that is secured against his property on the peak. The only other information I have is that it is in connection with an Order 88 – explained here – which regards the rules with relation to repossession of the property in question, a multi-million pound apartment in one of the world’s most exclusive residential areas.

No doubt we shall hear more when the case rolls around – and as it breaks, I’ll update the blog.


27 Responses to “More Carson Legal Troubles…”

  • Darren says:

    While I admire the effort you’re putting in with tracking this story, it’s all becoming rather tedious. Charge the man, sentence him and then Blues can start to think about putting all this behind them and focusing on rebuilding.

    • almajir says:

      This isn’t related to his criminal case though; this is a civil case.

      It’s also a case inherently linked to Blues in that the loan secured on his property went to fund the club. Carson is now in danger of losing his house because his gamble on keeping the Blues up by forking out large amounts of money for wages for loan players failed.

      Tedious or not, the fact that Carson (our chief backer) has three court cases hanging over him (1 criminal, 2 civil) is of interest to the club. It’s not a simple as charging a man and then sentencing them – you need to prove their guilt in court first and that case doesn’t start until the end of November. Short of Carson being able (moreover wanting) to move on the club, we’re stuck with him

  • Bob S says:

    You’re doing a far better job than the so-called hacks at trying to keep us informed which is widely appreciated.

    It looks like Carson is in serious financial bother brought about by his assets being frozen across the board (due to the case of tax issues against him in HK) ?
    Hence being unable to even pay back anything loaned against his assets because he has no revenue or means of income to even pay loan repayments?

    Everything seems to have been put into limbo due to the court case.

    No-one can surely argue against that he was ripped off by the previous board and that his investments into our club were misguided by wee Eck.

    All everyone got was a cup (greatly appreciated) but a second relegation by a manager that quits via e-mail for a slightly bigger pay cheque to join a club that we dislike immensely.

    We should care about Carson because he is big enough and daft enough to care about us. Personally think he was stitched up by the Brady Bunch that ran us as a lucrative business to their own means making great use of parachute payments to their own means.

    With the Iron hoofs (bubble blowers) trying to muscle in on the Olympic stadium to become billionaires surely this proves they don’t have an allegiance to any club. They wanted us to go to a ground we’d never fill with casino’s and earn themselves big bucks back. The council told them where to go. They even suggested we ground share with the historians…

    This is where the problem began for our current financial predicament.

    The silver lining is we have Chris Hughton and his staff working results on the pitch and getting us playing against the odds. No-one has us down for promotion which is good.

    We can’t blame Carson or P Pannu for anything other than circumstance. You have to admit hiring Chris Hughton was maybe an unintentional master stroke.

    Blues will always survive because of us – the fans. Up the Blues and free the Carson One!
    Year of the WATER Dragon…

    Chrissy Hughtons Blue and White Army.

    • Bombay Blue says:

      Very reasonable explanation of our recent / current predicament. Not sure how many would support your views though! KRU

    • Julian says:

      Bob S as well written a reply as Aljamir’s blogs

    • Sussexwill says:

      I really can’t agree more …. this is exactly what I have been saying It really isn’t Carson and Pannu’s fault. I really do think that those guys who initially wanted Carsons blood should be more open minded about this situation and get behind the whole club and start singing protest songs about getting Carson freed. If nothing else it would be funny and could really galvanise the whole club.

      Free the Hong Kong (Birmingham) One.

    • Flying Doctor says:

      No-one can surely argue against that he was ripped off by the previous board and that his investments into our club were misguided by wee Eck.

      He certainly was ripped off, but it’s his own fault for not doing due diligence.

    • Raters says:

      Great piece.

      the only thing I;d take task with you is him being ripped off by the last lot and Judas. He should be savey enough in business to understand what was going on

  • will says:

    February 28th? Nice birthday present for him, even if it is a day late. And a bit different to what he was doing on the same day last year (ie making plans to avoid having an open-top bus parade).

  • Glynn says:

    Im with you Bob S. For me Carson is taking a hammering when I honestly feel he does care. I know whats happening is not healthy and we dont really have a clue whats going on BUT at least we are still afloat.

