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I’ve managed to secure an interview with James Nursey, who covers the midlands football scene for the Daily Mirror. The interview is going to happen at some point in the next couple of weeks, and I’d like you to tell me what you think I should ask him.

James has told me he’s looking forward to giving his perspective on such things as the way the media reports transfers, on how the midlands is perceived in the media and how he thinks Birmingham City are getting on.

Please submit your questions in the comments to this article so that I can pick the best of them to put to James this week.


36 Responses to “Upcoming Interview”

  • Jord says:

    [comment edited: Yeah, abuse is out]

  • Fred McTedd says:

    Hi James,

    What’s the longest time you’ve ever spend on a coach?



  • Scoobers says:

    Does he prefer X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing ?

  • I put this question forward not to be disrespectful to anyone but just to get a genuine answer.Even though I find James Nursey very approachable and at times very informative,why does a large proportion of his papers transfer gossip/rumours/news are a lot of the time way off the mark and does not seem to be as strong as other newspapers?

    Are his rumours/information off genuine sources Inside clubs that hold substantial strength or is the information gathered mainly his opinions or gathered from sources outside the football clubs that are not involved in the actual transfer?

    The success rate of the Mirror getting a head start on transfer scoops,in my opinion is not one of the best.

    Many Thanks,
    Jon Herrador

  • Kaje says:

    Yeah, really not a fan of Mr Nursey, tends to write quite anti-Blues pieces. I think he even pretends to actually BE a Blues fan.

  • Richard Cooke (The Grumpy Old Git) says:

    Does James get the opportunity to read articles by fellow journalist and Birmingham Mail writer Colin Tattum, if so what does he think of his style of writing? In my opinion, Colin’s fine articles, even after Blues have lost are a joy to read and his contributions are the first thing I look for when on the internet (after reading Often Partizan!!).

  • Jonathan Herrador says:

    Is there any valid reason why my question to James Nursey was not submitted? Just a bit baffled when I look at some of the ones that have been.

    • almajir says:

      If you’ve never commented before, your comments need to be approved – and I’m not around 24/7 to do it. Sometimes it takes a short time for them to come up.

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    1. How long does it take to prepare an article for publication?
    2. How much research does he do before submission?
    3. Does he remove souces from his list of contacts when the incredulous stories about transfers of players are published and then come to nothing?
    4. How much responsibility does he feel towards players that become unsettled because of such speculation?

  • mark francis says:

    Why dont the mirror investigate why the f.a. is failing when investigating wether a prospective owner of a football club is deemed to be fit and proper. This rule should apply to all clubs not just premier clubs. Portsmouth,birmingham,plymouth,port vale,darlington are just a few. And when clubs go in to administration fine the owners dont deduct points as that is punishing the fans and players and its noy their fault. All this would make a good story and investigative journalism,as people like carson yeung dont fit my bill as fit and proper.When he made his first bid he couldnt come up with the money then the second time he had to borrow ! k.r.o.

  • sam says:

    Be intresting to find out his opinion on Birmingham’s media attraction/bias especially inlight of crap ITV coverage Saturday night?
    Also from a journalist’s perspective how current regime communicate with media and press at matches in direct comparison to Sullivan and Golds?

  • Masaccio says:

    Ask him if he was one of the journalists abused after the League Cup final – I saw a few of them being verbally attacked by blues fans for their anti-blues writing and one of them mentioned he was a blues fan writing for a national paper – would be interesting to see if he was one of them.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Is he being paid for this interview?

  • skareggae72 says:

    Who is the best person to deal with,and who is the worst,and why?

  • DoctorD says:

    1. Why do football writers lose interest so fast in any club that isn’t in the Premiership, despite many of those clubs having many more supporters (and potential readers of the journalist’s website/paper) than those in the top division?

    2. Why are football writers allowed to get away so much more, compared to news journalists, with stories that are baed on very thin evidence?

    3. How much do football writers reporting from games agree with their chums from other papers sitting in the press box over what the “angle” of the game is. Or do they largely rely on their own judgement?

    4. How much bias does a football journalist have in reporting about different clubs? We all have pet hatred of certain clubs but how much does that spill over into their professional reporting?

    5. Who’s his favourite Blues player of all time?

    6. Does he ever go to games as just an interested fan when not reporting? Or would that be too much of a busman’s holiday?

  • Matt says:

    What’s his view on our promotion chances?

    Who is his Blues player of the season so far?

    What one player (realistic signing) would he recommend us to from the lower divisions?

    Who should we keep at all costs?

    Whats his view on Peter Pannu?

  • neil says:

    does he understand that the style of writing he uses gets blues fans backs up and comes across as anti birmingham, even when he has something good to say it is still portrayed in a bad light.

  • darren says:

    does he feel birmingham city are a club that can be exploited for stories as there always seems to be such controversy surrounding the board, and would he consider himself guilty of sensationalising stories regarding the club.
    has he had any direct contact with the board and what does he make of them.

  • blue says:

    what effect, if any, has the NOW hacking scandal had on sports desks?

    has he every intercepted or hacked someone else’s phone/computer ?

    • skareggae72 says:

      I dont think he is going to admit to hacking!

      • blue says:

        granted,and fair comment.. doesn’t mean he couldn’t be asked though,after all if he doesn’t have any knowledge or opinion,he can just say that. on the whole i don’t suppose the sports desks are caught by the scandal directly, i was thinking more, have any after effects trickled down, less trust,interviews, ect

        on a lighter note his stereo is broke and stuck with three albums for life, choose those albums…..

  • cougar says:


    Does anyone else think there is some kind of conspiracy against the mighty blues?!

  • Ebeneezer says:

    [Comment edited – again, abuse isn’t going to happen]

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    On verification and ‘exclusives’

    Political writers when about to break a “scoop” or an exclusive are often made to seek verification or even second opinions by their editors before publication. Understably.

    Football journos live in a less scrutinised world I would imagine, but……..

    When James feels he has an edge, does he seek verification before publishing. Especially if that potential “scoop” comes from a tenuously linked, club informant?
    Or is football talk in the ink media (Red Tops) – only banter and off the cuff opinion – stuff not to be taken seriously ?

  • Bluehobba says:

    Does James ever get a rumour / lead and think “that’ll never happen” or its so far fetched but print it anyway as its come from an agent / “reliable” source.

  • Harry Meadows says:

    Who he believes are the most reliable sources, and how he got to know them?

  • DH says:

    Nursey is clearly a Villa Fan, ask him why his weekly website column on Midlands Football is always about the Vile. You have to go back to the start of the season to get a Blues story and then it’s about McLeish

    Biased !

    • almajir says:

      I can tell you now for a fact, he’s not.

      • DH says:

        He may not be a Villa fan, however 95% of his weekly online column are stories about the Villa. As much as I don’t like the Daily Mail for new content. Neil Moxey has the balance right in reporting on Midlands football. Perhaps you could ask James for more even coverage of other teams.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Please ask him why, as is so often the case, sensationalism triumphs over accuracy? Both the Guardian and the Mail manage to produce newsworthy stories without treading on toes or blatantly dressing speculation as ‘fact’. Even when he does get it right, too often the story has broken elsewhere. Is it not the case Tatters broke the Beausejour move before Nursey’s ‘Exclusive!!’?

    Leaving aside the Mirror’s dwindling readership, who takes his comments seriously? To be honest, if he told me today was Tuesday my first instinct would be to check the fact.

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    Who? Who ar……

    Did Cap’n Bob pinch his pension? Or was he still in the nursery then?

  • Bradley says:

    Why did he get banned from the wolves press conferences?

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