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D-Day tomorrow?

I’ve seen some descriptions of tomorrow as “D-Day” for Birmingham City; transfer window deadline, BIH financial results due to be released, and on the pitch Blues have a tough trip up to Elland Road. It promises to be a busy day for forums and messageboards as people check in for the latest news of what is happening. However, I have a fear it’s going to be a massive anti-climax for some.

For some people, the big news tomorrow will be the release of the final 10/11 season accounts. The hope is that we as fans will finally get an inkling of an idea of what is going on at Blues financially – and whilst I know for some fans it’s tedious and almost immaterial, I think the news that comes out from it will help to define the direction the club is going in. However, as it stands at the time of writing I am still unsure if the results are even going to come out, despite being four months overdue. I wouldn’t like to commit either way to saying if I think they are going to come out or not; let alone take a guess at what they’re going to say. All I can say for now is that if they do come out I won’t be rushing to any conclusions – I’ll be taking some advice from people with much more financial expertise and I’ll try and publish an article that puts it into plain English.

Likewise, whilst Sky Sports will be hyping up the end of the transfer window with Jim White, Bryan Swanson and an array of mobile phones I’m not particularly fussed. All the end of the window means to Blues is an end to the club being able to sell players until the summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t bring any players in – and I wouldn’t be overly upset either. The way I see it, we have the loan window (which I believe is 8 February to 24 March) in which to bring in players. Premier League clubs will be more aware of what players are surplus to requirements by then, with their 25-man squads finalised – and importantly, they will be able to loan players out with recall clauses meaning they may be more inclined to let a player go temporarily. Thus the end of the transfer window becomes largely irrelevant.

D-Day comes today to two Blues players however, as Jake Jervis and Akwasi Asante’s loan periods have come to an end on Sunday – with no guarantee either will get their loan extended. Jervis made only a 2 minute substitute appearance in his final game for Preston at the weekend, whereas Asante didn’t even make it off the bench for Northampton. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either recalled and then subsequently sent somewhere else to get playing time.

Needless to say, like most people I’ll be nervously keeping an eye on the news to see if there are any comings or goings transfer wise, and to see if anything comes out of Hong Kong. I’m hoping for a quiet day tomorrow – but quiet is never the Blues way, is it? The only thing I’ve ever learnt about Blues is to expect the unexpected…

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28 Responses to “D-Day tomorrow?”

  • Nicky- Tamworth says:

    lets all hope that we manage to offload ridgewell. the guy has been a burden on our football club for far too long.

    • harry bcfc says:

      i agree if you remember he was hardly getting a game at villa and we bought him played him every week and now every time the transfer window comes around he wants to leave but will he even get any games for WBA

  • Alex T says:

    thats far too harsh on Ridge IMO…..
    Not only has he served us well for several years, he is back up for centre back and left back. Its a shame that his performances/attitude mean he is only a back up, but im sure if he is still with us after tomorrow, he will have the strength of character to pull his socks up and put a shift in for the team. Personally, I dont mind if he stays or goes but either way I wish him well.
    I my opinion is also similar regarding Zigic. The money he would save would enable us to bring in a couple of players. That being said, I still think he has alot to offer. Most Championship teams envy our strike force of King and Zigic. They are also a pairing that would work for us in the Prem, which is good because if we did get promoted we wouldn’t be able to afford a decent striker anyway.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      Zigic cant even jump to head a ball. He doesnt put himself about, come to the ball and when he does actually connect it is not directed to anyone. For such a tall fella he should be doing rather more. The fact that he is being touted around and no one wants him suggests he a liability really.

      I for one hope someone is daft enough to take him off us but more likely he will continue to be drain on the club. Eck really was clueless

  • Coleshill Blue says:

    bloody hell, alex t….. are you liam’s agent? if so, tell him to do one!!

  • chris says:

    it will be hard to move any of them on when we have a game on the same day.
    which dummies at the football league allowed this?
    how can players travel to the club who wants to sign them when we have a game.
    chris will not want his pre match build up ruined by players having to leave for talks elsewhere
    the same goes for leeds.

  • BigDave says:

    Yes, Evesham Blues Zigic is rubbish isn’t he? Got us to the cup final, scored a goal at Wembley….Zigic’ attitude is far better than Ridgewell’s whose stinks. some fans are really thick

  • Oby says:

    Cant disagree there BigDave !