  • Fred McTedd says:

    Is this some kind of parallel universe? Are we going to find out tomorrow that this story isn’t actually happening either. If you do insist on making things up, at least make it interesting. This is the dullest thing I’ve read since some silly coach trip story I read somewhere.

  • BigDave says:

    When the Chinese leave you will have nothing to write about and spend hours researching on the internet.

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    I agree with Bob S. I’ve kept off the subject of CY and PP on joys and sorrows for the single reason that I don’t know all the facts and neither does anyone else. For that reason also, I don’t hold with the ‘we don’t care about Carson’ chant. He can’t say a lot even if he wanted to because of legal constraints and lots of hot air in the media could spook the markets and make the PERCEIVED situation worse than some THINK it is. A lot of money was spent at the behest of the previous manager and the gamble failed leaving us in a less than ideal position. Given that the team and Chris Hughton have done a miraculous job considering all the circumstances. We owe it to the lads and the manager to get behind them for the rest of the season and forget about all the guff about the board for another time when the position is clearer. We may not get promoted, we may not even make the play offs but what I do know is that I have had more fun watching Blues this season than at any stage under McLeish (Carling Cup Final excepted)

  • mickey07 says:

    Mayor your doing a great job mate,but the first post (darren) has took the words out my mouth…’tedious and boring’ are the words that go with carson yeung….and yes i know we are stuck with them mate….i just wish yeung and pannu would move along and go and wreck some other club but just get the hell out of ours….remember mayor people stick up for pannu and yeung for some odd reasons which i dont understand,but they created this whole mess we are in….YEUNG AND PANNU OUT.

    • Mr Blue Sky says:

      It’s people like you that should leave, if you read the previous comments and still come to the same conclusion, it shows you to be thick… Are you thick?Mickey07OUT!

  • Macca Salop Blue says:

    If Carsen cares so much why hasn’t he spoken reassuring us his “family” that at the very least he is thinking about us and he still cares? Is there a gagging order on him in Hong Kong? All we’ve heard is minor irrelevant comments from Pannu every 3 months or so in programme notes.

  • It’s possible Carson knew he was getting a raw deal. As I posted some time back, apparently it’s a classic money-laundering scam to buy a company for more than it’s worth, then when you sell it, even if you’ve made a big loss, the money you get is clean. I can’t shift the anxiety that there might be something in this as far as Carson is concerned.

  • Arthur says:

    this is a bit more serious than tax issues – this guy is no Harry Redknapp… the accusations are around money laundering. There are several charges here, apparently 3 of which have cast iron evidence. The obvious inference with money laundering is that the money has come from illegal sources – otherwise it wouldn’t be laundered would it? This is why his assets have been frozen.

    Re the old chap’s penthouse, I can only suggest we offer Curtis Davies as security against his loan.

    Carson would like to say velly velly solly to alll us brues fans…

  • Eric says:

    The problem with current ownership is the lack of clear communication – it maybe the Chinese way but it is not the British way. The former owners were in business – most football club owners are. They did us a big favour given the shape we were in when they arrived. When we were relegated the previous owners held onto top players as they are doing at WHU. We went straight back up and it is likely WHU will too. And their financial predicament may be worse than ours. One thing we can say about former owners, particularly Sullivan, is that they communicated – not always to our liking but…….

  • parkp says:

    The worst thing to buy. unless you are worth Billions, is a football club. Carson had a dream and a vision for Birmingham which has sadly gone a little pear shaped. David Sullivan was quoted as saying that he would have accepted half the 80 million Carson paid for the club. I still scratch my head as to why, if that was the case, Carson didnt offer the amount Sullivan would have accepted? Real poor business sense maybe?

  • Darren says:

    Almajir, I fully understand the legal process, but thanks for the comprehensive reply all the same. It doesn’t change my opinion that this an annoyingly protracted affair but, then again, financially related trials always take time and the same applies to building the case. Whilst this continues, it remains a massive millstone around the neck of the club. I also know how it impacts our club – badly. Hence my desire to see a line drawn under the whole depressing episode so that we can move forward. However, can I just say ‘thank you’ to the team and Hughton for providing hope and joy in a season where I thought I’d see nothing of the sort. Hurrah!

  • John says:

    Could this lead to bankrupcy? What would happen if it ends that bad, One division down or start completle over?

    Keep right on!

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