  • Alex T says:

    Lol, some fans are sooo fickle…. and frankly, what they are watching isnt the same as me. ‘Cant jump’??? He wins practically every header! But on the rare occasion when he deosn’t (maybe 1 in 5 times) people get straight on his back. Seriously…. some bluenoses!?

  • Alex T says:

    sorry about the use on more than one ‘o’ in the word so……. Too much daughter influence! Im gonna need to spit somewhere to man up! :-/

  • mark francis says:

    Sorry i agree with evesham blue you have to look at the bigger picture,ok ziggy has scored some important goals i agree, but the guy doesnt win enough balls in the air and his control is terrible. He is not as mobile as rooney and for someone his size gets easily knocked off the ball. My daughter was at the watford game and text me to say he was like “bambi on ice”. If you compare him to peter crouch who joined stoke for a similar price i would have crouch every time.
    If we dont see the accounts tomorrow does that mean they have something to hide !!
    Wont be any players joining us tomorrow but maybe ridgewell will go.k.r.o.

    • Evesham Blue says:

      He should be ripping up the championship with his stature on the wages we pay him. Not blowing hot or cold. This is the same player whose agent said he wouldnt be here at the beginning of the season but nobody wanted him. This is the same player who will sit on his money for another 2 years whilst Blues go through the financial ringer. Who can blame him? I wouldnt pay him the money he is on to be injured for half a season and score the odd goal off some part of his anatomy. Cutis Davies can head a ball. Zigic quanders most of his chances. Oh by the way its not being fickle wanting someone off the wage bill who doesnt represent value for money…it’s having your club interests at heart. Its an opinion that he is just not good enough. I am perfectly entitled to have an opinion about a Blues player. Bottom line is as a CLUB we have told his agent to get shot of him

  • Alex T says:

    I’ll give you Watford. He was awfull….. But what about the game against Blackpool? He won every ball in the air, made some great passes and IMO was man of the match. He can blow hot and cold, but I forgive him that because of his effectiveness. It aint always pretty, but it won us a league cup.

  • Silver 1875 says:

    My old man used to say to me never knock the player wearing the shirt,
    Bad or good he his playing because he got picked over some one else.
    Unfortunately in today’s game it’s all about winning and not enjoying what else we see.

    If Ziggy or Ridge are to go, I would like to thank them for some great memories
    And good luck to the future.

    Keep right on.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    We’re stuck with Zigic because no one else is going to pay him 55k and though he’s a drain on us financially you have to remember he has just come back from a long injury lay off. He is finally getting fit and into the sort of form leading into the cup final. There’s much more to come from the big man. What makes u think any money we’d get from a Zigic sale would be put back into the team anyway?

  • Rathater says:

    Spot on silver!!

  • Roy Smith says:

    I bet there isn’t a single team in the Championship that wouldn’t want Zigic if they could afford him.
    Anyone who thinks he can’t distribute the ball needs to get new glasses, and although I agree that for a big bloke his heading is not great the problems he causes to opponents’ defences is sufficient compensation. If he’d stayed fit last year we’d probably still be in the Premiership.
    Irrespective of that as long as he’s a blue I’ll back him.

  • Blue Steve says:

    I think Zigic seems a good guy and think he has always tried his best for Blues. But for 50 K a week he is not representing value for us. For example I bet Rooney is on less than 10K so therefore Zigic should be scoring five times as many goals as Rooney which he obviously isn’t. I think it would be better for the club if he left and CH could get someone else in that would be on wages that are sustainable in the Championship. KRO.

  • keep right on says:

    I think the situation with Zigic is he is an okay player if you were paying him say 10k a week but if you are paying a striker 50k a week you expect more from him.

  • cdblue says:

    I’m pretty sure Ridge will go and that’s fine. If he doesn’t want to play for us, he can go, and that goes for anyone else (anyone remember Stephen Kelly?) that wants to leave. How Curtis Davies, Jordan Mutch and Chris Burke have gone under the radar, Christ knows, but if we hold on to them we’ve got a great chance of getting in to those Play-offs

  • NooBloo says:

    There is unlikely to be anyone coming in as previously predicted. The 2 loan targets of Jason Puncheon and Lewis Mc Gugan look set not to materialise. Birmingham team will be on there way to leeds by now and anything going to happen surely would have happened by now.

  • Blue Steve says:

    Urm Zigic has just scored 4 goals! So maybe he is worth 50 K a week!

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I hope Zigic’s 4 goals versus Leeds has shut u Zigic knockers up.

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